What we get up to during the holidays

School holiday crazy has reached new heights. With 6 kids spanning the ages of 3 to 17, the past 2 weeks went by at breakneck speed as I juggled their schedules while preparing for the opening of my enrichment centre in July.

For the first week, I left the house at 7.30am every morning to send #2 to school and crashed into bed past midnight. Several times, I had to drop a kid and pick another up without having time to go in and check what’s happening with the rest. This is definitely more exhausting than the school week.

School holiday schedule
As #2 and #4 are having their O levels and PSLE exams this year, they returned to school for the first week for supplementary classes to cover what was not taught during the term.

Besides that, they are inundated with homework to prepare for the upcoming exams. I’ve engaged a tutor to come over to our place and they arrange their slots with her themselves. #2 also has study sessions with her classmates and I support her by being the chauffeur if the location is inconvenient.

Robotics class

I have to send #5 for some holiday programs to keep him from watching too much TV at home and from annoying Kate no end.

It was much easier logistically when they were younger and I could bundle all 5 along for the same events. Now, with each child having 1 or 2 activities per day, I’m running around like a mad woman.

This was how Tuesday went for me:

7.30 am: Left the house to send #2 to school. Reached home, quickly made breakfast for #1 and dropped her off for a full day of school. She’s having a busy week with one assignment due every 2 days.

9.30 am: Made it on time for a work meeting.

12pm: Rushed home to pick #5 and took Kate along.

12.30: Picked #4 from school and took #5 for class. Kate whined to follow gor gor and kept saying that she was a big girl and wanted to go for ‘class’. Unfortunately she was not allowed in.

Did the shades herself

As we walked off in search of lunch for a starving #4, with a grumpy Kate shuffling along, we chanced upon an art school. I popped in to ask if they had ad hoc lessons for her age and lo and behold, they did! #4 and I couldn’t be more delighted as we said our goodbyes.

Chicken sandwich

Having bought ourselves an hour of special mummy-daughter time, we ducked into the nearest cafe. After a charming lunch, we turned around to pick Kate from class and #4 was so amused that the young teacher was able to handle her for a whole hour and even managed to teach her to colour in gradient tones. Kate was so proud to show us her artwork.

3pm: #4 had arranged to go over to her cousin’s house for a cookie baking session and I dropped her off before sending Kate home for her afternoon nap. It was time to head back and pick #5 from his class.

5pm: #3 called and said she was done with volunteering at the Home. They are required to complete 15 CIP hours this round. Mummy taxi despatched again. Luckily, the hubs called right at that moment and he went over and picked them up.

6pm: Their grandpa walked through the door and we all had dinner at home together.

8pm: Everyone was in a holiday mood and the teens suggested we go for waffles. Came back, settled Kate to bed and did some work before calling it a night.

Diggersite @ ECP
For #5, I try to get him to go out and do some physical activities to expand his energy. Lots of swimming, trampoline park and play dates with his friends.

Before I left to spend the day catching up with my old friend and her boys, I had to ensure Kate was well occupied when she awoke. I looked around to see who was home and tasked #3 to take Kate out for tea after her nap. They went to the neighbourhood cafe for a slice of cake and tete a tete.

We took the boys to try their hand at being construction workers and it was harder than it looked! Finally they managed to manoeuvre the diggers properly and could plonk the sand in the bucket and pick up the wooden logs. Only grouse of the parents was the pricey $5 per 5 minute tokens.
Les Miserables

With the older girls, the activities we bond over have changed from kiddy fun to things like watching musicals and going for fancy meals. I was so excited that Les Miserables is back after a 20-year break and I knew the girls would love it as much as I did. To prepare them, I asked them to read the book, which was the same copy I read when I was a teenager. As expected, only #2 finished the book and she had to explain the storyline to the others.

Needless to say, they enjoyed the musical thoroughly and it was well worth the money. I taught them to play the scores when they were younger and finally they had the chance to hear the songs sung live.

Influencer event

Saturday was a back-to-back day for me. Was woken up by Kate at 7am and we cycled to the playground after breakfast. Went back to shower and had a meeting in church at 9.30am. Excused myself from the last bit and rushed home to pick Kate up as we were invited for an influencer lunch with Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC.

The hubs was left with the other kids and they took the opportunity to go for their favourite sashimi lunch without Kate around.

Lunch done, we made a quick exit and went off to meet some old schoolmates for a lunch-extended-to-tea session.

Kate was exhausted and had a nap in the car. After her forty winks, she was all ready to go swimming with her little cousin and #5. The rest of the family waited for us to get back to have dinner.

We rested on Sunday, and I had a nice long nap with Kate. All refreshed and recharged for the week.

My very own wheels

Come Monday, we were off again with a full week. Met up with a childhood friend and the nicest thing is to see our kids playing together like we did when we were little. We decided not to try the newly opened places to avoid the crowds.

Instead, we went to Kaboodle at East Coast Park as Kate and #5 enjoyed themselves the last time and we had the whole place to ourselves the entire few hours.

As we parted with the other kids, #5 asked if they could go to Lilliput, the mini golf centre which their grandparents used to take them to. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays.

#5 asked for my phone to google other mini golf places. I was quite certain that there wasn’t any other in Singapore and handled my phone to him.

He found out that Amazonia had a 9-hole mini golf, which glows in the dark! And they just had to go there! The 2 of them were jumping up and down with excitement and after much pleading, I relented. It was the holidays after all. Besides, I was busy the next day and the both of them were going to spend the day at home.

Amazonia at Great World

I love going out on weekdays. The indoor playground was relatively quiet and being a weekday, entry was for unlimited hours.

While they made new friends and played happily, I ordered lunch and did my work. Another handy skill I’ve picked up. Being able to pull out my work and delve right into it anytime, anywhere.

We had to leave at 4.30 to pick their cousin up for swimming lessons and Kate fell asleep in the car.

New found friend

When we reached home, she insisted on following us to the pool. While their cousin had lessons, #5 swam by himself and Kate made a new friend. Good for her, as I continued with my work while keeping an eye on her.

Sam @ 8Q

On Wednesday, we met up with an old friend and took the kids to Sam (Singapore Art Museum) @ 8Q. It is housed in a separate building from SAM and is situated on Queen Street.

Added bonus is the free entry for Singaporeans. We spent about 1.5 hours there, although the kids didn’t quite get the environmental message. At least we tried to expose them to different forms of creativity.

Dental surgery

The school holidays are also the time when we get the extras done. #2 was getting her braces fixed but the x-ray showed that she had an embedded tooth which needed to be removed first.

We went to Orange Orthodontics at Lucky Plaza medical centre and had it done by Dr Seah, an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon as it was a delicate surgery due to the location of the tooth. The good thing was that she did not need to do it under general anaesthetic, but could get away with IV sedation. All went well and she is staying home to recuperate.

That was a whole morning gone, and I squeezed every minute out of the 1 hour when she was sedated to zip out and get my partner to sign some documents for submission. I literally ran back to the clinic as I wanted to be there when she awoke.

As though my Thursday was not harrowing enough, while I was home and tending to #2, Kate burnt 2 fingers on the iron while looking for our helper. Thankfully I had worked in the burns department in the hospital and knew what to do.

The hardest thing was to convince my helper not to put all sorts of remedies on her, and to insist that the hubs not run her fingers under cold water but tap water. She was crying hysterically because of the pain and I gave her paracetamol and applied fresh aloe vera to the burn. When she woke up from her nap she was feeling much better.

Casting call

Even though the older ones are independent, they still need mummy to accompany them for certain things like auditions and private vocal lessons. I’m happy that the strings are slowly released and they are not overly independent at this stage.

That’s how our June break has been going so far.

2 weeks down, looking forward to a more relaxing 2 weeks!

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Brand New Grand Copthorne Waterfront – Integrated Dining Destination

We had the privilege of being invited to the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s media event and were the first to get a sneak peek of their fabulous new space.

After a $17 million makeover which started in November 2015, the hotel is set to wow its guest with a spanking new lobby and a brand new integrated dining destination.

The vibrant and eclectic concept which embodies the best of the East and West is a feast for the senses. Oriental and Western elements are reflected through the decor, lighting, furniture and choice art pieces.

Photo credit: Grand Copthorne

The lobby area comprises four new F&B outlets including Food CapitalGrissiniTempo, and Secret Chat.

Food Capital, an all-day dining buffet restaurant is set to open its doors to the public on 2 June 2016. We had a taste of what would be offered from their interactive open kitchens and were impressed.

The kaleidoscope of tastes, wide range of cuisines and exquisite presentations made for a gastronomical dining experience.

Roasted lamb loin
Shrimp with marinated feta
Gorgeous desserts

There was a spectacular International spread of seafood, western, Asian and Indian delights to cater to the different tastebuds of both the adults and children.

The kids were drawn to the live pasta station, sushi counter, cold-cuts corner and freshly fried tempura station, gleefully helping themselves to numerous portions.

When it came to the desserts and sweets, they were over the moon. Every morsel was elaborately crafted and some looked too pretty to be eaten.

Add to that the dazzling ambience and great music spun by the resident deejay, everyone was in a terrific mood to enjoy the rest of the evening.

Not only were the teens delighted at the Instagram-worthy buffet spread, they disappeared for a while taking selfies around the lobby.

Grand Copthorne Integrated Dining
The colourful decor and spaciousness of the restaurant easily makes this a family-friendly dining option. Kate was having such a swell time that she broke into a dance upon hearing a poplar track.
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Buffet
Situated in the centre of the spacious lobby is Tempo, a dynamic bar with a mixologist crafting adventurous concoctions such as #LOCOTEMPO 61, deconstructed chendol with pandan infused rum. Tempo will be launched on 2 June, along with Food Capital.

The young ones were not forgotten and had their share of non-alcoholic drinks in cool-looking water bottles to keep them happy.
Photo credit: Grand Copthorne

On the other side of the lobby stands Grissini, a contemporary Southern Italian restaurant focusing on premium meats and seafood along with a twist on classic favourites.

Guests can look forward to their Antipasti Bar, Premium Meats & Seafood, Wood-fired Oven Pizzas and fine wines following their launch on 11 June 2016.

Grissini Bar seating

Secret Chat, a patisserie for special moments, will be unveiled in the third quarter of the year.

We had a truly unforgettable evening and each time I mention that we are going out for dinner, Kate asks ever so hopefully, “Is it to that nice hotel?”

Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel
392 Havelock Road
Singapore 169663
Tel: 67330880

Disclaimer: We were invited to The Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel’s media event. All opinions are my own.

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Atlas coffeehouse @ Bukit Timah

I’ve been wanting to check out Atlas coffeehouse for breakfast as I heard that it is opened by the same people behind Assembly, which has since closed its doors.

Several friends who had gone mentioned that the standard of the food was rather disappointing. However, it’s just one of those places which seems to beckon when you are looking for a good breakfast early in the morning.

The ATLAS Super-Bowl $18

I opted for a healthy dish as my girls and I are on a mini “pre-detox” diet of eating more greens and avoiding processed foods, and it turned out way better than I had expected.

I have to admit that I usually zoom in on the full works with bacon or sausages, but this bowl of Oven-roasted Squash, Zucchini and Shimeiji mushrooms with Peanut sesame pulled chicken was delicious.

And the toasted quinoa had a much nicer bite than my sad, soggy boiled quinoa which my kids refuse to eat anymore.

Salmon Soba Noodles $18

The poached salmon went well with the home-made yoghurt dressing and this noodle dish was healthy and hearty too.

Pot of tea

Nice little touch serving the pot of tea on a slab of stone.

I don’t know if it was because we were hungry or because we went with no expectations, but we were pretty impressed with the food.

When we left at noon, the place was packed, even though it was a weekday. Another cafe to add to our breakfast list!

Atlas Coffeehouse
6 Duke Road
Singapore 268886

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DISNEY ON ICE: It’s Magical

The day has finally arrived!

I don’t have to answer Kate’s question of “Are we going to watch Frozen today?” anymore.

Although to be honest, I have been milking this event for all it’s worth.

“You want me to take you to watch Frozen? Then you had better…”

Works like a charm.

My 5 older kids remember the Disney on Ice shows we went to when they were younger, but this is the first for Kate, and it is also the very first time the Academy Award winning and Number One Animated Feature film of all time Frozen will be staged.

Queen Elsa made it snow

The buzz at the Singapore Indoor Stadium before the show started was palpable, and mini Elsas in all manner of fancy blue dresses were out in full force.

The colourful display of a whole gamut of Disney merchandise added to the festive atmosphere, and there were snacks on sale like huge buckets of popcorn and ice slushies in oh-so-irresistably-cute cups.

Disney merchandise
The older kids still remember Mrs Pots and Chip (cup) which I had bought for them probably 10 years ago at Disney On Ice.

It is so nice to be back at a show which brought back such fond memories of their childhood.
Disney Figurines

The show commenced promptly at 7pm, with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy and an energetic team of skaters crisscrossing the square rink.

It put Kate right in the mood as she loves Mickey.

We were sponsored VIP tickets and being up close in the 6th row really helped to keep Kate attentive throughout the 2 hour show.

Mickey on Ice

What surprised me was that the teens enjoyed the show as much as Kate.

#3 is in Dance CCA and she was intently watching the Mermaids perform so gracefully on their skates. Their choreography, costumes and energy levels gave her much to aspire towards.

Colourful costumes

The highlight of Rapunzel’s segment was Maximus the horse, the brilliant floating lanterns and the skating thrills!


During the 20 minute intermission, we had time to buy some popcorn and browse the merchandise.

Disney Plush toys
Limited edition merchandise
Well into the second set, while the older girls were riveted by the storylines, twirls and leaps and elaborate sets, Kate started getting impatient and kept asking, “Where is Elsa?”

Beauty and the Beast

Finally, the cast of Frozen emerged!

It was probably what most of the little girls in the audience were waiting all evening for.

Kate, along with many of the little kids sang their hearts out to the familiar tunes.

Queen Elsa
Sophia Adams, a two-time competitor in the United States National Championship, who plays Queen Elsa, certainly did not disappoint.

While I still don’t get why little girls all over are so in love with the Elsa character in Frozen, I must say that Adams, who is half-Koaren, cuts a very striking figure as Elsa and I really liked her stage presence.

After the show, I asked the teens what they enjoyed about the show. “Everything! It’s all so pretty!”

Kate, not one to be left out of anything, chipped in, “I love Elsa. Mummy, I want to learn to ice-skate.”

Ah, the success of any production is when it inspires, isn’t it?

DISNEY ON ICE: Magical Ice Festival 2016 runs till tomorrow. It’s your last chance to be drawn into the magical world of Disney!

Ticketing information:

Disney On Ice: Magical Ice Festival

When: 11 to 20 March 2016

Where: Singapore Indoor Stadium

How much: $25 to $120

Tickets can be purchased via:

1. www.sportshub.sg
2. Sports Hub Ticket Hotline: 31587888
3. SingPost outlets.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored tickets to DISNEY ON ICE: Magical Ice Festival. All opinions are my own.

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Sentosa Kidz Flea

I heard about this interesting concept a few years ago and have been meaning to expose my kids to this experiential form of entrepreneurship but the timing was not right until now.

Sentosa has been organising this event for the 5th year running, and I am really impressed with the effort they have put in to tailor this flea market specially for children.

The kids have to think about what business they want to run, come up with a stall name, and man the stall from 3-8pm. They can choose to run the stall for a day or an entire week.

Kid-sized stall

To prepare the budding entrepreneurs, a 2-hour session is provided where they cover the basics of running a business such as factors to consider when pricing your goods or services, tips on stall display and communication with customers.

Besides teaching kids to run a business, they also believe in inculcating altruism in them. 20% of sales are to be pledged towards charity, and this year they will be giving to The Autism Association (Singapore).

I told #5 we would have to arrive at 2pm to set up the stall. He counted the hours and exclaimed, “That is as long as a school day! How can I stand in one place for so long?”

Sounds like a tall order for a young child?

Actually, the organises are very flexible and parents are allowed to help out if the kids need to take a rest, have their meal or take a break and enjoy the planned activities.

In fact, most of the children rose to the occasion and they were energetic and anxious to increase their sales that they didn’t rest besides taking toilet and meal breaks.

The event is held at the Merlion plaza where there is good foot traffic. In addition, professionals were hired to run children’s activities on stage to increase patronage to the stalls.

Some kids sold handmade jewellery and stationery while others displayed their pre-loved items like toys and books. There were also game stalls where the kids used recycled yakult bottles to create simple games, and some creative kids whipped up freshly made slime!

Many kids went around with baskets filled with their wares and they were really brave to approach strangers to ask them to buy their goods.

Sentosa Kidz Flea

Most of the stalls were rented by families who wanted their children to get a sense of running a real business, but there were also a few primary schools who participated in this event and everything the students earned was pledged to charity. Kudos to the teachers, students and parents!

What amazed me was that in a short span of 5 hours, strangers became friends and ‘competitors’ became collaborators. This lovely lady was so warm that the kids from the other stalls came and sat with her for hours and helped her to promote her wares.

At one point, it was pouring and business was slow. We mucked around, gave ‘neighbour’ discounts to one another and engaged in barter trade.

We met Peter Draw, the affable artist with 2 Guinness World Records under his belt, who was hired to run some kids’ activities at this event. He really has the gift of the gab and was going around helping kids to attract customers.

Peter Draw

Before we packed up, I invited the kids from the schools to come over and pick up anything they wanted from our stall for free. They had worked hard, all for a good cause.

The kids were so polite and adorable. They picked up a couple of items each, showed them to me and asked, “Can I take these?”

At the end of the day, it was definitely not about how much we earned, but the experience and life lessons the kids learned.

Do support these little bosses and head on down to Merlion Plaza.

Sentosa’s Kidz Flea is on until Saturday 19 March 2016.

The stalls are for rent at $28 per day (weekdays) or $40 per day (weekend) and is something you can consider for your kids (aged 7-12) next year!

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Breakfast Buffet At Sandbank (ECP)

Mention the word ‘buffet’ and my kids’ eyes are sure to light up!

When Sandbank invited us for the media launch of their International Breakfast Buffet, I was doubtful that the teenagers would want to join us so early in the morning on a weekend as that is the only time they get to sleep in, but I had a resounding, “Yes!”

Buffet table

The last time we were invited here, everyone had such a swell time. This time, with the introduction of the buffet, the kids couldn’t ask for a better place to have breakfast!

#5 was in such high spirits, helping himself to the fried chicken wings, roti prata, mini hash browns, sausages, ham and bacon! What a treat for him.

The spread was extensive enough, with usual breakfast items like nasi lemak, porridge with condiments, chicken pau, an assortment of breads, baked beans, cold cuts, chicken curry, pancakes and cereal which the kids had fun dispensing by themselves.

For drinks, there was apple juice, orange juice, cold milk, tea and coffee.
Sandbank Breakfast Buffet

For the egg station, we normally go for the omelette or sunny side up. Here, they even have egg benedict!

The kids remarked that this place comes the closest to feeling like we are on vacation at a resort, where we go down to the hotel lobby for buffet breakfast, and spend the whole day by the beach. Such a wonderful place for the family to bond and unwind from the stresses of the week.

Breakfast with a sea view
As it was a media event, the kids were kept entertained with balloon twisting and glitter tattoo by Weekends Pte Ltd.

After they had their fill of yummy food, the younger kids couldn’t resist the inviting pool and quickly changed into their swimmers. The simple toys we had brought along kept them happy for quite awhile!
Kate and her pal
After seeing them well-fed and playing merrily, I could sit down and enjoy another round of food in peace. When the kids are happy, mummy is happy.
Eggs Benedict

Sandbank’s Breakfast Buffet is available every Saturday, Sunday and on Public Holidays from 8.30am to 12noon. Adults: $19, Kids (from 4-12): $9.50. Do note that each seating is for 2 hours and reservations are recommended.

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Disclaimer: We were invited to the media launch of Sandbank’s Breakfast Buffet. All opinions are my own.

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The O level year. Only 1 thing matters.

Below is what a 15-year old girl tweeted to her friends overseas.

You know that the education system is a mess when you spend half your time convincing classmates who are really sick not to come to school but they insist anyway because the teachers will get mad if they miss tests, hand in assignments late or miss parts of the syllabus.

Honestly, the number of people around me in class who have been coughing and sneezing and looking like they are about to throw up resembles an endemic, yet they won’t go home because they are afraid they will get behind.

It has only been 2 months yet three-quarters of our class has already fallen ill.

The O level year

We have been brainwashed that the national exams are all that matter.

Does anyone realise that our health is just as important?

Why does it seem like I’m the only one who feels this way?

Some of our teachers are concerned, but all they can say is “Drink more water and try to rest more.” Rest? Why are they seemingly unaware of our cumulative workload?

And why do teachers still yell at students who already get less than 5 hours of sleep a night trying to complete homework and rushing to study for tests as though they are lazy? How can we fit everything the teachers dole out into 24 hours, with our CCAs, extra classes and student responsibilities?

Yet all these physical demands are nothing compared to the mental ones many are enduring.

Please, we are kids!

When did the typical day of a 15-year old become downing coffee at 2am while scribbling down the last answers to an assignment long overdue, and holding back tears when you get test papers back?

Because whenever we get test papers back, there are tears.

Grades are made out to be so important that if your best cannot achieve a good grade, you are nothing.

Who allowed that “F” on a test paper to define someone?

Who let algebra and the reactivity series become exceedingly more important than our health and happiness?

Where is the balance in our lives?

At the end of this gruelling year, what might be the outcome?

Success after pushing ourselves so hard, at the sacrifice of health and family life?

Or disappointment to our parents, that our best is not good enough.

This, we call education in Singapore.


Some of you may have already guessed. The 15-year old is my child.

She spent the weekend methodically demolishing her pile of homework, feeling slightly overwhelmed and trying to make sense of the stressful environment around her.

To put things in perspective, she’s in one of the better classes in an average secondary school. I hear from parents with kids in top secondary schools that the situation is very similar and peer pressure is great.

One mum even remarked, “Once the term starts, I rarely see her smile anymore. That is the life of our kids these days.” 

I remember sitting in a parents’ information session in an elite primary school, and the Principal was touching on what to do in the event that the child was sick on the day of a test or exam.

I was so heartened to hear her remind the parents that if the child is sick, they should take the child to see the doctor and get a medical certificate instead of sending the child to school only for the duration of the test, because we want our children to know that we care about them and their health more than anything else.

Looks like the O level kids don’t have the luxury of adequate sleep and a healthy lifestyle, do they?

School Stories:

#1 – When your son gets into fights in school
#2 – My son the loan shark
#3 – So kids can’t play once they start school?

#11 – How #2 topped her level in English
#12 – DSA. Yet another initiative parents have warped
#13 – Tuition – First line of attack?
#14 – Why do exams have to be so stressful?
#15 – First day mix up!

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Irvins Salted Egg Potato Chips

After the hype and high expectations of Antoinette’s salted egg croissant which wasn’t quite satisfying, I was craving for some really good salted egg dishes.

Being still in the thick of the lo hei lunches and dinners, my dearest friend told me about the next best thing – a popular salted egg snack.

Salted egg snacks from a bottle? How far are people going to take this salted egg craze?

Anyway, it looked rather promising and we still had more visiting to do, so bringing along unique snacks seemed like a good idea. Ok ok, good excuse (to get someone else) to get my salted egg fix.

My obliging brother was in the area, so I asked him to pick some up.

Yes, that’s my household
This cafe sells 3 snack items. Salted Egg Potato chips, Salted Egg Fish Skin and Salted Egg sauce in a jar.

We bought the lot to try. Might as well, since he made the effort to go there. My brother never had such a rousing welcome stepping into our house.

As you can imagine with the number of people around, we opened one bottle and it vanished before we could say salted-egg-potato-chips.
Irvins’ Salted Egg Potato Chips

So unhealthy but seriously addictive. It is best consumed within 2 weeks, but ours was gone within a day!

The adults prefer the deep fried fish skin, and they make good snacks for a party. My dad was enjoying it with his cold beer.

Personally, I prefer this dish freshly served at a restaurant, with a stronger salted egg taste.

#2 was munching on the chips saying, “This is so good. I’ll be much happier receiving a bottle of this for Christmas instead of items we don’t need.”

I laughed that she is so easily contented.

“Mum, happiness is in the moment. A moment like this.”

Wow. Profound words from a 15-year old.

Thanks my dear, for making me feel better, after being slightly guilty watching my kids gorge on such unhealthy snacks.

Gong Xi Fa Cai again! One more weekend to enjoy the CNY festivities. Huat ah!

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