Foam clay craft

#5 loves dinosaurs so we did this craft activity together. This foam clay dinosaur kit is a new concept in kids DIY art activity. It is light and soft, does not stick to your hands and has a fun 3D effect. It is wonderful as a bonding activity with your child. It helps to develop your child’s concentration and fine motor skills, and they can play with the end product.

Inside the pack, there is 1 dinosaur,  4 colours of clay, a straw, and a background panel to put your dinosaur in to play. It is water based and is non-toxic. Ours is a Parasaurolophus. They also have Tyrannosaurus, Seismosaurus and Stegosaurus. Besides dinosaurs, they have princesses, helicopters, airplanes, fire engines etc.

It’s very simple. You just pinch a bit of the the foam clay and stick it on the dinosaur (the foam clay is slightly sticky, somewhat like Blu Tac). We started with the red to cover the dots. We realised it would have been easier if we started with the bigger areas before moving on to the smaller areas.

You can also mix the colours to get different colours like orange, purple, brown and lime green. There is a colour chart which teaches you how to mix the colours.

1 part red + 3 parts yellow = orange

It is a good little project for the kids to cooperate and work on together. Their cousin came over and she joined #5 in finishing off the head. Even #2 and #3 had a go just for the fun of it.

We ran out of blue for the other side, and initially #5 was a little upset. I offered him other options, like adding another colour or mixing them to create his own new colours. I want to encourage him to be flexible and to think out of the box as things don’t always go the way we want.

All done with the colour! Now it’s time to blow it up. When i tried to lift the dinosaur up from the sheets of paper, it did stick a little. It would be better to use an old A4 plastic protector sheet to line the table instead.

I’m very thirsty…

These would make great Christmas gifts.

Sane tip: For younger children around 4-7 years old, you would have to anticipate splitting it up into 2 sessions. Just keep the foam in an airtight container to prevent it from drying up. It took us about 1 hour to finish both sides. #5 did start to lose steam after doing 1 side and his sisters had to help him out with the other side. He perked up again when his cousin came and they managed to finish it up together.

Save tip: Each kit cost $15.90. They do have mini sets e.g. parrot, clown fish, animal masks at $9.90. For the month of September 2013, Kidspeciality is offering mummywee readers 10% discount (regular items only), with the discount code (MUMMYWEE). In Kidspeciality website, look under Category: ‘Others’ followed by ‘Art and Craft’.

Disclaimer: This item has been sponsored but my opinions are my own.

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