Kate’s antics: March holidays

It was the first time Kate experienced the March school holidays as her kindergarten follows the school term. Here’s a glimpse of what she had been up to.

I try to let her spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors in an attempt to negate the effects of hours spent in front of the TV.

Gardens by the Bay

Took her cycling with her cousin. I encouraged them to be creative and pointed out objects in nature which can be used to play with. The 2 of them were intently discussing how to cook with leaves and twigs.

Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

When I got too busy to take her outdoors?

Outsourced her to relatives.

Her all time fave – The Zoo

Times I was tied-up with the older ones?

Left the kiddos to the hubs. I can always count on him to up the ante – great outdoors with a view to boot.


When it got too hot?

There’s always plenty of water fun to cool off with.

Gardens by the Bay

No one to take her out?

DIY splashy fun at home!

Garden spa

But the best part of the school holidays?

Waking up in the mornings to see that everyone is at home.

Yummier with company
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Kate’s antics: Cookie monster

I don’t normally bake because somehow the cakes or cookies never turn out as expected. #4 was feeling very festive and suggested we bake some Chinese New Year cookies. I flipped through our cookbooks and found a very simple recipe for almond cookies. My favourite! One of my aunts used to make the best melt-in-your-mouth, fragrant almond cookies, and even though she has gotten old and stopped making them since I was a teen, I still remember them fondly. I envisioned smelling the aroma of freshly baked almond cookies and agreed to bake with #4. Kate wanted in on the action and helped us to mix the ingredients.

“Can this be eaten?”

The recipe was really, really simple, with the steps being “Mix ingredients xyz together, add in the oil, roll into balls and bake.” That’s it.

Somehow, instead of being melt-in-your-mouth cookies, ours turned out to be crunchy cookies that were hardly fragrant.

Why? Why???

Oh well. The consoling part was that the cookies actually looked decent. The older girls came back from school and commented, “Hey mum, you baked? Wow! Looks professional. Like the real thing. Are you sure you didn’t have any help from Auntie C?” But after they tasted it, they gave me a grin, patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s ok, mum. Good try.”
Cookie thief

The younger kids didn’t know how almond cookies are supposed to be and said they were really yummy.

And Kate?

She was trying hard to decide if they were worth the calories.
“Hmm, let me think…”

We ended up with 6 racks of cookies because I was being ambitious and doubled the batch. The girls brought the cookies to school to share with their friends and luckily they all said it was super yummy. Great. Their classmates can have a free flow supply of crunchy almond cookies for recess this Chinese New Year.

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Kate’s antics: Young punk

Reality check. Time flies, and it is nowhere more apparent than seen by the changes in a small child.

This picture was taken a year ago. Kate was so little, so adorable, so innocent.

15 months

Just one year later, she has grown into a toddler with an attitude! She saw #5 strike this ‘cool’ pose and quickly followed suit. Monkey see, monkey do.

27 months

They grow and change so quickly! Dealing with the demands of raising the 6 kids, the days sometimes seem long. However, looking back at Kate’s photos never fail to jolt me into remembering that the years fly by all too quickly.

Carpe diem!

And don’t forget to take more photos and videos while they are growing up. The hubs has always been bugging me to do that and now I wished I had taken way more photos of the older kids.

Happy weekend folks!

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Kate’s antics: Santa on a buggy?

Santa Claus is coming to town…

“On a buggy?”

Santa giving out presents…

“Hey Santa, I’m here!”

Oh well, since I’m too small and Santa can’t see me, I’m gonna check out his cool reindeer buggy.

“Wonder if this thing can fly”
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Simple crafting with kids

I tried to do some craft with Kate a couple of months ago but she ended up making a mess and I wasn’t able to handle it. I got grumpy and annoyed at the whole mess and told myself to wait a bit. I forgot all about re-introducing it to her as we were always going outdoors during our mornings together. A post I came across on FB which I re-posted on my timeline reminded me to get started on craft with her. It’s been many years since I have done craft with the older kids and I organized the materials I found around the house in these see-through containers (from Howard Storage) so that I would be inspired to work with her regularly (even mummy needs motivation to get started).

Simple materials

I filled the little tubs with bits and pieces of scrap and unused stuff from the older kids and from our last scrapbooking session. Some ideas include

  • Buttons
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cut straws
  • Ribbons
  • Beads
  • Small pom poms
  • Coloured paper squares

One very useful tip I picked up from that post was to use a tray. This way, it not only contains the mess but it sets a boundary for the child. Somehow, psychologically, it also put me at ease. (art and craft = mess = stress) I found that so long as her work was contained in that tray, I was happy. (Tray was bought from Ikea).

Contain using a tray

I got this glue from Spotlight (around $15). It washes out in water and is non-toxic. I wanted something really mild as Kate doesn’t like glue on her fingers and will constantly ask me to use a wet tissue to clean it off if she gets it onto her fingers.

Kids Glue

I taught her how to apply the glue onto the foam and to turn it over to stick it. She insisted on applying glue to both sides of the coloured foam. Use nylon or plastic brushes (not those with natural bristles) as it is easier to wash out.

Lots of fine motor skills at play

This kept her busy for a good half hour… And ta-da! Her masterpiece. Her siblings returned from school and they all exclaimed, “Hey, what’s that? Nice!”

Kate’s first proper craft session

Don’t forget to display their work. No matter how strange it may look, they will be very happy to see that we acknowledge their efforts.

Sane tip: I used to plan elaborate craft sessions with the older kids and end up disappointed when they didn’t want to ‘do it properly’. Now I realise what is important is the process, not the outcome. I prefer to do simple set-ups and let their imagination and creativity flow and be totally present with them in the process. Lots more fun and less stress.

Save tip: Lots of things around the house can be recycled for crafting. Paper that is used to wrap our clothes bought in the malls, ribbons from birthday presents, ticket stubs and knick knacks from the older kids’ goodie bags are just a few examples.
Update: A reader left a tip on our Facebook page that a cheaper alternative is to make homemade starch glue. Can give that a try!

Happy crafting with your kids!

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Kate’s antics: The long slope

What does Kate do when there are no dogs or cats to play with on her morning walks?

Run up and down the slope.

Gathering speed…

“Luckily I didn’t fall”

She did it so many times that passer-bys stopped to watch her. Some with their mouths agape. There was one old auntie who stopped and watched her half in horror and when Kate finally reached the bottom of the slope she clapped for her!

After 20 minutes of the slope, she’s figured velocity out. Now what? Time to figure out the stairs.

And that’s how she spent the whole morning. Beats going to school, no?

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Kate’s antics: Meow…

Kate seems to be fond of four-legged friends.

“Mum, can I touch him?”

Before I could even look around and ask if the lady was the owner of the cat, Kate bent down to give it a scratch. Thankfully it was not a stray cat.

“You need a scratch right?”
She then made herself comfortable to pat the cat. Never mind that it was by the sidewalk. I seemed to have raised a little kampung girl.
“Pat pat, cutie cat”
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Kate’s antics: Dog trainer

Kate loves dogs, but so far she has only been able to pat them. Finally she met a dog small enough for her to handle, and a little girl kind enough to teach her how to handle it.

How to train a dog (kid version):

First you let the dog smell your hand.

“See, just like that. Simple”
“Now it’s your turn”
“Easy does it”

Kate: I’m not so sure about this…

“Lucky my hand is still here!”
“Mum, Pepper didn’t eat my hand!”
Next, you have to learn how to walk him.
Listening attentively to her new teacher
Certified dog handler! 

But she looks so worried…
“What if he decides to bolt?”
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