Upcoming events – KidsFest & SSO Babies’ Prom

Ticket sales for the ever popular KidsFest 2014 has just started yesterday! This year there will be 9 shows which will run from 15 January to 9 February 2014 at the Drama Centre Theatre and the DBS Arts Centre.

Michael Rosen’s award-winning book We’re going on a bear hunt runs from 23-26 Jan 2014 at the Drama Centre. Tickets are priced fom $35-$62 (every child needs a ticket, even the littlest ones). We’ve just read this book to our kids at last week’s playgroup and it will be great to have an outing to watch this production together.

Other popular plays include The Gruffalo and it’s sequel The Gruffalo’s child. There will also be the all familiar The Boy who cried wolf.

The other event we will be going to is the SSO Babies prom. In 6 easy peasy ways to make baby smarter, I mentioned music as one of the ways. This is a great way to expose baby to the orchestra and widen her repertoire of music. The last time I went was a good 5 or 6 years ago with my other kids and they had no problems sitting through it as it was a very interactive and engaging performance.

Priority booking has started but public sales starts on Thursday 5 September 2013. Do get into Sistic early as the tickets are usually sold out in a day or two!

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke ~

A typical Saturday

We usually try not to go out on Saturdays as everywhere is very crowded. Only 2 of them have regular classes on Saturdays.

#1 leaves the house at 7.15am to attend band practice in school. It ends at 1pm. After band, she went with her friends to buy the necessary items for her OBS (outward bound) camp on Monday. They will be going to Pulau Ubin for 5 days.

They all wake up at different times on weekends as this is the only chance they get to have ample sleep. #5 wakes up around 7.30am (he sleeps at 7.30pm on weekdays and 8.30pm on weekends). After he had his breakfast, he did some origami.

#5 loves doing origami

#3 has gym class from 11-1pm. She’s a very active and sociable child and gym lessons suit her to a T. In fact, she found out about this gym school from her classmate and enquired about all the procedures to sign up before approaching me for permission to join. We dropped her off (with #4 and #5) then went to run some errands and pick up lunch. #2 stayed at home to help Auntie Jane take care of Kate so that she could do the housework.

After picking #3 up, we came back and had lunch. Kate had woken up from her nap so we took her along to do our weekly grocery shopping. After we came back, it was movie time. Daddy watched a movie with them while I had time to myself. I ended up taking a really lovely nap šŸ˜‰

We have dinner at 6pm on weekdays. On weekends, we usually eat at the same time unless we are eating out. Daddy cooked his awesome fried chicken for dinner.

Much better than KFC!

After dinner, I asked if the kids wanted to head down our street and try to ask the neighbours for donation for the nuns. They agreed and we printed some donation forms. However, most of the neighbours were out, and one did not want to donate. We walked to another street and the neighbour (a young man about 20 years of age) told the kids it was illegal to seek donation without permission! (I guess we should have only approached neighbours that we knew). However, he did give the kids $5 cash. I thanked him but told him we were only collecting cheques payable to the building fund and returned him the money. The kids were disheartened and we went home. I’m glad that at least the kids had the courage and willingness of heart to knock on our neighbours’ doors.

Sane tip: I try not to sign too many kids up for weekend enrichment classes so that I don’t go crazy driving them everywhere. I also try to stick to classes in the vicinity of our house.

Save tip: Watch movies at home. Nowadays, cinema tickets are not cheap, especially if you multiply them by 7!

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke  ~

Beaba babycook promo

If you’ve been considering whether to buy the Beaba babycook steamer cum blender now may be a good time. Isetan (only the Scotts store) is having a bundle promotion today and tomorrow.

1) Babycook
2) Travel bag
3) Rice / porridge insert pot
Bundle price: $239
(normal price for Babycook alone $289)

Milk Magic

(written by #4)

#4 learnt this over at a friendā€™s house and came home to show us. This is a really quick activity that can be done after a long day at school to unwind. The materials can be easily found at home.

Step 1: Gather these materials: 
  • Milk
  • Food colouring (3 is recommended)
  • Straw
  • Shallow dish
  • Liquid hand soap or dish washing detergent
  • Cotton bud
Step 2: Pour some milk on the dish

Step 3: Use the straw to dip into one of the food colouring (just a little is enough), then dip it in the milk.

Step 4: Repeat with the remaining colours.

Step 5: Pump a bit of soap onto the tip of the cotton bud.

Step 6: Dip the cotton bud into the milk and move it around to create your very own designs.

Have fun!

Sane tip: This experiment is really easy and safe even for a young child to manage on her own. But if you do have some time, doing it with your child is so much more fun! I don’t usually do much art anymore, but when I did this with #4 it was nice and relaxing to just doodle with the cotton bud and it brought lots of smiles to our faces as we saw our own beautiful designs come to life from a blob of colour šŸ™‚

Save tip: If your milk has just expired, let the kids use it and have some fun.

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~