Build ’em and eat ’em!

(written by #5)

My aunt gave me a box of Lego that can be eaten! There are many things that I can build with it. For example, a house, a snake and a rainbow wand. The first thing I built is this dog.


This is an ‘S’. It may look like the number 5 but it is not.


This is a cow although it may not look like a cow. It uses all of the colours. The one behind the cow looks like a bridge but it’s actually an ‘M’. 


This is a snake. It’s quite long. I copied it from the box. It uses all the colours, just like the cow. 

There are 3 things here. One is a rainbow wand, one is a duck and one is a house. The house only uses 2 of the colours but the duck and the rainbow wand uses all of the colours. The duck may be small but it looks cute. The rainbow wand is very colourful and it is actually a pattern.

House, duck and rainbow wand

The one at the back started as a pyramid but since I stacked up the 2 blue pieces, I thought it could be a castle instead. So I built it up into a castle. The other pyramid may be smaller but it looks like a real pyramid.

Pyramid and castle

It is very fun to built it and it is very nice to eat it. The flavours are very nice especially the blueberry because it is my favourite fruit.

~   mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~

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