FMM Sisters have a new home

The Franciscan Missionaries of Mary nuns have moved into their brand new convent in Holland road. After their appeal for a $1.2M shortfall was highlighted in The Straits Times in August, donations poured in and they managed to raise their targeted amount. 

The kids did their part in contributing some bricks and I read to them the lovely letter of thanks that we received from them. I asked #5 if he remembered donating to the nuns and he said “ya, I gave them everything in my piggy bank”. You know, that still amazes me. I don’t think I could give away everything I have.

Letter of appreciation
I explained to them that it is a privilege and a blessing to be able to give to others and that their generosity will be rewarded manifold. It may not be in monetary terms, but could be in kindness or opportunities extended to them. Just recently, their grandmother struck 4D and gave them $200 each! They are starting to understand that money should not be hoarded but shared. 

The sisters will be having the blessing and open house later today. We are not able to make it down but we wish them all a comfortable and happy stay in their beautiful new home.
Maris Stella Convent

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  1. Yes, I'll be taking them over to the convent so they can see for themselves how everyone's contribution plays a part. And yes, it is, isn't it! Pity our kids are not taught to write like that anymore.

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