Dream Factory by Ines Ligron – Celebrity fashion expert

During the school holidays, I received a media invitation for my kids to attend the Dream Kids workshop, where they will get to learn about style, build confidence and have fun strutting down a real runway. Sounds fabulous! But Ines who? I have never heard of her, and later found out that this celebrity stylist who has worked with top fashion houses, global beauty brands and internationally renowned fashion magazines has recently descended on our humble shores. This remarkable but down to earth lady has spent the last decade working with the Miss Universe Japan Organisation, and even produced the 2007 Miss Universe winner and two Top 5 finalists. She has also styled Hollywood celebrities like Liv Tyler, Kate Moss and Sarah Jessica Parker, just to name a few. I was intrigued and definitely didn’t want to pass up the chance for the girls to learn about style and to be a bit more ladylike.
Dream Kids workshop

Initially, it looked just like any other modelling class where the girls were taught to walk confidently on the catwalk. However, when I spoke to Ines herself, I was enlightened. She told me it was not just about getting the kids to walk properly, but it was about bringing them out of their shell, to empower them to feel proud of who they are, and to be confident in their own skin.

Their coach was no less than our very own Miss Universe Singapore (2011) Valerie Lim. She was very good with the kids and had a way with them. It was no wonder, when I discover that she is trained in Child Psychology. Beauty with brains. Impressive.

For kids aged 6 – 12

She was really encouraging and #4 who normally doesn’t like such things like parading in public (eeks!) enjoyed herself tremendously.

Don’t forget to smile!

Even boys have a part in this, as what they are trying to achieve here is for everyone, not just the girls.

A table full of fun clothes with matching shoes for the kids to pick from. The little ones got changed and were ready to be back on the catwalk with their new found skills.

I really have to take my hats off to this inspiring woman. #2 was not having a particularly fun time probably because she was the oldest there and felt out of place. Ines picked her out amongst all the kids present and did a make-over for her. In the very short span of time whilst doing her makeup, I heard her constantly re-affirming #2 that she was beautiful and to be confident of who she is, to stand tall and believe in herself. This issue never even crossed my mind as I assumed my kids were comfortable in their skin. Besides, as Asians, we hardly talk to our kids about beauty, and how beautiful they are. Ines said it was all in her body language, the slouch of the shoulders and the negative and disbelieving  responses when she told #2 how beautiful she was. She commented dryly in her French-accented english, “I can see how you are, what you are thinking. Life is boring. Nothing interests me”. I burst out laughing. Precisely. I was just mentioning this to a friend, that our kids are so lifeless. Once they pass the age of around 10, they stop having that glow on their faces. Maybe too much gadget use has numbed them. Or maybe it’s the burden of school. Or maybe they have infused our culture of rushing everywhere without savouring the moments.

Her first make-over

Boy, with just a change of outfit, and little things done to her hair and make-up, I was surprised how fabulous my girl looked! After that, I emailed Ines to thank her for what she did for #2’s confidence, and this very busy lady took the time out to send us a very lovely reply that really boosted her self-esteem. She even invited #2 to come and watch her teenage models who are from different nationalities, and to see how vibrant they are, so full of passion for life. I asked her what she thought about the unhealthy lifestyle of models, and of having to be stick-thin to stay in the modelling industry. She doesn’t subscribe to that, and takes her teen models as they are, whatever size they may be, and she teaches them to be comfortable in their bodies. Really good to hear.


Now it’s the mummies’ turn. I was invited to the Dream Mama session for mums who want a new style. It was all very informal and Ines took questions from the mums present on how to be a hot mama! She gave us tips and ideas on how to step out in style in just 5 minutes, how to be a Dream mama even with young kids in tow, and she showed her expertise as she transformed several mums into very stylish mamas. She shared with us ideas on how to dress to accentuate our body shape while hiding our flaws. You can also sign up for their Transformation classes to develop your own personal style!

Look hot even with a tot

Save tip: To spread her love to our local ladies, the Dream Factory is having a pop-up store at ISETAN Scotts from now till 10 July 2014. Do head down and check out the one of a kind merchandise from international brands, personally selected by Ines.

Ines and her Dream Team, which comprises of Valarie (Miss Universe Singapore 2011) and Hiroko (Miss Universe Japan), will share their expertise in several complimentary styling sessions for the public where you can pick up some fashion tips!

Friday 4 July (6-8pm)
Makeup / Hair: Demonstration of the latest hair and makeup trends

Saturday 5 July (11am, 2pm, 5pm)
Fashion Police: Witness the ultimate transformation by Ines as she picks out from the public!

Sane tip: She gave us lots of little tips to step out in style with minimal time and effort spent. One very trusty item in her make-up bag is a creamy light pink lipstick which doubles up as a blusher. She showed us how to quickly dab some on the lips, cheeks and even the eyelids, to instantly brighten up the face. She also emphasised how having the right clothes, with a good cut, good fit and good material is important. She is also a big fan of accessories, such as cuffs, heels and bags to complete the look.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored the Dream Kids workshop, and given ISETAN shopping vouchers to help kick start our Dream Mama wardrobe! 

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