Brewerkz at Sentosa Boardwalk

We were invited to the newly-opened Brewerkz restaurant at Sentosa Boardwalk for dinner and the kids were all excited. We have always loved their Riverside Point outlet for its laid-back atmosphere, but this location is unparalleled.

Flanked by the picturesque Resorts World on one side and Vivocity on the other, with cable cars overhead, it feels grand yet cosy. We got there before dusk and soaked in the beautiful view surrounding us. Alfresco dining can’t get much better than this!

Brewerkz at Sentosa Boardwalk

We started off with our favourite Nachos appetiser – tortilla chips served warm topped with a hearty mix of tomatoes, olives, jalapeƱos, salsa, and guacamole.

Nachos $22
Calamari $17

The gran must have her salad, and she was keen to try their speciality – Soba Noodle Salad with Salmon. She enjoyed it very much, and shared her grilled salmon with Kate.

Soba salad with Salmon $28

Pizza is standard fare when we dine out, and the girls loved this thin-crusted smoked salmon version.

Smoked Norwegian salmon pizza $24

Their gramps was in the mood for lamb, and we all snuck some from under the leaves. Nice and succulent. Thankfully the portion was quite big. You have a choice of sides with the mains, such as French fries, Beer-battered onion rings, White cheddar mashed potato or side salad. For a $2 upgrade, you can have the Sweet potato fries, Truffle fries or Orange Butter Broccoli.

Rack of Lamb $42
Cowboy burger $24

We ordered a Meat Lovers pizza as well, and the kids polished everything up! We had a slow and relaxed meal as we wanted to catch the light show at 9pm.

Meat Lovers pizza $23

#5 ordered his usual Fish & Chips kid’s meal, which comes with a drink and a scoop of ice-cream. They provide crayons and an activity sheet to keep the little ones occupied.

Fish & Chips $14

While the rest of us sat and chatted, Kate and #5 entertained themselves with the lights embedded in the wooden floorboards. They come on and off intermittently, and that was enough to keep them in stitches as Kate tried to stomp them with her foot.

There is ample space for the kids to run around while the adults enjoy their dessert and hand-crafted beer, which needs no introduction.

Sitting here watching the sky turn dark, time seems to stand still.

Brewerkz Sentosa Boardwalk

At 9pm the Crane Dance show at RWS commenced, and even though we could only see the back view, it was a treat. Kate had never seen it before, and was enthralled by the dazzling light and water display.

The show is on daily, however I did a quick check and discovered it will be closed between 16-26 November 2015. Here is the link to the Crane Dance schedule.

Captivating display

The finale was a burst of fireworks!

It lasted less than 10 minutes, but what a way to end our meal.


Sane tip: A good meal, entertainment and a chance to relax all rolled into one. Simply lovely.

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Directions: Park or alight at Vivocity. Head towards the Boardwalk which links to Sentosa. Brewerkz is somewhere in the middle, on the lower level. NOTE: If you have strollers or bicycles, you need to go by the left side to avoid having to carry your wheels down the flight of stairs. Let me try and explain as best as I can:

As you start walking on the boardwalk, imagine it being 3 lanes. The left ‘lane’ is by the road, the middle ‘lane’ is the travallator and the right ‘lane’ is by the water. GO by THE LEFT ‘LANE’. Keep walking until you come to an entrance to the right, and enter that. You would have reached the lower level. You will see The Wine Company, followed by Brewerkz.

Brewerkz Sentosa Boardwalk

Sentosa Gateway
#01-05 Sentosa Boardwalk
Singapore 098072
Tel: 62210702

Operating Hours:
Mon – Thur: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Eve of Public Holiday: Opens till 1am
Public Holiday: Opens from 12pm

We also love their Riverside point outlet which is near Clarke Quay.

Disclaimer: Our meal and the giveaway are sponsored by Brewerkz. All opinions are my own.

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Kate turns 3 with a cosy party at home

Kate has been waiting for this day for a long time. Her slightly older cousin turned 3 several months ago, and when asked her age, will declare “I’m 3 years old”.

Kate would follow suit, only to be reminded that she is still 2.

She’s been hearing the constant refrain “You will be 3 when your birthday comes.”

Hence she has been awaiting this BIG day, when she can finally say SHE IS THREE. Like a badge of honour.

Her party last year was a low-key kampung-style affair, where everyone chipped in. The hubs cooked the dishes, the kids decorated our home, the older girls’ friends came over to help out and tried their hand at making a Mickey Mouse cake, and Kate’s friends played with her toys. At 2, it doesn’t take much to make them happy.

This year, having celebrated several of her friends’ birthdays in school, she requested for a Sofia the First cake, which I ordered from Bake Avenue 3 weeks in advance.

She has also been asking for a ‘sparkly princess dress’ after seeing her cousin wearing one and watching too much Sofia, so her aunt bought her one for her birthday present.

Cheeky poses

The whole morning, the entire family was busy preparing for the party, and Kate could feel the palpable buzz of activity in our house which put her in an ecstatic mood.

I ran through with Kate how she should graciously give the party bags to her guests when they are leaving and thank them for coming (and not cry or whine that we were giving away her toys).

For the party bags, I didn’t want to put token toys which would be thrown away, nor fill the bags with candy as the majority of the kids are 3.

I came across these adorable play dough Party Favours from Tickle your Senses, and knew they would be the perfect take home gifts for her little guests. Not only do they look appealing, but the play dough is of premium quality which is non-toxic and taste-safe.

Party favours $5

I figured they would also be well-received by the handful of older kids, and suit both girls and boys. Perfect. #2 commented that they smelt so good (essential oils were added) and the texture was better than the commercial ones we had.

Their party favours range from $5 – $10 per child, and the sticker on the lid can be personalised with message and theme.

I have to say a big thank you to the 2 lovely mums behind this homegrown brand for obliging with the sponsorship which made Kate’s birthday that much more special.

“Thank you aunties for gifting us all the party bags and play dough. My friends and I like it very much!” šŸ™‚
Love, Kate
The older kids took care of the entertainment and organised simple party games for the little ones.

Being the resident chef, it was natural for the hubs to be in charge of the menu. He went to the market bright and early and spent the whole morning in the kitchen. That is his way of showing his love for the children.

Everyone enjoyed his legendary fried chicken wings, which he only whips up during parties. The girls helped with the platter of finger food and made an assortment of heart-shaped sandwiches.

Midway through the party, as more and more guests arrived, Kate was overwhelmed. While receiving yet another present, she shook her head and cried out, “I don’t want anymore presents!” The poor kid giving it didn’t know how to respond.

When we got round to cutting her birthday cake, she was still rather bewildered by all the attention and wanted to be carried.

Sofia the First Cake

After the kids had their cake, we set up the Dough Table Party set which Tickle your Senses had also sent over. Their tubs of coloured play dough and assortment of cutters were all so pretty!

Play dough accessories

The kids naturally gravitated to the table as it looked so inviting, and the parents could enjoy their cake and conversations in peace. I have never seen such detailed princess-sy cutters, and they were easy to use too. Just let them know your theme and guest numbers and they would be able to customize something suitable for your party.

Lil’ princesses hard at work

All in all, it was a splendid little party.

On her actual day, as it was a school day, we waited for the older kids to return and had a simple family celebration at home. This time, Kate seemed to understand it was her special day and revelled in the attention.

How extremely fortunate she is. More than 3 years ago, when I found out I was pregnant with our 6th child, with the kids’ stuff given away, our resources further stretched, and starting all over again with a young one, we didn’t know what the future would hold.

Kate’s 3rd birthday

3 years on, I still marvel at how Kate’s life is unfolding, as we take things one day at a time. It was a poignant reminder that

If God brings you to it,
He will bring you through it.

Happy Birthday my dear Kate.

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Children’s Day – divide and conquer

We’ve been doing the same thing on Children’s Day for the past 6 years until it became a family tradition which the kids look forward to and the older ones fondly reminisce.

The hubs would redeem shopping vouchers with our credit card points and they would eagerly await the crisp $50 voucher and take a long time at the children’s department trying to decide what to buy.

I allow them 3 presents per year; birthday, Children’s Day, and Christmas. They learn delayed gratification and realise they don’t want the toy they had previously wanted on a whim.

The rest of the day would be spent at home playing with all their toys. Win-win situation. Kids win, mummy win nap time.

This year, with #3 moving up to Secondary school, children’s day logistics have changed, and it hit me (again), that the 6 of them are no more a ‘bunch’ of kids to herd around together.

Homemade clay

As usual, the 2 youngest were up bright and early at 7am. It was Children’s Day!

They hopped downstairs and after a happy breakfast, Kate entertained herself playing with clay which #1 made the day before, while #5 contentedly plonked himself in front of the TV.

It was nice that all 6 of them were home, and it felt like a holiday. #2 & #3 had a day off as it was marking day, and chose to stay home and relax after finishing their last exam papers.

Kate & #4 followed their cousins to the zoo, which left us with #5. The hubs offered some options, and it was a no-brainer to him.

The Sentosa Luge with daddy it was gonna be!

A real treat for #5 to spend time alone with daddy, and what do the guys do? They challenged each other, with popcorn as the prize. Guess who won.

“Too bright! I can’t open my eyes”

In the meantime, I had to take #1 for her post-op check-up. She had been having problems with an ingrown toenail for almost a year, and after conservative treatment failed, we decided to go ahead with the little surgery to remove a sliver of her toenail.

Burger Bistro

We re-grouped for dinner with the grandparents. My dad announced that he would give them a big treat since it was Children’ Day, and take them to eat suckling pig.

“Suckling pig?!” What kind of treat was that even.
The kids opted for burgers, and I decided to take them all to Quayside Isle.

The old folks were surprised at how much that part of Sentosa had changed, while the kids mused about what life would be like living on a boat.

The burgers and truffle fries were quite good, but my dad was disappointed with his steak. Ok, we got it. Suckling pig for Grandpa Day.

Pet guests

They ended the night playing with the guinea pigs #1 was pet-sitting for a friend. Kate was concerned they were not eating the hay and kept encouraging her little guests. “Here, eat. Eat.”

We were so amused…

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Our September holidays 2015

The one-week holiday has turned out way more eventful than I had planned. Sometimes just going with the flow is best!

We used to go up to KL very frequently when the kids were younger, as they enjoyed the Berjaya Times Square theme park immensely.

As they entered their teens, they were not so keen on that nor Sunway Lagoon anymore, so we started venturing abroad.

Now that the ringgit is at an all-time low, there is no better time to drive up to eat, play and visit grandpa.

With relatives in KL

We discovered a new super cool facility and the 6 kids spent the whole afternoon having fun climbing, sliding, swinging and jumping with their cousins. District 21 is located at IOI City Mall, about 30 minutes drive away from the city. Will follow up with a review of the place shortly!

After dinner, the hub’s cousin took us to Kuala Selangor to the Firefly Park. We sat in little sampans in the still of night, while being paddled down the river.

The fireflies looked like tiny blinking lights in the trees! What a sight. I joked to the kids that we should uproot one whole tree home and it would feel like Christmas all year round.

En route to Singapore, we stopped over at Malacca for a night. We strolled along the river and had a nice slow day doing well, nothing much, really.

Enthralled by feathered friends

We drove about 20 minutes out of town to visit the Submarine Museum. It was surreal to imagine what it must be like to be in this monster of a machine, several decades ago, submerged in the deep, blue sea.

Being claustrophobic, I remarked that I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in such a narrow, confined space.

As for #4, she couldn’t quite believe how it cost us just 30cents each to visit a tourist attraction, and kept on repeating, “30 cents! Can you believe it? Just 30 cents for that?” Yeah, my kids are strange like that.

Submarine Museum – Melaka

In the evening, it got slightly hazy and the hubs decided we would stay indoors and have dinner at the Italian restaurant in our hotel.

Italian? While in Malacca??

If not for the haze and the fact that I was tired from taking care of Kate the past few days, I would have insisted we go out for some good local food.

I was pleasantly surprised that the bread came out warm, and soft in the middle. It was also a nice change from the coffeeshop meals we’ve been having, and I didn’t have to get up repeatedly to fetch extra bowls for Kate and #5, nor re-clean the tables myself. Ah, the night started to look real fine.

Olio Italian – Ramada Plaza Hotel

The seared tuna appetiser was good, and the kids lapped up the carbonara.The meal came up to less than S$15 per person, with appetisers, pizzas, pastas and dessert. Add to that the warm ambience, attentive service, and live band which started at 8.30pm (perfect to entertain Kate while we relaxed and enjoyed our dessert) it was a wonderful last dinner in Malaysia. How ironic huh.

DIY craft
When we got back, the girls were content to stay at home and relax, doing simple crafts to decorate their rooms and making healthy smoothies (their new craze).

And little Kate? I was too busy to entertain her so she occupied herself by getting in everyone’s way.

What I love about school holidays is that there is no rush and no agenda. The kids take charge of most meals, and the kitchen is always a hive of activity.

This is the way we roll the dough…
Kate wanted in on anything remotely exciting. At that moment, the fun thing going on was meddling with the pizza dough after it had risen.
“Eh, why jie jie’s pizza base so nice?”

She was hard at work kneading and rolling, but was puzzled as to why her dough didn’t look anything like #2’s.

She resorted to coaxing her dough.

And almost gave it a good spanking.

“You do what I say, dough. FLATTEN OUT!”

In the end, her sisters made her a nice little pizza heart to cheer her up.

Homemade pizza for lunch!

As the 1 week holiday was nearing it’s end, I decided to take the 2 younger ones out to let off some steam. I’ve been meaning to check out this new place Kaboodle Kids over at East Coast Park (Big Splash).

They had a good time, and it was a nice change from the usual indoor playgrounds.

#5 was busy building his fort, while Kate was content climbing up and down the random structures, and socialising with the other young kids. #5 turned his fort into a ball slide and got the balls to drop right into the basket. Score! I could see he was pleased as punch.
Kaboodle Kids at East Coast Park

It’s back to school for the last term of 2015. Gosh, already?!

Here’s wishing all school-going kids a fruitful term and all the best to those preparing for major exams.

Happy Term 4, kids!

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Our er, jubilee weekend…

I’ve been looking at the amazing photos and reading about how spectacular the SG50 celebrations had been.

Yup, that’s how close we got to enjoying everything. Mostly through our phones and the newspaper.

To those who managed to be in the thick of the action, thanks for keeping us updated via your videos and live updates. Felt like we were there! Well, not quite. Who are we kidding, right?

We so wanted to be part of this magnificent milestone, but being such chillax and unstrategic people, the weekend didn’t quite go as desired…

So many fun events, so many free admissions! I decided to narrow it down to just a handful so we wouldn’t be frazzled by the end of it.

I had it all planned. We’ll kickstart the long weekend with breakfast at the legendary prata stall at Sin Ming which I had been dying to try after reading the review by a friend.

Checking out the Art Science Museum for the afternoon sounded fabulous, with an early dinner at Satay by the Bay, followed by the dazzling display at the Super Trees seemed like the perfect way to enjoy the first day of the jubilee weekend.

All set. Or so I assumed.

We seriously underestimated the crowd and queues. Everywhere.

It took us more than an hour to get our breakfast.

I must say the coin prata was good. This photo doesn’t do it justice at all. It had a nice chewy bite to it.

Faizal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food

That took up the whole morning and it was almost time for Kate’s nap. The museum would have to wait.

#2 broke her guitar strings so since we were waiting for Kate, we went to get it fixed.

Another bad move. The queue to enter the carpark at our heartland mall was unbelievable. Seems like everyone was enjoying the long weekend and was out and about.

I had enough of queuing and was easily persuaded by the kids to skip the Art Science Museum and head to our club for a round of bowling (glad we did, as I read that the queue closed early due to the overwhelming crowd).

Brilliant idea, kids! People were busy queueing all over the island that we had the whole bowling alley to ourselves.

The kids were hungry so we had tea at the alfresco cafe and it was just what I needed to recharge.

Onward to Gardens by the Bay!

Well. You can guess what happened. The queue to enter the carpark was even longer than the one at the mall. It was hardly moving as people wouldn’t be leaving until at least the first show had ended.

This was one time I wished the hubs was with us so that he could have dropped us off while he figured something out.

I decided to hang around in the car, and hopefully when it started, we could catch some action. Light and sound travel, right?

Argh. Not even a whiff came our way.

Defeated. Tomorrow will be better! We are going to Marina Barrage to celebrate a birthday with friends I have known since I was a child. So looking forwards to watching the Black Knights do their stunts. Fingers crossed that the weather would hold out.

Picnic baskets packed, spirits running high, kids all up bright and early.

But… It was pouring! Never mind, we’ll squeeze with the crowd at the sheltered lower level and wait it out.

In the end, we decided it might not be wise to battle the rain and crowd as the event organisers informed us the place was already packed. We had a lovely party indoors, and on hindsight, it was a good move as we heard that there was a massive jam around the Marina Barrage area, and even if we had managed to get in, we might not have been able to find a spot to plonk the whole group of us down on our mats.

Spagetti Carbonara

Back from the party, the kids had friends over and this time, I had wised up. Better stay home and cook. I googled some recipes for dinner and am so proud to announce that I made successful spaghetti carbonara! The kids loved it and polished everything up. We had a swell time playing Pictionary and it was a fun way to end the night.


On National Day, the hubs was back and as we didn’t manage to get tickets to the NDP, we decided to join the crowds, soak in the atmosphere and catch the aerial displays and fireworks.

This is the first time we have ever done this, and didn’t know just how early we had to go to chope a good spot.

We waited for Kate to wake from her nap, got everyone ready, and drove towards town. Traffic signs warned that all carparks were full in the Marina Bay area.

The hubs suggested we try boat quay as the whole Padang, esplanade area would have been cordoned off. We’ll grab some snack or quick dinner before settling down to wait for the fireworks.

Wrong again. No way to grab anything that night! Everywhere was packed. Dinner can wait. Time to search for a good spot.

Wow. We have never seen so many people converging on boat quay before. There must have been tens of thousands of people around.

Wherever we looked, it was a sea of people in red. Sitting on the bricks by the waters, standing on the entire length of the bridge, filling every patch of grass.

Kate was perched on the hub’s shoulder and the whole trail of kids plus the gramps were valiantly trying to follow in single-file. Every so often, the hubs would stop and wait for everyone to be accounted for before moving along.

After reaching his intended spot, we waited, and when the flares were shot, he realized that the view was blocked by the trees. Off we would move again to find a better spot. We must have looked like lost chicken.

Finally, as it was nearing 8.15pm, we decided that the middle of the bridge provided the most unobstructed view and stayed put.

As the fireworks started to burst forth, we saw people dashing past us. #2 got so worried. “What’s happening mum?! Why is everyone running away?”

It looked like Armageddon. The noise from the fireworks, the smoke, and people running for their lives.

Then it dawned on us. These smart people had figured out what was happening.

The Fullerton was blocking the entire view! The fireworks was not going any higher.

For the next few seconds, everybody started sprinting!

To this spot where the building ended. To catch the last few seconds of the fireworks.

It was such an epic fail that it was simply hilarious. Everybody burst out clapping!

Kate had no clue what was happening and was happily soaking in everything.

We asked if she liked the fireworks and she replied, “Yes! Can we go again?”
Chilli crab

By the time we had dinner, it was 9pm. The kids were hungry, tired, and bewildered. Talk about an anti-climax.

Of course, we had to order chilli crab and fried man tou.

Ah well. We can always find comfort in our local cuisine.

~ – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~

More than just a Market – Bukit Batok East Market

Most of our grocery shopping is done at the supermarket with the kids, but on weekends, the hubs goes to the market early in the morning to buy fresh meat and seafood. He does the marketing as he’s the one who cooks up a storm at home so he knows exactly what to get. He is comfortable with the wet market because he grew up accompanying his dad on their weekly market runs.

For me, my mum used to go to the wet market every single day without fail, but us kids had to stand at the side and wait because “the floor is very dirty and slippery”. So we never had any firsthand experience in learning to choose the freshest fish nor managed to pick up tips on using which pork/chicken parts for what dishes. Pity.

This may sound strange, but I view going to the market as a mini excursion, and take Kate to different markets during the school holidays to while away the morning while the older ones are still asleep. Markets are the most happening places to be at 7.30am!

I like visiting markets which have more than just the wet market/food centre and have discovered a lovely market in Bukit Batok where we like to stroll around and soak in the sights and sounds, while picking up one or two small bags of fresh produce. Nothing too serious.

Love the riot of colours
BUKIT BATOK EAST MARKET (Blk 278 Bukit Batok East Ave 3)

This market is not your usual layout, and is basically one long stretch of stalls under the block. The pathway is relatively clean and dry, but with the morning crowd, it does get rather crammed.

Bukit Batok Market

Let’s start our tour at this corner vegetable stall. You can spot it easily on the weekends by the long queue. The price of the vegetables are the lowest around, so the aunties are happy to stand in line to weigh and pay. They would ‘chope’ their spot in the queue with their basket while they grab a few more items. I have great respect for these aunties who can easily prepare the ‘3-dishes-1-soup’ type of meal daily, while keeping it all within their budget.

Queuing to pay
There are the requisite stalls selling chicken, pork, seafood and beef, but to be honest, I have no clue which stall is ‘better’. If I need to buy some meat, I would look for a stall with people waiting, as it is usually a good indication of their popularity!

As you walk along, you will see this stall selling just bananas and papayas! Kate loves to stop and buy a small bunch of bananas, and we will sit on a bench and enjoy it together. After she is done, she will run around and chase the birds. I love the atmosphere of this whole area, as it has a charming ‘neighbourhood’ relaxed vibe about it.
As with any market, there is a shop selling dried goods, sauces, and spices. Occasionally I will buy ikan bilis from here to fry as toppings for their porridge.
Dried provisions
The only stall I patronise more frequently is this yong tau fu stall. I love yong tau fu, and the wide variety means that I can get each of the kids’ favourites. Not only that, the auntie doesn’t mind me buying just a $1 portion of noodles as only #5 loves to eat the fat yellow noodles (some atas markets have a minimum of $2). And I can’t go far wrong with yong tau fu. For the younger kids, I just throw them in some soup with the noodles, while I cook them in laksa broth for the older ones. Quick and yummy!

If I need to get some fresh cod or promfret for the kids, I’ll buy it from this stall right opposite the yong tau fu stall.
We have reached the end of the wet market stalls. Now let’s backtrack to the opening where you will notice the egg stall. On this perpendicular street, there are more going-ons. You will hear aunties demonstrating the latest ‘cleaning cloth’ or some multi-functional kitchen gadget, and surprisingly, there will be a crowd standing around rapt with attention!

I get our fruits from this stall which carries a wide variety of fruits. I have learnt that the price of fruits defer quite significantly depending on which market you buy from. So don’t forget to compare prices, my dear auntie wannabes!
Also on the same stretch is this kueh kueh stall. I love these traditional snacks. Sadly, my kids don’t know how to appreciate these and the only thing they would eat is the colourful ‘9 layer kueh’.

As #1 was taking photos of this stall (yes, I dragged her along bright and early to help me with the photos as the stalls are too dim for my phone camera) she spied the colourful baskets with the piggy biscuits and exclaimed, “Mum! We used to eat those during lantern festival.”

Here’s a fun fact I discovered about the cute little biscuits. The story goes that in order not to waste food in the old days, people would use the leftover dough from making mooncakes to make these little piglets without filling. They are literally translated as “Pig cage biscuit” because the plastic cage resembles the traditional bamboo cages used to transport pigs.

As we were leaving the market, #1 spotted this uncle sitting on a little stool with the cardboard boxes he has collected and neatly folded to sell. This photo brilliantly captures the spirit of our pioneer generation. Of self-reliance, resilience, and being unashamed to do an honest day’s work.

I really hope our young people will not slide down the slippery path of thumping their noses to jobs they deem below themselves. I am also glad that the government is taking care of our pioneer generation, who not only gave their all to build our country, but who now face the brunt of the rising cost of living. 

And I hope that 50 years later, the ubiquitous but diminishing neighbourhood markets will still be around, rich with the sights, sounds, and smells which are so much a part of our home.

Singapore’s ‘Uncles’

This post is part of a blog train hosted by Life’s Tiny Miracles, to celebrate this unique aspect of our Singaporean way of life – our markets. 

Next up on To Market, To Market is Pamelia, who is a busy mum of three. She’s always planning the next adventure or activity with her three kids! In her free time, she’s either playing with flowers or just sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Hop aboard our blog train and read about other local markets in Singapore.

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Mummy Wee turns 2!

In a blink of an eye, 2 years have past.

Things are definitely getting more exciting around here, all thanks to blogging. I was invited to write a chapter in a parenting book Keep Calm and Mother On, appeared on Channel 5’s The 5 Show hosted by Yasminne Cheng and Chua Enlai, shared about blogging as a possible career with students, started my interview series 101 Paths to Success, been invited to lots of fun media launches, been sponsored wonderful products and even getting paid to write advertorials! What a dream. The kids are stoked and are fully supportive of my choice of ‘job’.

I love this ‘job’ too, and one of the most enjoyable aspect of this blogging journey is getting to know like-minded and inspiring individuals who are all doing their part to contribute back to society in one way or another.

For us, a time of celebration also signals a time to give. We have been blessed with much, and I always remind the kids to give back. So this round, they have each happily contributed an item towards our {Family Giveaway}. The items are all brand new with the exception of Kate’s DVD, but not to worry, it is still in mint condition šŸ™‚

Our gifts to you

#1’s gift: CLOTH POUCH

She bought this beautiful old-school pouch from a fair but has never gotten round to using it and has graciously decided to give it up. It measures 20cm (across) by 15cm and is great for either mummy or baby!


#2’s gift: PICK-UP STICKS

She opened her drawer of things I haven’t touched since I placed it there and decided this Pick-Up Sticks should find a new owner. Brings us back to the good ol’ days, doesn’t it? Great family bonding fun.



She was into the smiggle craze and requested for their items for her birthday and christmas presents. She still has a whole collection of untouched items to pass down to Kate. This measures (22cm x 10cm x 5cm) and is convenient as you can see the contents inside.

Pencil case

#4’s gift: PURPLE WALLET

She received this as a prize from her teacher last year for her awesome ‘stars’! She already has a wallet and had no qualms about giving it up. I’m glad she’s not a hoarder!



I bought this cute luggage tag for #5 but he doesn’t want it. Guess another little child might like it šŸ™‚

Luggage tag

Kate’s gift: SING TO LEARN DVD

Kate is done with this educational DVD and it is still in perfect condition. I did a review on Sing to Learn English previously. Great to get the kids singing and moving along! Songs include “London Bridge is Falling Down”, “Pat a Cake” and “Incy Wincy Spider”.


Mummy’s gift: KEEP CALM and MOTHER ON BOOK

Many of you had hoped to win this book the last round, so here’s another chance! Here’s a brief review of Keep Calm and Mother On, which is a compilation of stories from mothers with children aged 1-21. I contributed a chapter entitled “Navigating the Wild Wicked Web”.


The hub’s gift: PHONE CLIP

And last but not least, the hubs is contributing this handy mobile phone holder. Extremely useful for taking videos, watching videos, or taking photos using the timer without worrying about your hand shaking. The ‘neck’ can be bended to suit different heights/positions.

Phone clip

3 easy steps to join our {Family Giveaway!}

All you have to do is:

1) Hop over to Mummy Wee’s Facebook page

2) Leave a comment on the post Mummy Wee turns 2! stating which item you would like eg. Pouch

3) Leave your email

Here are the items again:
#1: Pouch
#2: Toy
#3: Pencil case
#4: Wallet
#5: Luggage tag
#6: DVD
#7: Book
#8: Phone clip

{Giveaway} ends 7 August 2015. Winners will be notified on our Facebook page and via email.

As usual, Kate will randomly pick a name, and if the item is already taken, we will go on to pick another name until all the items are given out. Good luck!

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank each and everyone of you, old friends, new friends, online friends, and especially our community of mummy bloggers for being with us on this remarkable journey.

Peace and love, from our family to yours.

~ – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~

MacRitchie Nature Trail

These days, the weather is so hot that although we want the kids to spend more time in nature, they would rather be in air-conditioned environments.

We have found the perfect place to go, where the trail is easy and very much shaded. We were there at 10.30 am and it was nice and cool.

Happily hopping along

Soon after we walked in, we came to a fork and decided not to take the TreeTop walk as there wasn’t enough time. This path is wonderful for children, with the marvels of nature waiting to be discovered by the young minds.

“Looks pretty amazing.”

The hubs spotted an intricate spider web and was pointing it out to the kids. It did look very much like a trampoline!

“Gor gor will protect you”

We came across this gigantic fallen tree and were awed by it. The hubs thought it would make a fantastic photo, but #5 was afraid it was going to topple and he didn’t quite dare to go on it until he saw that Kate was fine.

Daddy’s girl

The pathway is flat and easy even for the kids and erm, me. We had a leisurely stroll and they kept stopping to pick things up to study closely.

MacRitchie Nature Reserve

We spotted some monkeys and Kate wanted to feed them leaves. We told her the monkeys could get very fierce and we had better not go too near. She kept insisting that they were hungry and didn’t want to leave. #5 managed to convince her that if she threw the leaves with all her might, the monkeys would be able to get it.

She was way tired after almost an hour of walking and daddy had to piggy-back her out.

It was a surprisingly lovely place to spend a morning. We will be back the next time with the older kids when we have more time to explore the Treetop Walk, and perhaps try kayaking at the reservoir during the school holidays.

~ – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~