Chinese New Year 2014

Chinese New Year is rather enjoyable and stress free for us. We don’t have to do much house hopping as all the relatives converge on one place at the same time. The kids love cny not only because of the hong baos, but because of the yummy goodies and drinks. Kate must have found an unattended packet of drink and she’s sucking with all her might to get whatever is left in it. She knows that if her gor gor or one of her jie jie notices it, they will quickly swipe it from her as she’s too young for sweet drinks.

I’m almost getting some!

As we live with my in-laws, and my dad-in-law is the eldest in his family, all the relatives will come over to bai nian. After lunch, we head off to my parents’s place where my dad’s family of more than 80 members will converge. Easy, all done in one go. Kate was rather tired as she slept late the previous night of the reunion dinner.

All ready to go to Por por’s house
My dad is the youngest of 11 siblings, so the family is very large. The sad thing is that the younger generations only get to see one another once a year, and they are not close at all. We can hardly even remember all the names of the new additions! One of my cousins came up with a good solution. She tasked her sons to speak to 10 relatives and write down a short paragraph of each of them. Maybe we should all get our kids to do that the next year.
11 families under one roof

Then it’s back home for dinner as more relatives pop by. It was a rare photo opportunity to capture 3 generations of males playing bingo together!

“Ah gong, you are losing!”
For the 2nd day of CNY, it’s back to my parent’s place. This time, my mum’s relatives come over for lunch, and usually any of my friends who have no other visiting to do will swing by too. These are my closest friends from our secondary and JC days. And of course, what’s cny without a spot of mahjong?
“Heh heh, my dad’s cards are awesome”

The 2 boys in the house are enjoying each other’s company even though it’s the first time they have met.

Jumping on the trampoline
Everyone was occupied so Kate wandered around trying to amuse herself.
“Hmm, I think I’ll take this bag home”
“Better check first if got money or not”

She missed her morning nap and crashed when the hubs took her home. 

The best pillow

After her nap, it’s round 2 of fun! Her cousin’s birthday happened to fall on the 2nd day, so we went over to my sis-in-law’s place for the party. 

Minnie mouse themed party

This time, the Lo Hei was done outdoors as we had learnt our lesson from the previous mess!

Huat ah!

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