Crafting for Charity

The girls have been busy doing craft for charity. One project they’re working on is turning recycled materials into jewellery. They are the backend hands for their grandma’s elderly church group which will be selling the jewellery to raise funds.

What a brilliant idea
#2 is good at doing mundane work like rolling these shredded paper into tight coils. However, #3 will not go anywhere near it. She’s a very active child and such things totally bore her. 
That’s a whole lot of paper to twirl!
The elderly folks taught #2 how to turn these recycled paper into pretty bracelets. Simple! 
Looks fabulous to me
Another project we are working on is making gift tags for Christmas. Together with a group of mummy bloggers, we are making gift tags and cards with the proceeds going to a charity. The other mummies blog at Mum in the makingA dollop of me, Mamawearpapashirt, Owls well blog, Littlebluebottle, Tan family chronicles, A juggling mum and Life is in the small things. Special thanks also to Claudia from The loving mum who generously contributed the scrapbooking material. 
Beautiful prints
We have a mini assembly line going on. #4’s job is to cut out the graphics while #2’s job is to do the glueing. #1 who is the most artistic amongst us is in charge of assembling the final product. And me? I’m the supervisor and the picker-upper of all the loose ends that they get tired of doing. 
#1 at work

And here’s the product of our afternoon of hard work cutting, pasting, and arranging! I’ll have to admit that the toughest part was to put the designs together. There were so many scraps and things that we couldn’t quite decide what went with which. Perhaps one day in the distant future when I have tons of free time, I’ll attend some scrapbooking classes. I have to say that we did have lots of fun though!

Simple is best, when you aren’t a pro!

Sane tip: It is quite therapeutic to spend a lovely afternoon with the girls working quietly on scrapbooking material. It is all so pretty! It is a nice way to bond with the older girls as they have stopped acceding to my requests to spend time doing “silly kids craft”. I’m not much of an artistic person, so it was very satisfying to see the scraps coming together nicely.

Save tip: I used to tell the girls that “the more you give, the more you will receive”. (Will share a hilarious story about this sometime soon). So do email me if you would like to place your orders for any of the designs which catches your fancy. They are going at $5 for 2. We are definitely not professional scrapbookers, but a lot of our love and our best efforts went into these little tags, so do give us your support!

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~