Children’s Day – divide and conquer

We’ve been doing the same thing on Children’s Day for the past 6 years until it became a family tradition which the kids look forward to and the older ones fondly reminisce.

The hubs would redeem shopping vouchers with our credit card points and they would eagerly await the crisp $50 voucher and take a long time at the children’s department trying to decide what to buy.

I allow them 3 presents per year; birthday, Children’s Day, and Christmas. They learn delayed gratification and realise they don’t want the toy they had previously wanted on a whim.

The rest of the day would be spent at home playing with all their toys. Win-win situation. Kids win, mummy win nap time.

This year, with #3 moving up to Secondary school, children’s day logistics have changed, and it hit me (again), that the 6 of them are no more a ‘bunch’ of kids to herd around together.

Homemade clay

As usual, the 2 youngest were up bright and early at 7am. It was Children’s Day!

They hopped downstairs and after a happy breakfast, Kate entertained herself playing with clay which #1 made the day before, while #5 contentedly plonked himself in front of the TV.

It was nice that all 6 of them were home, and it felt like a holiday. #2 & #3 had a day off as it was marking day, and chose to stay home and relax after finishing their last exam papers.

Kate & #4 followed their cousins to the zoo, which left us with #5. The hubs offered some options, and it was a no-brainer to him.

The Sentosa Luge with daddy it was gonna be!

A real treat for #5 to spend time alone with daddy, and what do the guys do? They challenged each other, with popcorn as the prize. Guess who won.

“Too bright! I can’t open my eyes”

In the meantime, I had to take #1 for her post-op check-up. She had been having problems with an ingrown toenail for almost a year, and after conservative treatment failed, we decided to go ahead with the little surgery to remove a sliver of her toenail.

Burger Bistro

We re-grouped for dinner with the grandparents. My dad announced that he would give them a big treat since it was Children’ Day, and take them to eat suckling pig.

“Suckling pig?!” What kind of treat was that even.
The kids opted for burgers, and I decided to take them all to Quayside Isle.

The old folks were surprised at how much that part of Sentosa had changed, while the kids mused about what life would be like living on a boat.

The burgers and truffle fries were quite good, but my dad was disappointed with his steak. Ok, we got it. Suckling pig for Grandpa Day.

Pet guests

They ended the night playing with the guinea pigs #1 was pet-sitting for a friend. Kate was concerned they were not eating the hay and kept encouraging her little guests. “Here, eat. Eat.”

We were so amused…

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