#5’s puzzle creations

As usual, #5 likes to nick Kate’s toys.

He came and showed me what he had built with her mini puzzle pieces.

Fighter Jet

He went on to tell me that this time, he had done something even better.

The parts were detachable!

The front could fly out and the middle section could lift off.

Wow, I was really impressed and told him so.

Encouraged by my genuine interest in his cool plane, he went away and came up with an even more elaborate plane.

He ran around searching for me and explained in detail how the parts could be ejected and what functions they played.

He fitted them all back and offered it to Kate and I to play with.

I marvel at how he is able to imagine it in his mind’s eye, make it all symmetrical, and design the parts to fit and fly.

Clearly something I can never do.

All I have been coming up with when playing with Kate was some dull tables, cars and chairs. Which never really looked like tables, cars nor chairs.

#5 is really creative and I need to find more ways to encourage it and let it develop further.

Unfortunately in school, his creativity is never supported but usually dampened as he is seen as being non-conformist. There are hardly any chances for him to express it, even in art class.

Well, good thing is, his spirit is indomitable!

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DIY calendar craft

#4 made a really pretty calendar for her desk. She got some of my scrapbooking paper and fashioned a simple calendar out of materials found around the house.


  • Scrapbook paper or slightly thicker paper
  • 3 toothpicks
  • 3 or 6 mini pegs
  • Hole puncher
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Washi tape (optional)
Daily table calendar


Cut scrapbooking paper into rectangles and punch holes on the left.

You will need 26 pieces of rectangle slips.

If you don’t have scrapbooking paper, you can use washi tape to decorate plain coloured paper.

12 months


Write 1 month on each slip of paper (January to December). Total: 12

Write 1 numeral on each slip of paper.

Write a set of numbers 0 to 9. Total: 10

Write a set of numbers 0 to 3. Total: 4


Paint the toothpicks if you wish. #4 painted them gold.

STEP 4: (Optional)

Use washi tape to decorate the mini pegs.

Peg the mini pegs onto the toothpick and slot the pegs into the weave of the box. If you don’t have such a box, you can perhaps tape it onto a shelf.


Peg another mini peg at the front of the toothpick to prevent the paper from slipping off.

That’s it! #4 is delighted that she will know exactly what date it is every single day.

For more craft ideas, here’s a really lovely and easy to do DIY vacation box craft from A Juggling Mum, and #4’s DIY calendar idea can easily be taped on the top of it. 

And here are 8 more activities from Mamawearpapashirt blog to check out!

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Christmas – simple is best

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas! I love this season, simply because it is filled with 2 of my favourite things. Friends and food. And they go together so well, no?

As we approach the advent season, I am reflecting on our priorities in life. It is easy to get caught up in this year end frenzy, so I have decided to make a conscious effort not to be drawn in to all the unnecessary excesses. I will try to simplify our activities and preparations and pare down to the essentials. Perhaps I will get the kids to list down some non-material gifts they would like to have and when their grandparents or aunties ask them what they want, they don’t have to accumulate more material things. On my part, I will try to fill our home with more love, patience and peace. Hard to do, especially with Kate entering the ‘terrible twos’ and #1 getting into her ‘teenage ways’. But I will try. As Christmas is about baby Jesus coming into our world, I will let go and let God.

It is also the school holidays, and a time for the kids to remember the less fortunate. The kids saw me taking out the scrapbooking box and they can tell this Christmas crafting is going to be one of our yearly routines. Last year we had lots of fun making handmade tags, with the proceeds going to MINDS.

This year, along with our community of mummy bloggers, we will be supporting Radion International, a non-profit organisation working in one of the roughest neighbourhoods in Thailand. They are dedicated to transforming the lives of street children, abused women and broken families.

These lovingly made Christmas tags will be going at $3 each. You can place your orders in batches of 5 for $15. Designs are one of a kind as all our materials have been donated.
5 for $15
For more lovely designs, hop over to the other crafty mummy bloggers for a variety of Christmas cards and tags. More will be added to this list in time.

1) Little Blue Bottle
2) A Pancake Princess

Do support us and place your orders via email at mummyweedotcom@gmail.com or our Facebook page. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Simple crafting with kids

I tried to do some craft with Kate a couple of months ago but she ended up making a mess and I wasn’t able to handle it. I got grumpy and annoyed at the whole mess and told myself to wait a bit. I forgot all about re-introducing it to her as we were always going outdoors during our mornings together. A post I came across on FB which I re-posted on my timeline reminded me to get started on craft with her. It’s been many years since I have done craft with the older kids and I organized the materials I found around the house in these see-through containers (from Howard Storage) so that I would be inspired to work with her regularly (even mummy needs motivation to get started).

Simple materials

I filled the little tubs with bits and pieces of scrap and unused stuff from the older kids and from our last scrapbooking session. Some ideas include

  • Buttons
  • Aluminium foil
  • Cut straws
  • Ribbons
  • Beads
  • Small pom poms
  • Coloured paper squares

One very useful tip I picked up from that post was to use a tray. This way, it not only contains the mess but it sets a boundary for the child. Somehow, psychologically, it also put me at ease. (art and craft = mess = stress) I found that so long as her work was contained in that tray, I was happy. (Tray was bought from Ikea).

Contain using a tray

I got this glue from Spotlight (around $15). It washes out in water and is non-toxic. I wanted something really mild as Kate doesn’t like glue on her fingers and will constantly ask me to use a wet tissue to clean it off if she gets it onto her fingers.

Kids Glue

I taught her how to apply the glue onto the foam and to turn it over to stick it. She insisted on applying glue to both sides of the coloured foam. Use nylon or plastic brushes (not those with natural bristles) as it is easier to wash out.

Lots of fine motor skills at play

This kept her busy for a good half hour… And ta-da! Her masterpiece. Her siblings returned from school and they all exclaimed, “Hey, what’s that? Nice!”

Kate’s first proper craft session

Don’t forget to display their work. No matter how strange it may look, they will be very happy to see that we acknowledge their efforts.

Sane tip: I used to plan elaborate craft sessions with the older kids and end up disappointed when they didn’t want to ‘do it properly’. Now I realise what is important is the process, not the outcome. I prefer to do simple set-ups and let their imagination and creativity flow and be totally present with them in the process. Lots more fun and less stress.

Save tip: Lots of things around the house can be recycled for crafting. Paper that is used to wrap our clothes bought in the malls, ribbons from birthday presents, ticket stubs and knick knacks from the older kids’ goodie bags are just a few examples.
Update: A reader left a tip on our Facebook page that a cheaper alternative is to make homemade starch glue. Can give that a try!

Happy crafting with your kids!

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A tribute to all the Extraordinary Teachers

I had a call from #5’s Chinese teacher, Huang Laoshi. I was just thinking to myself how lovely it was that I have not heard from her the whole year and it’s already August. Things must be under control. Alas. It was not to be.

She started by telling me that he had failed the recent mini test. She sounded rather apologetic, and said that in primary 2, the speed is picking up and as he has a weak foundation in Chinese, he is not able to cope. She feels that he has reached a point where he is almost giving up and she has no choice but to inform me so that we can work this out together.

I told her that I was actually very surprised that I’ve not heard from her until now, as last year, his Chinese teacher was actively whatsapp-ing me every other week to get me on-board in ensuring his homework was completed and tests revised. Huang Laoshi explained to me that at the start of the year, she had already spoken to their P1 Chinese teacher and found out who were the weaker students. She has been monitoring him and providing him with extra guidance as she heard that I had quite a few kids and figured I was too busy to coach him.

She told me that when she allows him to bring home his unfinished homework, it never comes back. She has taken to printing extra sets of worksheets for him and when he says that he has lost it, she whips out a new piece and gets him to do it there and then. Wow. I was touched. Most teachers would spend time berating him, punishing him or getting him to go home and look for it, but she is totally unfazed and concentrates on working around his problem.

With my 4 older girls, I have never had any issues with them regarding their homework and they are all on auto-pilot. With #5, every time I ask him if there’s any homework, he will blatantly answer “Nothing!” or “I don’t know”. Now I know what my friends with boys mean when they tell me it’s a headache dealing with them everyday.

There is really not much more I can ask of a teacher and I truly admire Huang Laoshi’s perseverance and love for her students. She tells me that with such a shaky foundation, it will be an uphill battle in the coming years and she is very worried for him. I can hear her passion and concern for #5 and I honestly think she is more worried for his Chinese than I am!

Macaroons for their teachers this year.. yum yum
So on this special day which we set aside to remember and show our appreciation, I would like to say a sincere, resounding THANK YOU to all the teachers and tutors who have taught and touched my children in one way or another. It was never about the grades but the journey. About the little things you taught them along the way about life. About the young minds you have ignited and inspired as you went about your very challenging tasks of educating them in this millennium.

No box? No prob. #2 to the rescue

This year, besides being grateful for Huang Laoshi, we would also like to specially thank 5 other teachers.

To Mrs K, their English tutor, for not only teaching them English, but also imparting values along the way. And for making the effort to learn their likes and dislikes so that she can tailor the lessons to them and make them enjoyable.

To Mrs Lachman, #3’s English and Science teacher, who is always motivating them to do better so that they can reach their full potential. She is a very tough task master who never accepts anything but their best. #3 disliked her immensely in the beginning of the year as she is extremely strict and stern. However, through her remarkable efforts in teaching them, she managed to pull #3 up from 20/100 to an A for Science. And along the way, she managed to earn her students’ respect and cooperation. She is now #3’s favourite teacher.

To Mrs T, #1’s ‘A Math’ teacher, for opening her house to them on a Sunday to give them some extra help in preparation for their ‘O’ level exams.

To #2’s relief teacher, Mr Lim, who was the only teacher who ever allowed them to eat during his lessons (the food they cooked at home econs class) so that it wouldn’t go bad by the time they reached home. It’s simple things like that which made the students realise that we can be kind and humane even within constrains.

And a very, very special thanks to their aunt, who has been tutoring the 3 of them in their PSLE year (and 3 more to come!). She willingly accepts such a tough job and gives of her time and best efforts, yet refusing any payment.

So once again, from all of us here, 

Thank you for coming into our lives

Have a fabulous Teacher’s Day!

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A Loom-my gift

If you haven’t already heard (then you must surely have been hibernating), the current craze for kids is this rainbow loom thing where you use exorbitantly priced rubber bands to make all sorts of things with the aid of a plastic loom. I hear adults have also gotten into the fray and make wonderful things with the coloured bands like handbags too!

The only one amongst my kids who is really hooked on this is #4. So for her birthday present, #2 decided to custom make her a little caddy to hold her bands.

Simple materials: satay sticks and glue

She noticed that #4 needed some hooks to hang the finished wristbands and some compartments to store the various other designs she made.

Reinforce the base, she tells me

She fashioned it entirely out of satay sticks and toiled for days to complete the gift on time. Her thumb became the casualty from all that cutting and it even went numb for a couple of days.

Complete with hooks to hang the finished bands

Needless to say we were all impressed with her finished product. It even has miniature drawers and spins on it’s base! So proud of #2, she’s turning into a nifty lil’ crafter.

Spins on its base

#4 has been making me those bracelets but she noticed that I have not been wearing them. She googled for more ideas, made me a pencil-dangle and put it onto my pen. She added a little Daffy duck as she knows how such funny looking things never fail to make me laugh!

Pencil dangle

Sane tip: One good thing that came out of this craze is that it kept them busy during the school holidays. One busy looming, one busy cutting sticks.

Save tip: With 1 kid around who can create anything out of sticks, we don’t need to pay through our nose… but then again, I still can’t get over these over-priced rubber bands. Thankfully she received a whole stash for her birthday.

To check out #2’s other creations, click here.

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6 simple things we do during the school holidays

During the school holidays, in between taking them out for activities, these are some of the simple things we do at home to get them away from their gadgets.

Things to do during the sweltering afternoons:

1. Paint pebbles

“Eww, what’s that on my finger?”

It’s never about the end-product but the process, isn’t it? They have an interesting story behind every creation.

Handmade paper weight, anyone?

I was actually inspired by these… but alas, it looks easy but it’s not!

For Kate, I got her an old styrofoam box to paint on.

2. Bake yummy cookies

These cookies are the best! Made by #2 of course, with her assistants. Slightly crispy on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. Recipe to follow soon, when I get the time to do it up. Promise.

 Homemade cookies are still the best

Then spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying a slow leisurely tea with freshly baked cookies.

“Small ones all for me?”

3. Play boardgames or card games

There’s never a lack of players in our house. We get a lot of our games from the local online website My First Games. They have a mind-boggling selection of very good games which doesn’t rely on luck to win.

Looks simple, but a test on speed

Things to do once the sun goes down:

4. Go to the playground

There’s so much to do at the playground. Play hide and seek around the play structures and trees, play ball, badminton, soccer, frisbee. I brought my sidewalk art set which I bought from the U.S. and all the other kids at the playground joined in as well. Lovely.

Sidewalk chalk and paint

5. Swim and pack a picnic

In this heat, the kids love mucking around the pool. There are so many fun swimming complexes all over our island and we’re taking Kate to them one by one.

Easiest to pack dinner along so we don’t have to rush back when the kids are hungry. Also gives the mummies more time to relax and chat!

Too lazy to pack? Just order

6. Fun walk after dinner

I made up this little game with the kids a couple of years back. When I first started asking them to go for a walk, they said “Huh. So tiring”. I told them we would walk to the nearest petrol station and back. I brought along some money in my pocket and asked them to guess the amount. Each child had 1 guess. If they got it right, they would be rewarded with the full amount to be shared amongst them. If they got it wrong, they would each be entitled to buy just 1 item with a cap of $2. The kids still remember the walks we had years ago and the fun they had trying to collaborate and out-guess mummy.

Sane tip: I used to be very ambitious and spent a lot of effort to plan and prepare activities to keep them occupied during the holidays. It really drained me and I became high-strung as I had more expectations. I have learnt that simple activities work just as well, and because I didn’t spend a lot of time and energy on the preparations, I am able to relax, go with the flow, and enjoy doing the activities along with them. And even if it doesn’t turn out the way it’s supposed to, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

Save tip: You can get chalk from Ikea which works well too. To make sidewalk paint, just pound up the chalk, put it in a plastic container, add water and stir.

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3M Scotch Expressions Tapes

We were invited to the launch of Scotch’s line of Expressions tape. The girls love washi tape and were eager to check out their new range of decorative tape. They were definitely not disappointed. Scotch Expressions tapes has more than 55 colours and patterns to “put the fun in functional with these bright and colourful adhesive tapes”!

Washi tape

They showed us multiple ways to jazz up everyday objects using tape. How cool is that. I love colour as it brightens up my day, and this is a great inexpensive way to personalise everyday objects.

Add a pop of colour into household objects

Each family was given a plain ikea chair to decorate and take home, and they demonstrated how to use the tape to cover the chair in beautiful designs. As the team started to pull more and more tape to decorate almost the entire chair, my girls were incredulous. They whispered to me, “Mum, that’s gorgeous but which mum would allow their child to waste tape like that?” Er, I think I have ingrained in them too well not to be wasteful of scotch tape when we wrap presents.

Using her tape sparingly

The organiser then went on to say that we could take as much tape as we liked from the stand and we could even bring them home. The girls couldn’t believe their ears. All that tape for FREE? One of them (I shan’t mention who) got carried away and took a whole armful of tape. I was appalled, and so were her siblings, and I told her to put half of it back. When I asked her why on earth did she do something like that, she replied: “The man said we can. And you would never buy us that much tape.” Needless to say, what followed was a lecture on expecting her to know better than to take him literally and to consider the needs of others too.

Kate was attracted to the colours and wanted in on the action

The range of washi tape are available in single packs as well as 3-packs of complementary colours for easy coordination for a themed look. While the girls were busy decorating their chair, Kate kept herself busy with the lovely tea that was provided.

“This white fluff looks interesting”

“Eww, it feels so gooey and eeky.” Don’t think she’s ever eaten or touched cream before.

“Please take it away, mum”

When we reached home, I was inspired to add a splash of colour to personalise my stuff. The first thing I decided to embellish was Kate’s toy boxes. 

Plain ol’ labels

I chose a bright and cheery pinkish red design and immediately the box looked so much better! And the great thing is, they can be removed cleanly. Even with several tries of sticking and removing to get it aligned, the tape still stuck well.

Personalised toy box in an instant

I wanted to make the boxes easily identifiable, both for Kate and myself, so I chose the pinkish colour for toys and the colourful design for craft and activities.

Great way to organise by colour

After I was done, I went to #4’s room and was surprised to find her personalising her space too. She was eager to show me the stuff she had jazzed up.

Solid coloured lamps from ikea

The other thing which I really like are their masking tape. I have heard of washi tape before, but I’ve never seen decorative masking tape, and I absolutely love it! Masking tape is so easy to use as it can be easily torn by hand and they come off clean. The only bugbear I had was the awful beige colour. Now, they come in such trendy designs. They offer 4 solid colours such as Lemon Lime, Mint Green, Pink and Orange, and 4 colourful designs.

Scotch Expressions Masking Tape $6.90 each

Scotch Expressions tapes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and they can also be written on with a pen, pencil or marker. The tapes retail at $3.90- $9.90 (w/GST) and are available at POPULAR bookstores from mid March 2014.

Our Scotch goodie bag
Sane tip: It’s really good fun to jazz up objects around the house and to match them with our decor. It’s also a great way to personalise the kid’s school lunch boxes and water bottles for easy identification. A roll can go a long way so it’s cheaper than buying new items. Visit My Activity Room website for creative ideas and projects for various occasions. It’s also a good alternative as presents for school-going kids, instead of buying them toys. 

Save tip: Scotch Make Amazing workshops are happening this weekend and next weekend with a dollar for dollar promo! For example, spend $15 and get a goodie bag worth $15 and a free Scotch Make Amazing creativity class. Classes are scheduled every hourly at POPULAR Northpoint (March 15-16) and POPULAR Bras Basah (March 21-23).

Disclaimer: We were invited to the launch of 3M Scotch Expressions Tapes. All opinions are my own.

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