Gymnademics: 6 reasons why we love this gym

Kate is halfway through her term at Gymnademics, which they have so generously sponsored us. 

Here’s 6 reasons why we love this early childhood enrichment centre.

1) Physical component

I strongly feel that children should be allowed to do a lot of physical activity such as walking, running, climbing, balancing, and rolling from as young as possible. This will go a long way in aiding them to be more coordinated, and have better motor skills in future. And by allowing them to participate in rough and tumble activities, they will be less afraid of trying out new physical challenges as they grow up.

2) Musical component

Music can aid in brain functioning and learning to beat to the rhythm of music is important. Singing along will also help in language skills.

3) Holistic approach

Besides having a very strong physical component, they have the music component and the Glenn Doman intellectual component, so the body is developed as a whole.

4) Small class size

I like that they keep the classes small at a maximum of 9 children per class, because at this age, any more than that might be hard to control and could also be too stimulating or intimidating for the young child.

5) Attentive and caring staff

What really stands out at this centre is that the teachers put the kids first and really try to get to know the kids. When they are introducing an activity to the toddlers and Kate wanders around, they can remember who hasn’t been shown and they will seek out that child and present it to him or her. And last week, I called in at the last minute to say I wasn’t turning up as I was still unable to walk and they showed a lot of concern.

Very friendly teachers

6) Reasonable replacement policy

Some parents forget to ask about this when they sign up, then when they have to miss some classes, they realise that it cannot be made up, so that means money down the drain. Here, they have a very reasonable make-up policy whereby parents have 14 weeks to complete the 10 sessions, so there’s a buffer just in case the child falls ill or something crops up. At this age, the kids are still quite unpredictable with illnesses, especially if they are also starting childcare or pre-nursery.

We can see that Kate has definitely shown some progress. She wanders around less and is able to participate in the activities even without my prompting. For the welcome song, she now knows she has to shake the bell and happily does it.
Ring, ring

She is even able to follow what teacher Aly is doing and will clap her hands at the right time!

Enjoying herself!

One thing she’s still not too keen on doing is the trapeze. The other kids absolutely love it and will squeal with delight. However, she prefers to watch and cheer them on as we all count “1,2,3,4,5!” And she will shout very loudly at the 5!

“That doesn’t look very safe to me”

Today’s activity out of the mystery box is to teach them about table setting. The theme this week is “Our daily routine” where they will learn about sequencing and their routine.

“Eh, how come there’s no food?”

We ended with a goodbye song where the kids are supposed to shake their tambourine but Kate is more interested in trying to get both her feet into it than to shake it to the beat. Oh well.

“Look at me!”

Sane tip: For the first few lessons, I had to keep carrying her back into the centre where the action was happening. She didn’t quite understand what was happening and was busy exploring the whole studio. Now, she more or less knows where she’s supposed to go and what she’s supposed to do, although she’s still the top wanderer. Progress! Yay.

Save tip: The fees are $698 for a term of 10 sessions, but I’ll have to say that it is definitely value for money. The amount of background ie. the philosophy and the preparations, and the sheer number of activities they run through, plus follow up information for parents to re-enforce at home makes this a top-notch program for toddlers. Weekday classes are slightly cheaper at $658 per term*.

Parents can also try out a 4-session package for $298 (weekends) / $278 (weekdays) if they are not sure if their child will like it. However, the 4 sessions have to be completed over 4 straight weeks.

*Registration fee of $68 applies for all packages

For a glimpse of her first lesson, click here.


Safra Toa Payoh
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 319387
Tel: 62590307

Disclaimer: Gymnademics has sponsored Kate a term of classes. All opinions are my own.

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Pet Lovers Centre – Fun hamster cage

#3 recently adopted some baby hamsters from her aunt. Initially I didn’t allow her to have them as the kids had hamsters before and they died. I explained that I had given them the chance once and they did not prove themselves worthy of keeping a pet. #3 persisted and reminded me that she was barely 5 at that time and now she’s almost 12. She also promised that she would take good care of the hamsters. I was not convinced, but as the days passed, and the topic of hamsters was raised when her aunt came over, I was surprised that she knew so much and could give her aunt advice about them. She told me that she had been researching on hamsters. In the end, I relented and decided to give her a second chance.

New born baby hamsters

She waited patiently for them to grow independent of their mother before she took them home. Her aunt allowed her to choose the 2 that she liked best. 

Growing well

Her aunt gave her a small little cage but the hamsters grew too big for it. We were delighted that Pet Lovers Centre was agreeable to sponsor us a bigger cage. They gave us an amazing cage complete with tunnels, a slide, an exercise wheel, a house, a food bowl and a water bottle! How the kids wished our house had tunnels and slides too.

Savic Peggy Metro Hamster Cage $84.00 $63.00
Drink up!
Time for some exercise
Cool slide
Playing catching 
Their fave snooze nook

#3 decided that her hamsters should have a maze to play in so she bought a huge piece of board paper and she spent the afternoon cutting and taping them together to form a little maze for them. The other kids helped out to build the walls with Lego pieces.

Let’s see who can finish the food first!

Pet Lovers Centre has a very comprehensive website which has many more products than on display in the shops. For cages alone, they have such a wide variety to choose from, even fancy ones like 2-storey castle cages, adventure packs, and deluxe resorts. Their website is really user-friendly and their products are categorised under dog, cat, bird, fish, or small pets. You can then refine your search by price, brand or category. They offer free delivery for orders above $80. A $10 fee is chargeable for amounts under $80.

Besides products, their website has useful information such as listings of grooming centres, vet clinics and dog trainers. They even provide pet transport services. Do check them out if you want to know what contests and events are going on which may be suitable for your pets. They have been around for 40 years, and are the largest pet chain store in Singapore with outlets conveniently located at more than 50 locations island wide. They also have a very active Facebook page with lots of things happening!

Sane tip: It’s good to let kids have pets as it teaches them responsibility. Besides, it keeps them occupied. They have been bugging me for years to let them have a dog, but as I’m afraid of dogs, I think I need a few more years to think about that one!

Save tip: Who would have thought of creating a DIY maze for their pet? I have to hand it to #3 for her ingenious idea.

Disclaimer: Pet Lovers Centre has sponsored us the cage. All opinions are my own.

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The Groovy Giraffe: Great discounts on Assessment books!

It’s back to school, so no more watching of TV or playing of computer games during weekdays. So what do the younger ones do as they don’t have much homework? Read! We bought more books from the cheap online remainder store, The Groovy Giraffe

#5 has always loved the Curious George series. He would borrow those books repeatedly from the library. As they were going at such a great price, I grabbed the chance to get our own collection for our home library. He’s the one who reads to Kate as they go to bed at the same time. I’m sure he would love to introduce his all time favourite character to her.

Curious George (8 books set) $39.68 $25.90

I got this cookbook for #2 many years back. At that time, she loved reading the Geronimo Stilton series and was very keen to follow the recipes.

Geronimo Stilton Cookbook $14.50 $9.90

They have very interesting recipes such as Trap’s buried treasure, Thea’s flower blossom, Geronimo’s ‘Fraidy cat pizza, Pinky Pick’s delicious cheesecake doll faces, and lots more. This is her masterpiece!

Benjamin’s Wishing Well

Some friends recommended me the Horrible Science series as their kids loved reading it. I decided to get them for #5 as he has been reading the Young Scientist magazines, and this would be a step up for him. It would also be appropriate for #4 as she’s in P4. Science concepts are presented in a fun way, with drawings, games, and a light-hearted tone. Turns a dry subject into so much fun!

Horrible Science $76.07 $63.90

It’s the start of a new school year and the people over at The Groovy Giraffe, having been teachers, know how much parents rely on assessment books. They’re providing us with the cheapest assessment books ever to be found, some going as low as $2.90! Not only are the assessment books going at rock bottom prices, you can get a further 20% off books in the Education section (includes references and assessment books) if you buy more than $30 worth of books storewide. Just enter the promo code MWeeB2Sch. Valid from now till 31 Jan 2014.

Sane tip: Where else can you good books at such great prices, without leaving your chair? Sure sounds too good to be true!

Save tip: You still get 5% off all other books (excluding the bargain section) with my MWEEGG code. However, do note that both codes can’t be applied simultaneously. Here’s to another great school year! 

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M Culture @ Mandarin Gallery

As a mum of 6, you can imagine that fashion is the last thing on my mind. Every morning, I simply pull on what is at the top of the clothes pile and off I go to send some kid to school or to settle some ’emergency’. Lately though, my older kids have somehow morphed into teenagers, and you know how it is with teens and appearances. So it is with greater frequency that I hear comments such as “Aw mom, that sooo doesn’t match”. Or “Mom, that makes you look so old-fashioned”. Or once in a really blue moon, when I come down the stairs to go for dinner with the hubs, they suddenly say “Mom! That is the nicest thing you have worn in ages.” (and it could be just a blouse and a pair of fitting jeans). So after 15 years of neglecting my appearance, I have started to think that maybe it’s time I should start to put a teeny weeny bit of effort into my dressing and stop walking around in my rags. I approached M Culture, the very mod retail store over at Mandarin Gallery and they kindly acceded to my request of a sponsorship review.

Raw yet trendy look

M Culture is helmed by a local designer Michelle Ngo, who has 15 years of experience designing clothes for women. She graduated from the London college of fashion and has been designing for numerous brands both locally and regionally. She had even worked on Levi’s customised jeans collection and a pair of her jeans was bought by US singer Missy Elliott! Her versatility can be seen in her works, ranging from women’s wear to designing the entire wardrobe for a film production company. 

Left: Dress $269 Belt $129

Her designs are very flowy and she believes in designing clothes that compliment the woman’s body. You can get her line of clothing off the rack at M Culture, but if you need an outfit for a special occasion, just call up and make an appointment with her. She customises everything from wedding gowns, to evening dresses, and even casual wear. Some of her clientele find that they can’t fit into the typical sizes or they want something slightly different from the offerings in the malls, so they get her to design something unique. You can either bring a picture of a dress which you love in the magazines or you can just describe to her roughly what kind of style you would like. She will work with you to come up with a creation that looks good and accentuates your body shape. Sounds terrific to me! 

I would have expected her creations to cost quite a bomb, but I was surprised to hear that you can get a customised designer dress in the range of $200-$300, depending on the fabric and style. Well, the good thing is, Michelle is a designer by heart and she finds great satisfaction in creating something the client is happy with. So just let her know your budget and she will see what she can do. There was a client who brought her daughter to get a specially designed prom dress as she couldn’t find anything suitable elsewhere. She had a very tight budget of keeping it under $200 and Michelle managed to play around with the fabric and style and created a dress that her client was happy with. She also works with tai tais who bring in $20,000 designer pieces and ask her to alter some parts of it for a better fit or to add something special to make the piece unique.

Distinctive and edgy designs

One of her clients wanted a unique wedding gown, with a vintage and romantic feel. She also wanted it to be low back with crystals and lace detailing. Michelle designed this beautiful piece for her big day.

Satin wedding gown
This evening gown which she created for a client was made from fabric specially imported from Europe. The bride specifically wanted to use beaded lace by Christian Lacrox and it cost about $1000+ for the dress. Do give about 1 month’s lead time for the gown to be ready.
Matching earrings

Besides individual clients, they also work with corporate clients to design uniforms. They have worked with clients like Tiger beer, Marriot Hotel, beauty chains and F&B companies. They do everything from simple tees with logos to aprons and even dresses.

The staff on hand at their retail outlet are very service-oriented and they were very helpful in giving me suggestions on what suits me and giving me options of styles to match. This is the first time in my life that I’m ‘modelling’ for some pictures and I must say I had a lot of fun!

Yellow silk drape top $189, Neon silver tote bag $209

Their designs are very wearable, with a little twist. Even the basics have an element of surprise. If there’s something on the rack that you love but need in a different size, they’ll be happy to customise one at no extra charge (only under the M Culture label). Talk about good service!

They also carry multi-labels from local designers such as Cassey Gan, Blake & Co, and Kenji. These designers come up with very interesting pieces which are rather affordable. Separates start from $59 while dresses start from $79. But the best part is that some of the designs are one piece per style which means that you wouldn’t be seen at a function wearing the same exact style as someone else.

Cassey Gan Checked Dress $139, Metallic stud clutch $129

Nothing beats accessorising to change the look of an outfit. M Culture is the only place in Singapore where you can get your hands on handmade avant-garde jewellery by UK designers such as Pretty Dangerous and Gemma Lister. Outside of the UK, they are only sold here and in cult designer boutiques in Hong Kong.

Pave square ring in gold, silver and rose gold $169
M Culture is an interfusion of elements which embrace our senses. They have an exclusive range of aromatherapy diffusers which are specially selected and manufactured in the U.S. They also carry the popular Votivo aromatherapy range which is a hit with Hollywood celebrities.
Aromatherapy diffuser $109

If any of the paintings in the store catches your fancy, do enquire, and chances are they are for sale.

Acrylic on canvas $1200, Embossed leather bag $169

These shorts have become my new favourite item of clothing. It can take me from receiving guests at home, to school pick-ups, to popping by the neighbourhood cafe for tea. I’ve never managed to find a pair of drawstring shorts which are comfy yet chic so I’m really pleased.

Printed shorts $139

Sane tip: I left the store with a renewed sense of appreciation for beauty. In our hurried lives, beauty is not one thing we make a conscious effort to appreciate. Speaking to a designer like Michelle, I can feel her passion and enthusiasm for style rub off on me, and I’m going to start paying more attention to my dressing and try and bring back beauty into our home.

Save tip: A few good quality versatile pieces can be accessorised for many different looks and occasions. 

M Culture
333A Orchard Road
#03-28 Mandarin Gallery
Singapore 238897
Tel: 67339616

Disclaimer: M Culture sponsored the clothes for this review. All opinions are my own.

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Tom & Stefanie {3 day flash GIVEAWAY}!

Christmas is just round the corner and if you have not finished your Christmas shopping, look no further than Tom & Stefanie. Their flagship store over at West Mall spans 2 stories and is really a one-stop shop for the whole family. They have apparel for men and women, and homeware, but the bulk of their items are for children. They carry so many brands under one roof, such as Hot Wheels, Transformers, Disney Princess, Nerf guns, Barbie, Play-Doh, etc, that you are sure to find something for the kids.

Toys, toys, and more toys

For the older kids, they have a range of board games and card games to suit every budget.

Family games

This is the widest selection of kids bags I have ever seen! Besides the typical characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Thomas the train and Disney Princesses, they also have Angry Bird, Ben 10, Superman, and even Monster High.

Mind-boggling array of ‘Character’ goods
For something different, they have some really cute motorised bikes for the kids to zoom around in. It can take up to a weight of 25kg.
Motorised bikes $189

Not forgetting the babies…

Fisher price toys

They sell strollers as well, from Combi, Bon Bebe, Good Baby and UBB. Hmm, I really don’t think there’s anything for children that they don’t sell!


Besides toys, they have a whole lot of kids apparel as well. 

Cool Monster High apparel, anyone?

Genuine Superman apparel for both boys and girls. They also have genuine Marvel apparel like Thor and Iron Man.

They have their own line of funky and very cheery children’s clothing. Great for Christmas and Chinese New Year shopping. Just so you know what to expect, don’t expect great service here as the outlet is really quite big and you have to hunt for a staff if you need some help. Well, I was happy to take my time browsing and trying to make a decision given the huge selection of stuff. It sure beats having someone breathing down your neck while you’re trying to shop. 

Clothes starting from $14.90

Their swim wear section caters to babies all the way to adults.

Affordable swim wear
The coolest section I discovered was next to the swim wear and floats, where they have a range of water play / outdoor toys. They also have lots of Character tents and even an inflatable pink ‘throne’! Way cool, gushed #4.
They sell pumps too

We had received store vouchers for this review and the kids decided that Kate should have a nice Christmas present. #4 chose this scooter cum luggage bag as Kate is at the stage where she loves ride-ons. She figured that they could get a lot of mileage out of this toy as they could have a lot of fun with it at home pulling Kate around, and it would come in handy for our trips as Kate hasn’t got her own luggage yet. I have to say she made a wise choice indeed. 

Scooter luggage $99 (max weight 50kg)

#4 pulled her around the house and she had such a swell time. Her feet can’t touch the ground yet, so for independent riding, the child has to be at least 2 years old. For her though, she has no shortage of volunteers willing to pull her around. The scooter comes in red, blue and pink.

Clapping her hands in glee

Sane tip: Their West Mall outlet (@ Bukit Batok MRT) is the largest, but they do have 4 other outlets across the island. They just opened their latest outlet over at the brand new Westgate mall. 

That is one mall worth checking out! It has by far the best mall playground in Singapore (the mall is running but the playground is still not open as yet). It has one of those play structures which you find at indoor playgrounds, and my kids are so looking forward to climbing up to the treehouse at the top of the play structure. There’s also a mini rock climbing wall at the side. And of course, there’s also a wet play area right next to it. This playground is FREE, but I heard that they even have a separate ‘Kids Club’ one floor up, whereby if you spend a minimum sum of $60, you can put your kids in the club while you enjoy your shopping in peace, and there will be activities and workshops to occupy them. This is the first time I’m glad I’m staying in the West!
Save tip: {GIVEAWAY} I am pleased to announce that I have 5 sets of $20 Tom & Stefanie store vouchers to be won. GIVEAWAY ends in 3 days so hurry!
Tom & Stefanie
West Mall:
1 Bukit Batok Central Link
West Mall #01-32 & #02-01
Singapore 658713
Disclaimer: I have been given store vouchers for this review. Tom & Stefanie sponsored the giveaway. All opinions are my own.
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Gymnademics – Glenn Doman affiliate gym

Kate is now 13 months old and she’s at the age where she’s learning and absorbing everything at a phenomenal rate. She can imitate actions by watching her siblings and although she’s only saying single words, we know that she understands so much more as she can respond to our questions. If we ask her “Who’s taking you on a bicycle ride?” She will point or look at her daddy. As I mentioned in 6 easy peasy ways to make baby smarter, a baby’s brain undergoes rapid profusion in the first 2 years of life. I realise that I should be utilising this window of opportunity wisely by exposing her to as many activities and experiences as possible.

Our playgroup has been unofficially disbanded as the other toddlers have all started school or are starting school very soon. I am very careful about the type of classes I choose to enrol Kate in as I want her to always have a love of learning. I was in the midst of looking for a gym to take her to once a week as I believe that by giving them opportunity to explore physically at this young age, it will go a long way in helping them with their coordination, balance and motor skills. Besides, physical development directly enhances brain function, so I thought I would start her off with a gym class for a term or two, and move on to maybe a music class or a speech and drama class.

It was an opportune time as Gymnademics approached us to offer Kate a term over at their centre. I was pleased to say the least. And after I found out more about their philosophy, I was simply amazed. It was everything I’ve wished for in a toddler class, and they also believe that children are born with a natural curiosity towards the world where everything is interesting to them and nothing is too difficult for them to learn. Besides the gym component, they also have a music and an intellectual component because they believe in a holistic learning environment for the children. Sounds ideal to me!

Kate is captivated by the vibrant songs

We were all excited to head off for our first class (I think I was more excited than Kate). We got there 10 minutes early to settle down and for Kate to warm up with some toys as it was her first time at a ‘real’ class. When the other kids arrived, we packed up the toys and they started off with a welcome song. The 2 teachers are young and energetic and they are able to hold the children’s attention with their lively songs and actions.

Next was the Glenn Doman Encyclopedic Knowldege segment. Glenn Doman, better known to parents by his number dot flashcards, actually believes in a holistic repertoire for brain growth. For the encyclopaedic knowledge, he believes that it is best to show children pictures of the real thing. Here, they get the kids to match the animal parts to the descriptions. I was looking forward to this as I had read his books many years ago when #5 was a baby. It was very inspiring, but I never got round to doing the encyclopaedic flash cards, although I did do the number dots and the big words with #5 for a couple of months before I gave up. Perhaps that could be why he was the only one who loved reading from young.

As this is Kate’s first time in a class, she is hanging on to #4 for security
Kate is not used to sitting for long in a circle, so after awhile she started to roam around and explore all the other interesting things around the room. #4 had to go after her and get her back in the circle.
These bright and colourful steps are irresistible. I have to check them out!

They moved on to some songs and bright and colourful pom poms were distributed. The toddlers were shown how to shake them to the music and this is a great activity for some wrist movement. 

Looking at an auntie to see what she’s supposed to do

This month’s theme is Sports and Christmas. A circuit was set up and the toddlers lined up and went a few rounds. Kate prefers these physical segments compared to the intellectual segments as she had always been very active from the time she was a baby.

The light at the end of the (very short) tunnel

There are 2 tunnels, some cushioned steps for them to practice walking up and down and to jump, and the coloured steps (above) are for tactile stimulation for the feet. They even have a balance beam for the tots! It’s not easy for newly independent walkers to put their feet one in front of another and the teachers were there to help Kate. 

“This feels funny… Am I going to fall off?”

It was time for a swing on the trapeze bar. This not only helps to strengthen their grip, but by extending the arms fully upwards, the lungs are expanded and more oxygen can be inhaled. Ah, I have been learning to breathe deeply in my yoga classes for optimal oxygen intake and I’m glad my baby is learning to do the same! However, as it was all quite new to her, she was a little bit apprehensive. The other toddlers who have been here for some time were happily squealing away when they were being swung towards their parents.

Kate doesn’t look too happy though..

Kate’s favourite was the fruit race. They put on some upbeat music and the toddlers had to try and transfer as many fruits as possible from one basket to the other in the allotted time. The toddlers were all running while the parents were cheering them on or supporting them. Although this was the first time she was in a ‘race’, she seemed to know it was some kind of competition and she was going as fast as her little legs could carry her.

I’m almost there, almost there

Another baby got side-tracked and was eyeing her friend’s basket of fruit.

Hmmm, your fruits look yummier than mine

When the music stopped, we had to count to see how many fruits she managed to transfer. This was to see if there was any improvement from the previous sessions. #4 kept cheering her on and I think she was more excited than Kate to know how many fruits there were in the basket.

Let’s count together: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Next, out came the parachute and everyone helped to hold on to the little handles and we all went walking round and round together. We also went up and down, forwards and backwards. It was lots of fun for the kids.


Teacher Ally took out a mystery box and they all gathered around to see what was inside. This week they got some little paper balls which they had to blow up, practising their jaw muscles. They each got a strip of coloured stickers for them to practice their fine motor skills. It was also another opportunity for us to teach them the colours.

“Hey, how come it sticks onto my finger?”

Fully concentrating on figuring out the tiny little sticky dot and what it could do. Wonderful fine motor skills going on there.

A tiny sticker dot can hold her attention longer than a battery operated toy!

So much was going on that the hour passed all too quickly. They had music, flash cards, circuit training, gross motor activities, fine motor activities, story telling, and more. Usually, when I go for trial classes, I try to replicate the class at home (or at least some parts of it) as classes do not come cheap these days. I can definitely say that this class is pretty hard to replicate firstly because of the sheer number of activities we went through, and secondly because of the solid intellectual foundation based on the Glenn Doman philosophy. The other thing I look for in a class, besides the program, is of course, the teachers. In some cases, the program is top notch, but the teachers are not able to carry it out. Here, I am impressed that teacher Ally even has a degree in psychology. But more than her qualifications, what bowled me over was her enthusiasm. Both the teachers were very energetic and lively the entire hour and I can’t imagine how they do this several times a day! I was exhausted after an hour. I have to say, this class is without a doubt value for money, and we can’t wait for the next session!

1 Free Play Pass @ ARC

Sane tip: They encourage both parents to attend the classes together with their child. It’s a great way for parents to bond with their child and it’s really nice to see them progress through the sessions.

Save tip: And I have a {GIVEAWAY}! Gymnademics is pleased to give away a 4-hour Weekday Free Play pass worth $40 (it doesn’t have to be used in one go) at ARC (Alexandra Retail Centre). Their fully padded studio is ideal for kids to play safely in, and there are a lot of fun and educational toys, musical instruments, learning materials and gym equipment to keep them occupied.

All you have to do is:


  • 1 winner will be chosen at random
  • Open to Singapore residents only
  • Ends 18 December 2013
  • Winners will be announced on this blog and on mummyweeblog Facebook page on 19 December 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Safra Toa Payoh
293 Toa Payoh Lorong 6
Singapore 319387
Tel: 62590307

Disclaimer: Gymnademics has sponsored Kate a term of lessons. They have also sponsored the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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Tang Music Box – Karaoke @ Clarke Quay

The only thing we don’t quite enjoy about the December holidays is the wet weather. We can’t go outdoors as much, so I have to find lots of indoor activities to occupy them. When Tang Music Box invited us over to their brand new karaoke joint, I jumped at the chance for something different to do. Well, er that was not exactly my first response, to be honest. I was glad for a different experience, but apprehensive at the thought of taking my kids to a KTV. I hardly ever go karaoke-ing, and the few times that I went in the distant past, were to dark, dingy, and smoky places which are not in the least appropriate for kids. However, they explained to me that this was a very different concept and that they welcome children.

Cool concept
The first thing that greets you as you enter their premise is a sight that looks more like an upmarket grocery store than a karaoke joint. They have such a wide variety of snacks all displayed so appealingly that even a non-snacker like me was tempted to grab a few bags.
#4 had a hard time deciding which snack to choose

Snacks aside, they also have an impressive array of drinks. Take your pick from the usual carbonated drinks, Kickapoo, Qoo, Orangina, Ribina, Schweppes, Healthy Thirst quenchers, and root beer in a glass bottle (one of my favourites!)

#5 made a beeline for his old favourite

The adults in our party opted for the hot drinks as it was raining outside. They have a selection of teas and coffee. 

This place caters to all sorts of cliental. They host families, groups of friends, corporate events, even hens nights or special events. I heard that many groups start out planning to sing for just a couple of hours, but end up having so much fun that they stay till closing time.

My kids have never been to a KTV and they were rather amused listening to the ‘aunties’ belting out the songs with such passion. While the adults were having a great time singing, the kids had a great time snacking! They have a really wide selection of songs and they update their songs every month so you can get the latest releases here.

Everyone’s in a jolly good mood

A must-try is their California nachos and cheese. The layout of the rooms and the high stools are great for moving around and mingling. When the kids saw that the aunties had a plate of nachos, they all migrated over to their table.

It comes in a regular looking chips bag
Kids below 12 sing for free here (psst, no charge for the helper too). They sure do understand what pleases us moms! They have songs for the young kids, and also plenty of latest hits for the teenagers. My kids were able to find songs from Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and One Direction, to name a few.

They have several room sizes to choose from, and the largest is their Club room which is great for children’s birthday parties or corporate events. This room takes about 30 pax and there are 3 LCD screens. There is also a personal pool table and a private toilet. There are 2 sessions to choose from, either 2-7pm or 7pm to closing time (i.e. between 3am-6am). For events above 30 pax, catering can be arranged. They have a total of 25 rooms which can hold up to 300 people. Just let them know your requirements and they can organise everything for you. Hassle free. I like!

Not only am I won over by their family-friendly concept, but I’m also impressed by their social consciousness. On the 17th of December 2013, they are sponsoring 100 children from low income families under ‘The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund’ to come and experience KTV. I’m sure the kids and their parents will have a rocking good time here!
Huge Club room

For their rates, click here. Tang Music Box is located on the 2nd floor, above Paulaner Brauhaus and Highlander. Do look out for the pastel yellow walls and chirpy blue windows. 

A lift takes you upstairs
Sane tip: It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon. There’s something about singing together (and listening to our people sing), especially the duets, that bond people. With their unique concept, singing at Tang Music Box is indeed an experience that creates memories that last a lifetime. I am delighted to have found another option for a fun family day out.

Save tip: Free snacks for kids under 12 on Sundays! (*selected snacks only)

Tang Music Box
3B River Valley Road
#02-03/04, The Foundry
(Block B Clarke Quay)
Singapore 179021

Disclaimer: Tang Music Box sponsored our visit. All opinions are my own.

~mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke~

Sentosa 4D Happy Feet Mumble’s Wild Ride!

It’s the last day of school for #4 and #5. Hooray! It was the perfect opportunity for them to celebrate the end of a school year by enjoying an exciting evening at the Media Preview of Sentosa’s newest 4D attraction.

Happy Feet Mumble’s Wild Ride! is a 4-D simulation ride which lasts about 6 minutes. If you loved the movie, you will definitely love this multi-sensory ride. The kids came out and gushed, “Awesome!”.

This ride is suitable for the whole family. Kids above 90 cm are able to sit on their own, but those under 3 need an adult with them. 
#4 brought along a friend

We moved on to the 4-D shoot-out game ‘Desperados’. The kids absolutely loved this one. They went 3 times and would have gone for more if they were not closing. Kids have to be above 110cm for this interactive shooting ride.

Queueing to enter
The kids had scores of around 600, but me? Er.. I managed 200 on my best try. 
Who’s the sharpest shooter?

The 3rd one we watched was the 4D movie ‘Journey 2: The Mysterious Island’. #1 and #2 enjoyed this very much. It is adapted from the 2008 Hollywood Blockbuster ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ and stars Vanessa Hudgens, from High School Musical. (It’s ok mummies if you don’t know who she is, but I’m guessing your tweens would know).

The 4th ride which we didn’t manage to catch is the ‘Extreme Log Ride’ which is a 10 minute 4-D ride. Apparently it is more suitable for the older kids, although the age restriction is 6 years old. I heard that it feels like a thrilling roller-coaster ride.

Sane tip: Every time I take the kids for a day out to Sentosa, we end up doing all the outdoor activities like the Luge, Adventure Cove or playing at the beach. This is one part of Sentosa where we could take shelter during the hottest part of the afternoon and continue on to the other activities when the sun goes down. The kids can easily spend 2-3 hours here as they kept asking to go again on all the rides/shows.

Save tip: Unlimited entry on all 3 rides. For the whole duration of this year end school holidays, Happy Feet Mumble’s Wild Ride! will be screened, so you get 4 rides instead of 3! Mumble’s ride will be sharing the same theatre as the Extreme Log ride, and they will alternate every hour.

Disclaimer: We were invited to the Media Preview of Sentosa 4D AdventureLand Happy Feet Mumble’s Wild Ride!

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~