Bukit Batok Nature Park – playgroup outing

Today one baby and one mummy are down with a slight cold so we decided to take our playgroup session outdoors so that we could all get some fresh air. This is the first time we are taking the babies to Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Hmm.. why do they look so grumpy?

It is a nice place to push the babies as the terrain is flat. When we entered the park from the carpark, we took a left turn. Soon we spotted a squirrel darting across the road to the other side.

A squirrel

We also spotted some birds which we have never seen before. They are white-breasted and have a beautiful white crown on their heads.

Spot the birds

It was a 5 minute stroll before we reached the playground. This playground is covered in sand. The kids had a few slides down the long slide then they played on this thing which goes round and round.

Mom I can’t hang on much longer

Older kids will appreciate this climbing structure.


Our toddlers were not able to play on this as the holes between the ropes are too widely spaced.

After a little while the kids had enough of the sandy playground so we plonked them back into their strollers. We walked another 5 minutes deeper into the park and were greeted by this beautiful scenery.

Little Guilin

That was enough for a morning’s outing and we headed back. Time for their naps!

Aly is totally exhausted!

Sane tip: This nature park is actually quite pleasant if you go on a weekday evening. I think we should explore more of our local parks.

Save tip: It’s free!

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A typical Saturday

We usually try not to go out on Saturdays as everywhere is very crowded. Only 2 of them have regular classes on Saturdays.

#1 leaves the house at 7.15am to attend band practice in school. It ends at 1pm. After band, she went with her friends to buy the necessary items for her OBS (outward bound) camp on Monday. They will be going to Pulau Ubin for 5 days.

They all wake up at different times on weekends as this is the only chance they get to have ample sleep. #5 wakes up around 7.30am (he sleeps at 7.30pm on weekdays and 8.30pm on weekends). After he had his breakfast, he did some origami.

#5 loves doing origami

#3 has gym class from 11-1pm. She’s a very active and sociable child and gym lessons suit her to a T. In fact, she found out about this gym school from her classmate and enquired about all the procedures to sign up before approaching me for permission to join. We dropped her off (with #4 and #5) then went to run some errands and pick up lunch. #2 stayed at home to help Auntie Jane take care of Kate so that she could do the housework.

After picking #3 up, we came back and had lunch. Kate had woken up from her nap so we took her along to do our weekly grocery shopping. After we came back, it was movie time. Daddy watched a movie with them while I had time to myself. I ended up taking a really lovely nap 😉

We have dinner at 6pm on weekdays. On weekends, we usually eat at the same time unless we are eating out. Daddy cooked his awesome fried chicken for dinner.

Much better than KFC!

After dinner, I asked if the kids wanted to head down our street and try to ask the neighbours for donation for the nuns. They agreed and we printed some donation forms. However, most of the neighbours were out, and one did not want to donate. We walked to another street and the neighbour (a young man about 20 years of age) told the kids it was illegal to seek donation without permission! (I guess we should have only approached neighbours that we knew). However, he did give the kids $5 cash. I thanked him but told him we were only collecting cheques payable to the building fund and returned him the money. The kids were disheartened and we went home. I’m glad that at least the kids had the courage and willingness of heart to knock on our neighbours’ doors.

Sane tip: I try not to sign too many kids up for weekend enrichment classes so that I don’t go crazy driving them everywhere. I also try to stick to classes in the vicinity of our house.

Save tip: Watch movies at home. Nowadays, cinema tickets are not cheap, especially if you multiply them by 7!

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SSO Classics in the Park

Singapore Symphony Orchestra concert in Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, Kate’s playgroup mate’s mummy asked us all if we wanted to head down to Botanic Gardens as she was playing in the orchestra. I love such outdoor events and took the youngest 4 along. The concert commences at 6pm but parking gets full very quickly. We decided to go earlier to show Kate the swans and to feed the fishes. It was also a good chance for the kids to have ample space to ride their wheelies.

What a lovely white swan

We found our playgroup friends and settled down to have our picnic dinner while listening to the beautiful music.

I’m having a good time

The concert lasted about an hour which was perfect timing to pack up and leave before it got dark. We’ll definitely be back the next time!

Kate’s playgroup mates…

“Hey look over there.” “I said don’t touch me!”

Sane tip: What better way to spend a relaxing Sunday evening. Lush greenery, beautiful music… 

Save tip: This is a free concert open to public. The next concert is likely to be held next year. Will keep you posted 🙂

Beaba babycook promo

If you’ve been considering whether to buy the Beaba babycook steamer cum blender now may be a good time. Isetan (only the Scotts store) is having a bundle promotion today and tomorrow.

1) Babycook
2) Travel bag
3) Rice / porridge insert pot
Bundle price: $239
(normal price for Babycook alone $289)

Polliwogs, Snow City, Durian party

I like to take opportunity of ‘free’ no school days to take them out. Everywhere is less crowded and sometimes entry fees are cheaper.

My dear friend’s kids who are in the French school seldom get a chance to play with my kids as their holidays are not in sync. So today was a perfect chance to take them out together. We went to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. This place is best for 1-8 year olds.

Not crowded as it was 10am on a Friday

Although the play area looks rather small compared to a lot of other indoor playgrounds the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. They took a break and we ordered some munchies to tide them over till lunch.

Nuggets, fish fingers, onion rings, fries

The snack platter is enough to feed 5 kids for a snack ($19.80).

They have a separate play area for 0-3 year olds. This place does get very crowded and noisy on the weekends.

Play area for 0-3 year olds

By 12.30 they had about enough of playing and we adjourned for lunch. We took a stroll down towards the river and had lunch at Shunjuu. The kids love eating the morsels of food from the grilled sticks.

Their faves: cheese with pork, rice cake, ox tongue

Next it was off to pick #2 from school and head over to what they were looking forward to: Snow city. We met another friend and her son there and they were all so excited. The last time I went there must have been a good 7 or 8 years back. Only #2 and #3 had a recollection of the place. We got suited up and entered the snow area. (Cameras are not allowed inside)

Why are my hands so huge..

#4 exclaimed, “Huh just like that? I thought it was a city?” (she imagined they were going to play snow, build snowmen, throw snow at each other). I assumed they knew what the place was like so I forgot to explain to them what exactly it was going to be. The name is also a little misleading. I think it should be called “Giant Ice Slide Playground” because basically, the main thing you do there is to walk to the top, wait your turn, and slide all the way down. And repeat.

At first they were a little apprehensive as the slide did look rather intimidating. They saw little kids as young as 3 having so much fun sliding down again and again that they decided they should give it a go. When he reached the top, #5 was terrified and wanted to back out. They all encouraged him and the staff said he could sit on his elder sister if he preferred. In the end, the 4 of them sat on their own rings, held hands and went down together. They said it was really fun and wasn’t as scary as it looked and they started trooping up the stairs for more rounds.

Admission fees was for a 2 hour play and includes the loan of the jacket. Jeans are allowed, however I saw quite a few kids coming out with their jeans wet. So if you are not going straight home, either bring a change of clothes or rent their waterproof pants. They do allow woollen gloves if you have your own, but my kids came out with their gloves soaking wet and their fingers very cold. So it’s a good idea to rent their proper gloves. The temperature is a cold -12degrees and their ears and faces were all red.

After 2 hours of the slide, they were happy, exhausted, and ready to leave. We got some snacks like fishballs, popcorn chicken and hot milo from the café. They have proper food like spaghetti bolognese and fish and chips etc but the seats are rather limited.

We got home and we all missed our dear little Kate. She still wasn’t fully recovered and didn’t have much of an appetite. Daddy went to market and bought her a nice, fresh fish for her dinner.

Where did you all go the whole day

I had a warm shower, sat with the kids for their dinner, then it was off for a ‘Durian party’ with some mummy friends.

Saving the best for last – mao shan wang

Followed by juicy mangosteen

What a yummy and relaxing end to a long day of fun.

Sane tip: Kids do influence each other. My kids are not very daring, but my friend’s son is fearless. If he wasn’t around, I would probably have to spend alot more effort in persuading them to try the slide the first time. If you have a timid child, it would not be a good idea to go along with another timid friend, especially for the 1st time.

Save tip: The passion card has a good family deal for Snow City – $49 for 2 adults and 2 children.

11 Unity Street #02-18
Robertson Walk S(237995)
Tel: 67370982

30 Robertson Quay
#01-15 Riverside View S(238215)
Tel: 68873577

Snow City
21 Jurong Town Hall Road
S (609433)
Tel: 65602306

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Yummiest chee cheong fun

A good friend came back from Sydney for a few days and asked if I was free to have breakfast with her. At first I was hesitant as Kate was still sick. However, I was exhausted from taking care of her for most of the day yesterday and my arms were aching from carrying her. I decided to give myself a breather to recharge.

She missed eating local hawker food and suggested the popular big prawn noodles at Pek kio market (opp KK hospital) which she has been dying to try. She had gone there twice over the Chinese New Year period but the stall was closed. I quite like the prawn mee, but I was delighted she wanted to eat there as I absolutely love the freshly made chee cheong fun stall there.

When we reached there, guess what? The prawn mee stall was closed! They used to close only on Mondays but now they close on Tuesdays as well. She’s really not fated to try it. Anyway, we ordered the char siew and the scallop chee cheong fun and she liked it.

The uncle makes it on the spot so it is fresh and very smooth. I love the char siew and the prawn versions best. My kids can each eat a plate of the char siew one. It is also fun for the kids to watch how he makes it. 

He spreads it out really thinly.

Then rolls it up and cuts it.

Another friend joined us and we ordered more food!

We had a lovely time catching up over good hawker fare. I had my break and it was time to head home to my little girl.

I ordered more char siew chee cheong fun to take away for the kids’ lunch as my helper was too busy looking after Kate to cook. I like it that they separate the sauce and I can just heat the sauce up and pour it over when the kids come back.

Sane tip: Give yourself a break once in a while to recharge your body and mind. Ask for help from your helper, hubby, mum-in-law, kind neighbours, lovely friends, awesome colleagues… and return the favour another day.

Save tip: Eat hawker food. Cheap and good!

Opening hours: 6.30am – 1.30pm
(closed every alternate Wed)

Address: 41A Cambridge Road #01-25
(Pek kio hawker centre)

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Kate had amazing fun at Kidz Amaze

Today the kids celebrated National Day in school, and were released at 10.30am. #3 took opportunity of the early dismissal and had it all planned with her 2 best buddies. I was to take them for pepper lunch, followed by dessert at sogurt, then adjourn to Kidz Amaze indoor playground at Jurong Safra. They get unlimited play till 7pm for $8.25 (that’s the current promotion for weekday, non-school holiday price). I dropped them off at Kidz Amaze and left to settle the other kids.

After Kate had her afternoon nap, I took her, #4 and #5 to Kidz Amaze to join the rest. The main play area is actually not suited for babies under 2 years as there are a lot of older kids there and they tend to be a bit rowdy (admission is for children until age 18).

Main play area

However, the older ones were so excited to take her on all the slides and since it was not so crowded I agreed to let her go in. She has so far only been on slides at the playground. This was the first time she went on a big slide. She seemed to enjoy it.


Next, they took her to the King of Slides! This 3-storey slide is the highest indoor spiral slide in Asia! It does look intimidating, especially for a 9 month old baby. The kids told me it’s not very fast, but sometimes it makes them a little bit dizzy. I looked at the structure and since it goes round and round, not straight down, I was quite certain she could handle it. And she absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the youngest baby to have tried this slide.

I went down the highest indoor spiral slide in Asia!

She spent the rest of the time climbing all around the huge play zone. Her siblings had to surround her as there were a lot of other kids scrambling and running about and they might just knock her over or step on her little fingers.

With 5 of them looking after her, I could take a breather and I went over to sit at the café to write this post. If your child doesn’t have any older siblings, why not rope in older cousins or neighbours when you take her out to such fun places? The older kids will be more than happy to babysit and you can have a break!

There is a separate little play area meant for the 0-5 year olds. Although it is a tad small, the good thing is that it’s right by the café so you can keep a close watch on your toddler.

She was there for probably just over an hour but she sure was exhausted. I guess now that she’s tackled this giant indoor playground, my options on places to take her have suddenly widened. I have so far only taken her to Gymboree and SingKids at United square. I can now try the rest of the other indoor playgrounds that have sprouted up in recent years.

Sane tip: I like such indoor playgrounds as the kids can entertain themselves while I chill at the cafe.

Save tip: I always take opportunity of such school ‘free days’ to take them to places which are cheaper on non-peak times. We always inform one another on special promotions going on. Do email me if you know of any and we will spread the word 🙂

~   mummy wee – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore  ~

Milk Magic

(written by #4)

#4 learnt this over at a friend’s house and came home to show us. This is a really quick activity that can be done after a long day at school to unwind. The materials can be easily found at home.

Step 1: Gather these materials: 
  • Milk
  • Food colouring (3 is recommended)
  • Straw
  • Shallow dish
  • Liquid hand soap or dish washing detergent
  • Cotton bud
Step 2: Pour some milk on the dish

Step 3: Use the straw to dip into one of the food colouring (just a little is enough), then dip it in the milk.

Step 4: Repeat with the remaining colours.

Step 5: Pump a bit of soap onto the tip of the cotton bud.

Step 6: Dip the cotton bud into the milk and move it around to create your very own designs.

Have fun!

Sane tip: This experiment is really easy and safe even for a young child to manage on her own. But if you do have some time, doing it with your child is so much more fun! I don’t usually do much art anymore, but when I did this with #4 it was nice and relaxing to just doodle with the cotton bud and it brought lots of smiles to our faces as we saw our own beautiful designs come to life from a blob of colour 🙂

Save tip: If your milk has just expired, let the kids use it and have some fun.

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~