District 21 – Family fun at IOI City Mall KL

District 21, in Kuala Lumpur, is an awesome place for the whole family. We left after 4 hours to meet relatives, but could have easily made our money’s worth and played the entire day!

In my opinion, it is more suitable for children from 6 or 7 years and above as they are able to enjoy the majority of the activities.

Having said that, Kate is just 3 and she had a swell time. Mostly because she had so many siblings to take care of her. Given her age, she was only allowed to play a few things – the tubby ride, trampoline, and the random slides.

District 21

Good that this place is air-conditioned, so the kids could play for a long time without grumbling about the heat.

The Power Station takes an interesting twist on the usual rock-climbing wall, with their interactive walls. All the walls are equipped with auto-belays, so parents can relax and watch (or join in the fun!)

Power Station

For crowd control, they only allow a certain number in at one time. Including queuing, the kids were in there for about an hour.

Min: 15kg, Max: 130kg

Various rock walls @ Power Station

You can even stack the foam blocks to create your own wall to climb!

Or have you ever imagined what it felt like to jump off a building?

I was watching some adorable kids confidently climb up one building at a time, and they squealed with glee when they jumped off the tallest building! Way cool. (that’s the blue and yellow-checked thin pillars)

Crumbling wall

The younger kids are allowed to play this tube slide, accompanied by an adult.

Kate bounced around for half an hour on the trampoline, climbed up the tilted bus, and was so tired she didn’t resist when I called her for a nap. She was knocked out for 2 hours while the older ones carried on.

Tubby Ride

There is a minimum height of 125cm to ride alone on the Tubby Ride. #5 and his cousin enjoyed this very much.


The Maze looks deceptively simple, but once you get in, it’s not so easy to get out! His cousin got stuck in the middle and it was heartwarming to see #5 talk him through and encourage him.

The Maze
For the younger kids, they have their own mini version of the Sky Trail at the Low RopesIf your kids have always wanted to try an obstacle course but is afraid of heights, this is a good one to start with to build their confidence, as it is relatively low.
Low Ropes

The kids can burn some energy or race one another round this little Pump Track.

Pump Track

For the older kids, there are lots more activities offering some serious fun. #1 and #3 thoroughly enjoyed the Sky Trail. #2 is afraid of heights and gave this a miss.

They took almost 2 hours for this, to queue, get briefed and manoeuvre through the whole course. They said it was quite tiring, but very fun. They sure had a good workout!

Min height: 155cm

Sky Trail

Some rules for Sky Trail / Power Station

  • No slippers / loose footwear
  • Avoid loose clothing and hanging jewellery
  • Long hair to be tied
  • Empty pockets and spectacles to be secured
Not for the faint hearted
The older kids really enjoyed the Roller Glider, which is like a zip line cum roller coaster high above our heads. Verdict: Way less scarier than it looks and heaps of fun!

Disposable caps are to be worn for quite a few of the attractions, and they can be purchased for RM 2 at the counter.
Exits at lower and upper level

On the upper level, right outside of District 21, they have some rides for the little ones. These are all payable separately.

We reached IOI City Mall early, and as District 21 only opens at 12pm, we whiled away our time playing at the level right above.

Carousel RM 5

Adults are allowed to accompany the kids on the carousel rides and don’t have to pay.

Mini Train RM 5

This cute little train makes about 2 or 3 rounds around this part of the mall. Adults need a ticket as well, but kids below 2 ride for free.

You can get the combo of Train + Car for RM 8 per person.

“Please Stop!”

Kate kept asking for a ride in the convertible, but after she got in and the staff helped her to step on the pedal, she must have gotten a fright that it took off! She burst into tears, and in her panic mode, could not understand my instructions to remove her feet from the pedal. Not sure if she would want to ride in it anytime soon!

Mini Car: RM 5. (Age limit: 7 years old)

Archery Zone

For the older kids, there is a really simple Archery zone, and some simulator rides.

You could easily spend an entire day (or two) at this mall, as there is also an ice-skating rink, a bowling alley, and a movie theatre all contained within. The next round, we might check out the adjoining resort or hotel which I spied coming in, and spend 2 or 3 days letting the kids have a blast.

Sane tip: This was our strategy to make the most of our time at District 21. It opens at 12pm, but when we arrived at around 11 plus, the ticketing counter was already opened. You can purchase the tickets and sign the indemnity form first so that the kids can enter once the doors open at 12pm, as there might be a long ticketing queue on weekends or public holidays. Do start with the Power Station (climbing walls) if you get in early as that tends to have a long waiting time.

District 21
AT-6, IOI City Mall
Lebuh IRC, IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Sepang, Selangor

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