DIY Table-soccer

#2 spent the last few days of her holidays making her very own portable table-soccer. She recycled the box her school books came in and used that as the table. Then she took a large sheet of green paper, measured it and cut it to fit the box.

Drawing in the goal posts

She drew in the lines, painted the clothes pegs and made holes at the sides of the box. She then glued the pegs onto the sticks.

Messy table – work in progress

Halfway through, she was faced with a problem. The skewers were too short so she stuck them together. However, she found that they were too wobbly and were not stable enough to hold the weight of the pegs. So she placed 2 sticks back to back and carved the ends out until they were interlocking. Then she glued them and further reinforced them with tape. Clever!

Very cute clothes-peg soccer players

The kids had fun playing it after school, while their little cousin was busy trying to catch the rolling ball.

Back home from 1st day of school

Sane tip: I think one thing I did right was to make them all independent from young as I didn’t’ have a lot of time to spend with them. #2 has become very capable in finding productive and creative things to do in her spare time.

Save tip: Make your own toys out of recycled material.

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Crafting for Charity – Part 2

We sold our first batch of Christmas gift tags and had an order for another batch of 30 tags. Just as I was wondering where I would get more Christmasy paper, an old friend from my Uni days sent me a fb text saying that she had some to donate to us. How wonderful! She even made the effort to come all the way to meet me and passed me 2 huge bags of materials. Thank you so much Sharon, we really appreciate it!

More scrapbooking materials

So it was back to work for the girls and I and we got cracking cutting out more gingerbread man, frogs, and trees. And because we had run out of drink coasters, we had to cut them out from cardboard boxes and including the front and back paper, we cut out more than 100 round circles! The girls did get tired of cutting and we had to do it in batches.

Batch 2: Sold!

One of #4’s friend’s mum placed an order, and she said that they were the best handmade tags she’s seen and she ordered more. She even sent me a text message to thank the girls for their hard work. Ah, so nice to be appreciated for all our efforts. Thanks Wei, for your wonderful support šŸ™‚

Batch 3: Sold!

We made a variety of themes so that they can be used for various occasions like birthdays etc. Once again, a very big thank you for all of you who have supported this charity drive. All our proceeds will be going to MINDS. We would still be running this for a few more months with the other blogger mums, so if you would like to order some, please drop me an email, but do give us ample time to make them as the girls will be back in school.

Batch 4: Sold!

I think the girls have had enough of scrapbooking for a while! And the table’s been in a bit of a mess with all the materials strewn around. So it’s time to pack everything up and prepare for Christmas and the new year.

Here’s wishing all my dear and faithful readers, a very Blessed Christmas season from all of us.

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Portable air-con invention

#2 decided that she would try inventing a mini portable air-conditioner. She took some plastic sheets, cut them up and taped them to form a water-proof box. She used some food skewers to reinforce the sides.

The base of her air-con

She made a cover out of an old shoe box, and cut 2 holes in it. She attached a little duct over the smaller hole. This is where the cold air will escape from.

Attaching the vent

She placed some ice cubes into the box and attached her mini fan into the bigger hole and turned it on. Viola, she can now do her work in air-con comfort!

Cold air blowing directly on her

Sane tips: I love how #2 readily thinks up ideas to solve her problems. Firstly it’s a great way to occupy her time during the school holidays, and secondly it’s wonderful how she tries to find a solution for her problems by herself. 

Save tips: She knows she’s not supposed to turn on the air-conditioner during the day, so she decided to invent one herself!

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A home for our ‘Zuzu’ pets

#4 is a natural garung guni (rag and bone man). She loves to horde stuff that may come in useful one day. One of the things she likes to collect are moon cake boxes. They are so elaborate she feels it is a pity to throw them away.  The shape of these boxes prompted her to recycle them into a perfect little home for her toy mouse.

She gathered some scrap cloth and cotton wool to make some beds, pillows and rugs to furnish her little toy house. 

She cut the fabric into the size she needed.

She’s showing her 2 little cousins how to sew a pillow by stuffing some cotton wool into the cloth.

#4 asking them to choose the colours to decorate the windows.

Viola! A nice cosy home for their zuzu pets to live in.

Sane tip: Once you teach them how to sew, they can create lots of things by themselves. It greatly delights me to see their pride in their own creations.

Save tip: The best toys do not have to be expensive.

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~