DIY Table-soccer

#2 spent the last few days of her holidays making her very own portable table-soccer. She recycled the box her school books came in and used that as the table. Then she took a large sheet of green paper, measured it and cut it to fit the box.

Drawing in the goal posts

She drew in the lines, painted the clothes pegs and made holes at the sides of the box. She then glued the pegs onto the sticks.

Messy table – work in progress

Halfway through, she was faced with a problem. The skewers were too short so she stuck them together. However, she found that they were too wobbly and were not stable enough to hold the weight of the pegs. So she placed 2 sticks back to back and carved the ends out until they were interlocking. Then she glued them and further reinforced them with tape. Clever!

Very cute clothes-peg soccer players

The kids had fun playing it after school, while their little cousin was busy trying to catch the rolling ball.

Back home from 1st day of school

Sane tip: I think one thing I did right was to make them all independent from young as I didn’t’ have a lot of time to spend with them. #2 has become very capable in finding productive and creative things to do in her spare time.

Save tip: Make your own toys out of recycled material.

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4 Replies to “DIY Table-soccer”

  1. She is very smart and creative, especially about joining the skewers! I think she did an awesome job at it all! =) Way to go! Thanks so much for linking up, I would love to do this someday with my girl too! =)

  2. Thanks for your praise, Summer, will def let her know šŸ™‚ Yes, it would need some guidance as your girl is still young. Have fun! In fact, #2 told me she preferred the making of it to the playing of it! ha

  3. LOVE LOVE this cool project!! Will feature you in my FB. : ) So glad to find your blog!

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