Each to their own

Yesterday was a day where the kids had their own plans. #4 invited her best friend over for a playdate. They have been friends since their Nursery days and have kept in contact till now! They only get to see each other during the school holidays and they cherish those occasions. I heard laughter coming from the room almost the entire day. They sure did miss each other very much.

Doing craft together

#3 spent the whole day at Adventure Cove with her friends. It is a school holiday tradition whereby one of the mums will take a whole bunch of kids to Sentosa to play. She even bought each of them an annual pass to Adventure Cove so they could all play together. 

Wave pool

#2 spent the day over at her aunt’s place chopping up ingredients for their fruit cake bake. She’s the most homely one among them.

Her aunt makes incredible fruit cakes

#1 has accompanied her grandma and her elderly friends on a trip to Vietnam. They are going to bring some Christmas cheer to some children in the orphanages there, and I’m sure the elderly folks will be filled with as much joy as the children! And Kate? She hung around and played with whoever was interested in playing with her.

Aiyo, what a good joke

#5 stayed home and played with his Lego and watched TV, which was good because their cousins came over and at least there was someone to play with.

During this season leading up to Christmas, I remind the kids to be more giving, not only of material things, but of their time, their smiles and their love. I also remind them to be thankful for everything they have. We are indeed thankful for the wonderful friendships we have forged, wonderful family whom we are surrounded with, and superb food which we have enough to share with those around us.

Join us in counting your blessings this Advent season!

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