Dyson Pure Cool: 2-in-1 Purifier and Fan

I was pleased as punch when Dyson sent over their new 2-in-1 purifier and fan. Not only is it practical but it looks ultra sleek and is light-weight as well. This time round, we are definitely more prepared for the upcoming haze period.

Dyson Pure Cool

Two years ago when the haze situation was at it’s peak, we tried to stay indoors as much as possible. We mistakenly assumed that the air in our homes is clean, and was horrified to discover that it is not. In fact, levels of pollutants and allergens indoors can be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels. Gasp!

I was comforted to know that Dyson Pure Cool can capture up to 99.95% of particles as small as PMO.1, which includes harmful components found in the air during the haze period.

If you are keen to understand the nuts and bolts of this machine, read on:

How Dyson Pure Cool technology works

Using powerful Air Multiplier™ technology and an energy-efficient DC motor, the Dyson Pure Cool purifier fan draws in air via a mixed flow impeller.

The air is passed through a patented 360° Glass HEPA filter, containing 1.1m2 of constructed microfibers. Unlike other purifiers that rely on non-woven filters, the Dyson Pure Cool’s filter has been pleated 254 times, meaning it can trap even the smallest particles – including pollutants, pollen, bacteria, viruses and particles down to PM0.1.

Clean air then leaves the amplifier loop at a high velocity and is directed over an airfoil-shaped ramp. This way, a long-range stream of smooth air is released, purifying the air you breathe.

Dyson Purifier and fan
For me, with so many kids running around the house, I can be rest-assured that none of them will get their fingers caught in the blades as it is a blade-less machine.

The Dyson Pure Cool purifier fan is the only one accredited with the Quiet Mark, which encourages the design of quieter high performance technology to reduce unwanted noise in our environment. We can all sleep as soundly as babies!

Did you know that babies breathe up to four times faster than adults? And that asthma affects nearly 20% of children in Singapore? It is vital to keep our homes safe for our families, especially for children and the elderly. With a built-in sleep timer, it allows for night-long purification.

The last round when the haze hit us, I bought an air purifier as Kate was still a baby. Since then, the bulky machine has been taking up a lot of space in their room. It’s great that the Dyson Pure Cool is streamlined, and also doubles up as a fan. Just to set your expectations right, don’t expect the fan power to be very strong. If you are too far away from it, you won’t be able to feel the breeze even when you turn it up to 10. I see this as an air purifier with the added bonus of doubling up as a fan and not vice versa.

Space saving

The other plus point is that while most other purifiers have a laborious filter changing and cleaning process, the Dyson filter can be changed in 4 simple steps which takes less than a minute. Brilliant.

Dyson Pure Cool is retailing at $999. Replacement filter at $79. Available in all good electrical and department stores.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored Dyson’s Pure Cool. All opinions are my own.

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