BenQ Eye Care Monitor GW2480T – A Review

As an occupational therapist, I used to go out to offices to help adults readjust their workspaces, desktop monitor heights and problem solve their ergonomics concerns.

These days, children are not spared and are facing screens for stretches of time. They are using educational apps, playing games or watching Youtube on Ipads or laptops.

Even though she has just entered primary 1 this year, Kate already has online homework on her SLS portal. Besides the homework, which is not much, I like the additional Chinese resources where she can play character recognition games and have the stories read to her.

She uses the Ipad to do her work or borrows one of her sister’s laptops, depending on who is at home. However, the problem with using Ipads or laptops is that because of the small screen size, the viewing distance is too short and is one of the causes of short-sightedness. Also with an Ipad, she tends to lounge on the sofa in an array of not so ideal postures. I have heard of 5-year olds needing chiropractic help because they spend hours hunched over the Ipad!

BenQ, the world’s first brand of eye-care monitors, has launched their new Eye Care Monitor GW2480T specifically for students.

A new monitor!

Here are 5 reasons to invest in the NEW BenQ Eye Care Monitor – GW2480T: 


With a 24-inch monitor, your child is able to sit at the proper distance. The recommended viewing distance between the eyes and monitor is 60-70cm. This monitor can be adjusted for height, tilt, pivot and swivel which allows it to grow with your child as well as being suitable for other members of the family.

BenQ Eye Care Monitor GW2480T


Most people overlook the brightness of their screens and don’t usually adjust the display brightness according to the ambient light every day. This may result in eye fatigue, vision problems and headaches. With the Brightness Intelligence Technology, it provides more comfort for the eyes, which is important as both children and adults are spending more hours looking at screens.

BenQ’s unique technology automatically adjusts the monitor’s brightness according to the ambient light. This is also good for me as I work on my powerpoint presentations in the bedroom at night.


We know that blue light emitted from digital devices affects our sleep cycle as they lower the production of melatonin. This monitor filters out blue light which helps the kids with the quality of sleep when they finally turn off the computer and go to bed. Beneficial for #2 as she studies into the wee hours of the night and has to wake up early for classes the next day.


Laptop screens can result in eye fatigue because of the flickering screen which causes excessive blinking and frequent rubbing of the eyes. This monitor makes viewing more comfortable.

This is especially helpful for my 2 girls as one spends a lot of time designing logos and brochures for her marketing assignments and one does a lot of eye-straining photoshop edits for her work!


With a wide viewing angle, parents can sit with their child to guide them with their work comfortably. I’ve been needing to do that with Kate for some of her Chinese homework!

As parents, with this monitor, we can be reassured that our children’s physical aspects like posture and eye health are not compromised while they are spending time on the computer.

How to connect:

The GW2480 can be used with laptops or Ipads. It has 3 connection ports, including HDMI, DisplayPort, and D-sub. For our Ipads and the newer models of laptops, all we had to do was attach it to an adaptor and it instantly syncs onto the monitor.

BenQ Eye-Care Monitors are certified by TUV Rheinland, a global leader in technical and safety certification, for Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light performance that truly benefits human vision.

BenQ Eye Care Monitor GW2480T retails at S$269. Currently they are running a National Day Promotion with 7% off (no GST) until 31 August 2019.

For more information about GW2480T, click here.

For other GW Series Eye Care Monitor, click here.

BenQ Website

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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“I wish you were never born!”

I came back from work and found Kate in tears. After a big cuddle and sitting with her, I asked her what was wrong.

She had an argument with her brother and he had said to her, “I wish you were never born!”

“Mummy, does everyone in the family dislike me?”

That really took me by surprise. Such a sad thing to hear, but it was an eye-opener into a child’s world.

That Kate, who is loved and doted on by so many, can feel this way.

I went through our family members one by one.

Do you think Mummy loves you?


Why do you think so?

“Because you always tell me and you do many things for me.”

Do you think Daddy loves you?

“Yes! He takes me swimming and goes on the slide with me and he makes us yummy BBQ on the weekends.”

We went through the rest of her siblings and I was surprised how she thinks that one of her sisters did not love her!

“Jie jie scolds me all the time and does not spend time having fun with me.”

That really got me thinking, because it pretty much summed up my first 10 years with the kids! Yikes.

I tried to get Kate to understand why her older sister always corrects her, but she still did not feel that her sister loved her.

We talked about her brother who said those hurtful words to her and I pointed out the times when he cared for her. I tried to get her to see it from his point of view, that he must be feeling neglected as well. He was the youngest for 6 years before she came along, and now she is the one getting all the attention and love from everyone.

I had a lot to reflect upon over the weekend.

As parents, we assume that our children know that we love them. We also hope that we have brought the siblings up to love one another. But it may not necessarily be so. And behind the hurtful words could be a cry for help.

I remember vividly a conversation with one of my daughter’s classmate. Before her O levels, she said to me, “Auntie, I don’t think my mum loves me. When I go home with a good grade, she is very happy. When I get a bad grade, she scolds me and is in a bad mood the whole week. What am I to her?”

What made me sad upon this reflection is that despite us knowing that we should be giving our children unconditional love, do our children feel our unconditional love?

When we get angry at them for their misbehaviour, yell at them or cane them, they must surely be thinking that we don’t love them at those times. My poor older kids went through so much of that from the hubs and I.

With Kate, we have learnt to control our extreme outbursts and we don’t yell or spank her. I make it a point to tell her even during those moments when I am scolding her, that no matter what, I still love her, every single day, every single moment.

It also hit me again, that despite our older children (upper primary or secondary) looking like they don’t need us or rather spend time in their rooms, they do need to be shown just as much love, but in different ways. It is tough trying to find time to see to the needs of so many kids. And as they go through the different phases from being a child to a tween, from a tween to a teenager, what worked before may not anymore.

The more I parent, the more aware I get, the more I feel I fall short of being a good parent.

The only thing that keeps me hopeful is that we have parented them to be resilient and despite all the mistakes and terrible parenting they have faced from us in the early years when we didn’t know better, somehow they have turned out not too badly.

I’m also glad that I’ve come so far in my own parenting journey that instead of marching over to my son to give him a good talking to for speaking to his little sister that way, I am able to work through with them calmly to unpack the intentions and emotions behind their outbursts.

And that’s something to rejoice about! One day at a time, one step at a time, and we will get there 🙂

Other lessons (which I’ve learnt the hard way):

Lesson #15: What are we worth, mums?
Lesson #16: What do you do when you get sick of parenting?
Lesson #17: The tragedy of our society

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Light Chiropractic – A Review from a Mum of 6

My neck & lower back pain has been a constant problem for the past 20 years mainly because of bad posture while carrying the 6 kids. With my eldest, I didn’t know better and was afraid to put her down when she fell asleep in my arms as she would wake up and cry. That resulted in many hours of unnatural carrying positions! I have tried all sorts of treatment but have resigned myself to living with the constant pain.

When I was approached by one of Singapore’s top Chiropractors to try out a session under the skilful hands of Dr Theo, the timing couldn’t be better as I had a very tight knot at my neck and really should be doing something about it before going on vacation. Every time I return from a flight I have to visit my physiotherapist because the sitting position on the plane is not ideal.

To be honest, as a professional in the healthcare industry, I am weary of chiropractors in Singapore. First-hand accounts from friends have shed a poor light on some of them and I wouldn’t trust my body in the hands of someone not highly experienced.

Dr Theo was trained in America by the best chiropractor known in the history of the profession, Arno Burnier, and he has had more than 12 years of clinical experience in Singapore and 17 years of hands-on experience working with the spine. His particular area of expertise is in the upper cervical, which is my biggest problem area!

I was greeted by the warm and friendly staff at the front desk and ushered to a room to get changed into a gown. My spine was scanned to find out which are the areas that have blockages. The scanning is done by a female chiropractor assistant using a hand-held thermal scanner by running it gently down the spine. The results are shown immediately and she pointed out my problem areas to me.

Next, I placed 3 fingers into a machine and it gave another set of results. The areas that looked bad on the scan were the areas I have been having problems with, so it was accurate!

What I didn’t know was how bad some areas were. Every time I went for a massage the masseuse will tell me the same thing, that the knots at the right side of my neck and shower blades are very tense but all they can do is to release it little by little.

The friendly assistant explained the colour codes to me, starting from white which was good, moving to green, blue and red. The black was off the charts! Uh-oh. It doesn’t surprise me though as the problem has been there for so long.

She continued with the questionnaire and asked me what I felt was my stress level on a scale of 1-10. I gave it a 3, and she laughed in surprise, saying that with raising 6 kids and running my own company, 3 was a pretty low level.

I do find that over the past 5 years, ever since I have taken time out for myself to tend to my spiritual needs and to make time to recharge and enjoy the company of friends, I have become much more balanced than in the first 10 years of motherhood. If she had asked me that question a decade ago, I think my stress levels were closer to a 9!

After the testing was done, it was time for the session with Dr Theo. He started with explaining the basis of his treatment, that not only are blockages a result of physical causes, but when a person gets frustrated easily, is unable to let go and is highly stressed, there can be a lot of blocked areas. While he can do the manual adjustments, the person has to learn to be less uptight and unhappy with life in general. He also stressed how maintaining a good posture is very important. Something we all need constant reminders about!

He started the treatment with adjusting different segments of the spine one at a time and it wasn’t painful. You can tell that he is indeed very experienced.

He noticed that one leg was longer than the other, and that has been something my physiotherapist has been trying to fix. It was due to years of carrying my kids on one hip which led to the tightening of muscles on one side of the body which caused the natural alignment to be out of sync. He worked on that as well.

He meticulously went through the adjustment procedure, asking me to turn to the right, left, facing up, facing down, sitting up and standing to correct the blockages one by one. It felt good to have my whole body re-aligned!

My scorecard? He said that it was relatively easy to do the adjustments and there wasn’t much tension in my body. I am by nature an easy-going person and I don’t get stressed easily nor harbour negative feelings or thoughts, which helps!

Dr Theo sees patients with issues such as lower back pain, sciatica, headaches, numbness, slipped disc, poor posture, neck pain, and he also works with children and pregnant women.

Young children tend to fall a lot and sometimes that results in misalignment in their pelvis and lower back which needs to be readjusted. School going children carrying heavy school bags or having poor posture can also benefit from chiropractic care because when their bodies work better, their minds also function better.

Light Chiropractic

I never thought I would have so much to reflect upon when I entered their centre. But in that one and a half hours, I had a good conversation with Dr Theo and came out being able to stand taller, feel lighter and have an overall happier feeling, both of mind and body.

I’m glad I saw him before I left for our trip because despite the 7-hour flight and our long road trip, my neck wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. I will have to make one more trip to Dr Theo and that should put things in good order.

He says, “Being pain-free should not be enough. Feeling great, inspired and alive should be what we all strive for.”

I can’t agree more!

The first visit costs $190 which includes a Thermal spinal scan, consultation and tailored adjustment and it takes about 60-90 minutes. More details of their fees can be found on their website, with one-off prices as well as package rates. They have kindly offered a discount for my readers for the FIRST SESSION – simply quote MUMMYWEE and they will take $20 off the fee*.

Most of us mums tend to overlook taking care of ourselves and our bodies. However, don’t forget that when we are healthy both in mind and body, we will be in a better position to take care of our families!

*valid till 31 Dec 2019

Light Chiropractic
20 Malacca Street
Singapore 048979
Tel: 63364063

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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Magical Marvelous Me! Camp – A review

While we are busy focusing on academics, we must not forget the emotional and character building aspect of our children. Here’s what Charlene, a mum with a P2 boy loved about The Little Executive’s Magical Marvelous Me! Camp.

Like most parents of a firstborn who’s recently entered the formal education system, I have been keeping my eyes peeled for a programme that would foster a positive attitude, an indomitable spirit that would rise to challenges instead of “saying die” and perhaps even some planning and organisational skills. At the same time, I was concerned about burdening my 7-year-old with yet more activities to his already punishing days.
Then I came across The Little Executive’s Magical Marvelous Me! Camp, which was to be held during the March school holidays. This camp is centred around Dr. Seuss’ inspirational book on life “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”.

I was sold – it would be a meaningful holiday activity without burden to his stretched school term schedule. He was thrilled – what a welcoming change to his routine of school!
“Today, you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” – Dr. Seuss

Let our dreams soar
A Journey of Self-Discovery

The camp kicked off with a series of physical and team activities that seemingly served as ice-breakers but in reality, offered opportunities for the children to explore their personal qualities.

The games over, the children were led through their personal written reflections on their own strengths and qualities. I was pleasantly surprised to see the self-reflection of my 7-year old in his personalised camp journal.

·      Going Places through Goals
The children conducted a goal-setting exercise in their journals, with an added component of thinking and planning through the resources they needed to get there.
This is actually an important life lesson! While people set goals quite readily, even in the workplace, oftentimes they forget to consider the feasibility of these goals by not examining the required resources or what they have already going for them.
Part of goal-setting and the execution includes planning and prioritising which are pre-skills for young kids’ learning and development in other aspects of their lives, resulting in positive behaviours which they also exercise towards their families and other environments.

Taking stock of their resources would probably help the kids set realistic expectations and lessen any potential disappointment. That said, when this still fails and the kids are…
·      Losing track of the way
They learned to conduct self-monitoring first of all by examining and thinking through what would happen if they did not succeed.
Tied closely to this, the children learned how to manage their emotions as well should they not succeed. They each made their very own beautiful calming jar. Filled with glitter in a liquid suspension of their favourite colours, the gradual falling patterns in the jar would help the children to calm down whenever they are anxious or upset.
“Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

Moving mountains through teamwork

The children were led in team activities like a treasure hunt and constructing and getting through a maze. These taught them invaluable lessons that many minds and hands are better than one, as success hinged on alternative ways of doing things, and splitting up the workload.

Precision and Accuracy

Craftwork such as building a hot air balloon develops their skills of paying attention to detail, planning and prioritising. They learnt to crack codes which taught them the need for precision and accuracy to get it right.
“And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed!” – Dr. Seuss  
Parent Presentation

Attending the culminating event for parents in the last hour of the camp – I had 3 indications that the children were taking forward strides to success.
·      Confidence, ownership, leadership
In a show and tell format, all the children – even the littlest ones aged 5 – recounted their experiences and shared what they have learned. And they did it with so much pride and gusto that I felt so proud of each and every one of them!
The children also served as guides, leading and cajoling parents around the maze that they built. There was a lot of joy and satisfaction as the children discussed strategies in handling the challenge of the maze.

Friendships forged

When it was time to leave, the children were all gathered in the doorway, unwilling to go. They took the time to arrange informal play dates. This is surely a sign of how well they got on with friends they had made over the short few days!

Putting it all into practice

When Term 2 started, I noticed my son applying his 3 P’s:

Persistence – He had a more positive attitude towards schoolwork and exams. Even when faced with a deluge of homework, I saw how he staunchly tackled the pile, to the point of falling asleep on the table twice within a week!

Problem-solving – One day he was all excited with his own creativity, telling me that he had organised some personal items by colour for easy differentiation.

Prioritisation – He started to think through his tasks and homework with new eyes and would share occasionally why he chose to do things in a certain manner. I realised then that he was mentally evaluating the worth of each task and putting them through a hierarchy of priority.
I wouldn’t say that his priorities or solutions necessarily align with mine, or that he is always on track with his focus. But I would like to think that all these skills learned could be refined given time and more practice!

“You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!”

The next run of Magical Marvelous Me! Camp (for K1-P3 kids) is on 30 May – 1 June 2018, 9am-5.30pm at The Little Executive, 144 Bukit Timah Road Singapore 229844 Tel: 69081889 / 84835354 Email:

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The Giving Family Festival – TOUCH Community

Want to have fun, bond with the kids and do good?

Be part of TOUCH Community’s 25th Anniversary celebration which promises lots of fun for the entire family!

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Bumper rides
  • Game booths
  • Festival run
  • Snow time
  • Hands-on workshops
  • Live performances
  • Mouthwatering bites

Sure sounds like a whole heap of fun over the two days!

What’s more, I’ll be running a {GIVEAWAY}! Details at the bottom of this post.

WHAT: The Giving Family Festival

WHEN: 4 & 5 November 2017 (Sat & Sun) 10am to 9pm

WHERE: Singapore Sports Hub, OCBC Square

WHO: TOUCH Community Services

TOUCH Community Services is a non-profit charitable organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of the community. Over the last 24 years, they have been reaching out to individuals from all religions and races, including children, youth, people with special and healthcare needs and the elderly.

Your involvement will support the needs of more than 28,000 beneficiaries including vulnerable families, youth-at-risk, people with special needs and disadvantaged seniors.

Festive passes

Purchase your Festival coupons now at The Giving Family Festival

{GIVEAWAY} 10 Festive Passes up for grabs!

Each Festive Pass includes: 

*1 FREE Ride + 1 FREE Game + 1 FREE Hotdog*

5 Winners will be chosen at random – 2 Passes per Winner

All you have to do is hop over to my Instagram account to join the giveaway.

1. Follow @mummyweeblog on IG

2. Leave a comment, and tag at least 3 friends.

{Giveaway} Ends Sunday 22 October 2017 at midnight.

Let’s do our part, and be part of The Giving Family!

See you there!

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KinderBike Morph Hybrid

Kate has been using her Kinderbike E Series for about 2 years and she’s been zooming down slopes like a pro. I felt it was time for her to progress to the next stage of adding in pedals.

I contacted Tikes and Bikes and the lovely owner recommended the Morph. She explained that instead of moving to a bigger bicycle with pedals, a gradual transition would be for the child to get used to a bigger and heavier bicycle without pedals first, and once she is comfortable with that, the pedals can be added on.

Kinder Bike Morph

Kate’s cycling journey began with her little red E Series when she was 18 months old, and she hops on to her niffy bike every time we go to the playground. It is light and very manageable even though she is pint sized.

It grew with her and I easily extended the handle bar and seat higher as she became taller. Most kids are ready to ride a proper bicycle with wheels when they are around 4-4.5 years old, as their coordination and gross motor skills are developed sufficiently by then.


She was extremely excited to go down and collect her brand new bike. It came in a huge box, and as I was wondering how to carry it to the car, the lady asked if I would like it assembled. At that, Kate immediately whooped, Yes!

It was fixed up in a matter of minutes and she taught me how to convert the bike to the pedals when Kate was ready. I was thinking that I should have brought the hubs along, but was pleasantly surprised that it was a very simple 1-step maneuver to switch it from a balance bike to a regular bike.

Feels like Christmas

All you have to do is to remove the entire back wheel and replace it with another back wheel which comes with pedals.

Just a simple sliding action, pop in the screw and viola! It morphs into a regular bike with wheels!

It is a very sturdy bicycle, which offers a comfortable ride. The seat and handlebar are adjustable to grow with her.

Balance Bike

Once we were out the doors, Kate got on her new bike and pushed off, thrilled with her new set of wheels.

When we got home, Kate wanted to have a go with the pedals and I changed it back for her. However, she is still not used to the bigger and heavier bike, and could not balance herself enough to lift her leg off onto the pedal.

As we were advised, she needs to get the hang of this bike without the wheels first, the same way as she has been doing with her little E series, before trying to cycle with the pedals.


I’m certain this new bike of hers will share many adventures in the months to come!

We went down to their warehouse in IMM, but several bicycle retailers do carry their stock as well.

Tikes N Bikes
2 Jurong East St 21
#02-154 IMM Building (warehouse section)
Saturday 12-6pm
Cash only.

Disclaimer: We were sponsored the KinderBike Morph Hybrid. All opinions are our own.

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Fun Holiday Camps

Our kids need more than just academic knowledge to thrive in a fast-changing world. They have to learn to work together as a team, be able to communicate their ideas confidently, think out of the box and come up with novel solutions.

At The Little Executive, we create exciting holiday camps to give them real world learning and lots of opportunities to develop these crucial skills.

Mummy blogger Selena, mum of Asher says, “The kids have so much fun they probably didn’t realize how much they were learning.” Read her full review here.

This June, the kids (3-10 years old) are spoilt for choice! From going on a Global Adventure, donning Little Chef aprons and whipping up gourmet meals, being cadets on an Astronaut Training mission to going on a Dino Discovery, they will find something to suit their interests.

Globe Trekker Camp

The kids will go on an Amazing Race, discover interesting facts about different countries and prepare for a global adventure. They will make simple maps and learn to read them, have a treasure hunt and solve puzzles using the knowledge acquired. They will also learn to be responsible travelers, including packing their own bags!

Date: 29 May – 2 June 2017 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Ages: 3 – 8 years old
Cost: $480
Little Chefs Camp

This is no ordinary cooking class, as we open their minds to what it entails to be part of a team of chefs. From the process of proper food storage (do you know why bananas are not kept in the fridge?) to getting them to understand how Math and Science are applicable in everyday life, to empowering them with a sense of purpose as a crucial part of a team where their contribution is important. The kids whipped up gourmet snacks each day such as strawberry cream cheese rolls, Mexican quesadillas and cinnamon rolls and the best part was, they polished everything up. On presentation day, parents were delighted to be served by their lil’ chefs!

Date: 5-9 June 2017 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 2 – 5pm
Ages: 4 – 7 years old
Cost: $480
Practical P1 Prep

To get them ready for the big transition is not to pre-teach them content. Primary one teachers hope kids came to them prepared in areas such as:

  • Being able to copy accurately from the blackboard
  • Being able to read the timetable
  • Knowing how to pack their school bag properly and bring the right books
  • Being able to manage their emotions
  • Being able to handle money and buy food
  • Having a growth mindset so they are not afraid to take on challenges
We use role-play and hands-on activities to get the kids prepared in these essential skills and by learning these skills now they have ample time to practice them before going on to Primary 1.

Date: 5 – 9 June 2017 (Monday-Friday)
Time: 9am – 5pm
Ages: K2 only
Cost: $480
Astronaut Training Camp
The kids will have a great time unleashing their creativity while building their own space shuttle, designing jet packs, making space slime and dehydrating space food on a mission to Outer Space! They will learn to work with precision as they repair space equipment and walk the constellation grid, like how mission control guides a team remotely. Lovely to see our cadets proud of their own achievements!

Date: 12-14 June (Mon – Wed)
Time: 9am – 5.30pm
Ages: 5-10 years
Cost: $580 (15% early bird discount before 31 May)
Dino Discovery Camp

Your mini paleontologist will embark on a dino-dig, unearthing ancient dinosaur fossils and working together as a team to reconstruct a dinosaur skeleton. They will make their own dinosaur bones, discover how a real archaeologist site is organised and learn grid work; strategising in teams to develop skills such as spatial orientation, being flexible while working with constraints and learning to think ahead. Lots of action going on!

Date: 19 – 23 June 2017 (Mon-Fri)
Time: 9am – 12pm
Ages: 3 – 7 years old
Cost: $480

Parents are invited for the last 30 minutes on the last day to see what the kids have been up to. There are a few slots left for each camp, and a special 10% discount for my readers – just quote Mummywee.

Videos of the activities carried out during the camps can be found here.

Tel: 69081889
Tea break will be provided for half day camps.
Lunch and 2 tea breaks will be provided for full day camps.

The Little Executive
144 Bukit Timah Road 
Singapore 229844
(Row of shophouses opposite Newton Circus)

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BYKido – One Pass, Multiple Savings

I’ve heard of membership passes where you get discounts on F&B or fitness classes, and the good news is that now there is one for families!

BYKido, which means Bring Your Kids Out, was started by a dad who wanted to make it easier for parents to bring their kids out by helping them save money and effort (where to go? what to do?) Basically, you purchase a membership pass for $30 which is valid for 6 months (Jan-June or July-Dec) and you are entitled to a whole host of discounts.

It was fun experiencing some of the activities which we normally would not have tried, and it is also a great way to let your kids be exposed to a variety of classes before signing up for something they are keen to pursue. These were some of the things we got up to recently!


1 hour Guided Family Climb
2 Climbers @ $39 (U.P $80)
Additional climbers pay $29 (U.P $40)
Promotion available for multiple visits until 30th June 2017

Join Climb Asia for a 1-hour Guided Family Climb (at least 1 climber is between 4-12 yrs old) at the 9-metre indoor climbing wall for some family bonding through sports.

Climb Asia is dedicated to serving the needs of anyone looking to engage in a full-body activity, a competitive sport, a social activity and a lifestyle. Whether you are a complete stranger to climbing or a veteran rock warrior, Climb Aisa will introduce you to new dimensions of adventure and fun.

Activity Details:
Age: 4-12 years old
Location: 60 Tessensohn Road, Civil Service Club, Singapore 217664
Tel: 62927701

Climb Asia

Ready Steady Go Kids

2 Trial Lessons @ $10 (U.P $49)

Ready Steady Go Kids is Australia’s largest multi-sport and exercise programme for pre-schoolers, to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye, foot-eye coordination and balance. Their trainers lead and educate on important features such as warm-up, stretching, cool-down, team-building and sportsmanship. But most importantly, we hope to spark their life-long love for sports and being healthy.

Terms are 10-12 weeks, with 5 sports covered each term: Football/Soccer, Tennis, Hockey, AFL (Aussie Rules Football), Criket, Atheletics, Basketball, Rugby, Golf and T-ball.

Activity details:
Age: 2.5-6 years old
Location: The Cage Sports Park @ Bukit Timah or Kovan Sports Centre
Tel: 98558221
Quote MummyWee for 10% off term fees

Ready Steady Go Kids

A2 Parkour

1 for 1 Trial classes @ Lavender ($25)

A2 Parkour is Singapore’s first & premier parkour academy providing the highest quality of coaching standards for its students to learn in a progressive & safe environment. But beyond simply imparting technical knowledge, they seek to impart values, ideology & a positive mindset approach to life’s obstacles & challenges.

All kids love to jump around. Let your child discover how to move and have fun correctly as they learn to navigate the environment.

Activity details:
Age: 5-13 years old
Location: Free Runner Lodge, CT Hub 2 #05-91, 114 Lavender Street, S 338729
Tel: 91849744

A2 Parkour

Seimpi School of Music

Free trials and Reg Fee waiver (worth $53.50) for BYKidO Pass holders with any selected MIM course sign up (min 2 months)

Music for the Mind (MIM) is a carefully planned syllabus to guide students from a tender age of 4 months to the age of 7 to explore the richness and excitement of music through interesting play, activities and musical games. Seimpi also incorporates eye and ear training, speed reading, pitch training, memorizing techniques and music theory.

All activities involve stimulating the inter-connectivity between the two hemispheres of the brain by engaging in holistic and all-rounded music training. MIM provides a seamless transition into music graded studies.

Activity Details:
Suitable for: 12 months – 8 years old
Location: Centre Point (Tel: 67376731), Pasir Ris, Hougang (Tel: 63435347), JCube (Tel: 62621193)

Seimpi School of Music

Busy Tables

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Busy Tables is exclusively dedicated to children between 0 and 5 years old and their parents, so they can have fun in a safe environment, away from bigger children. We promote educational values of play for young children and encourage positive parent and child interactions through the provision of quality toys, games and resources.

Activity Details:
Suitable for: 0-5 years old
Location: 35 Rochester Drive, Rochester Mall, #03-22

Busy Tables


$8 off Single Box and $33 off 6 Month Box Subscriptions

Thinkasaur provides a subscription based children’s science programme. The programme, which is founded primarily on encouraging hands-on learning and Do-It-Yourself fun for children, delivers a different set of science experiments each month for both parents and children to work on together.

Thinkasaur comes in the form of a science kit that provides the full spectrum of materials, equipment, instruction manuals and learning points for up to four experiments per box. Each box covers a specific theme, such as chemistry, physics and earth science.

Subscription options available:
Single Box – $48
6 Month Subscription – $258

Activity Detail:
Suitable for 5-10 years old but primarily targeted at 7-10 year olds


Besides PROMOTIONS, they suggest lots of IDEAS (places to go and things to do) as well as organise ACTIVITIES for new parents to meet up and share tips. With so many exciting offerings, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the pass and bring your kids out today!

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