Christmas – simple is best

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas! I love this season, simply because it is filled with 2 of my favourite things. Friends and food. And they go together so well, no?

As we approach the advent season, I am reflecting on our priorities in life. It is easy to get caught up in this year end frenzy, so I have decided to make a conscious effort not to be drawn in to all the unnecessary excesses. I will try to simplify our activities and preparations and pare down to the essentials. Perhaps I will get the kids to list down some non-material gifts they would like to have and when their grandparents or aunties ask them what they want, they don’t have to accumulate more material things. On my part, I will try to fill our home with more love, patience and peace. Hard to do, especially with Kate entering the ‘terrible twos’ and #1 getting into her ‘teenage ways’. But I will try. As Christmas is about baby Jesus coming into our world, I will let go and let God.

It is also the school holidays, and a time for the kids to remember the less fortunate. The kids saw me taking out the scrapbooking box and they can tell this Christmas crafting is going to be one of our yearly routines. Last year we had lots of fun making handmade tags, with the proceeds going to MINDS.

This year, along with our community of mummy bloggers, we will be supporting Radion International, a non-profit organisation working in one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Thailand. They are dedicated to transforming the lives of street children, abused women and broken families.

These lovingly made Christmas tags will be going at $3 each. You can place your orders in batches of 5 for $15. Designs are one of a kind as all our materials have been donated.
5 for $15
For more lovely designs, hop over to the other crafty mummy bloggers for a variety of Christmas cards and tags. More will be added to this list in time.

1) Little Blue Bottle
2) A Pancake Princess

Do support us and place your orders via email at or our Facebook page. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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