Diary of a PSLE mum: Keeping a balance

When the 3 older girls had their PSLE, I couldn’t believe that some of their friends’ parents stopped their kids from engaging in all family and recreational activities after chinese new year so that they could ‘focus’.

Even as adults, we need a balance in our lives, what more these 12-year olds who are going through a rather stressful year.

The hubs bought himself a new toy recently, some fancy camera, and this time I didn’t complain because suddenly he became more proactive in taking the kids outdoors.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Being in nature has so many benefits, which includes allowing them to concentrate better and relieving stress.

Best of all, it doesn’t cost a cent!

My kids are kampung kids.

They climb trees and organise their own games with neighbours at the playground.

Monkeying around

After this post, I’m afraid I won’t be continuing Diary of a PSLE mum as #4 has changed her mind about documenting her year online and I respect her decision.

I wish all families with P6 kids a meaningful year where you bond in a different way, by encouraging and supporting your child through one of the toughest challenges they will face to-date.

By rewarding hard work, not marks per se, and celebrating every significant progress with ice-cream treats or movie nights to show them that we are with them on this journey, always rooting for them and believing in them.

All the best!

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