Berjaya Times Square Theme Park – Kuala Lumpur

Last weekend, we drove up to KL for my mum-in-law’s 70th birthday party. I asked the kids if they wanted to spend the afternoon in Bejaya Times Square and they all shouted “Yes!”

We used to take them there every year when they were younger, but as they grew up, we explored further holiday destinations. Going to Times Square was one of their school holiday tradition and they missed it very much.

Our road trip began at 7am

We allowed the kids to watch a movie on the iPad for awhile, and once we hit the highway, got them all to take a nap. The older 5 had a nice long nap while Kate fell asleep only 10-minutes before we reached KL. That’s how it always is, isn’t it!

We had lunch, checked in, then headed straight for Berjaya Times Square, which is located in the Bukit Bintang area. We always stay at Park Royal Hotel as it is within walking distance from Times Square, Overseas Restaurant and Pavilion (a huge mall that I love).

If you are wondering which hotel is more suitable for your family, Park Royal is newer and nicer, while Berjaya Times Square Hotel is well-worn, but the rooms are larger and more convenient if you have young children.

It sounds illogical, but they still prefer this theme park compared to Disneyland, Universal Studios and Legoland simply because it is in air-conditioned comfort and everything is very compact and you don’t have to walk as much. The upper floor is for the younger kids and they have a whole range of rides suitable for tots from 1-6 years old.

Kate on the Merry-go-round

Besides the merry-go-round, they have the bumper cars, viking, bumble bee, train ride and botanic drive.

Bumble Bee

They had a swell time with their cousins, and could have happily played the whole day if given the chance! There’s also a mini movie theatre which screens different movies throughout the day.

Botanic Drive
Crazy bus

#5’s favourite is the bumper car. Even on a Saturday, the queue for each ride is only about 10 minutes long.

Honey Bump

I remember Parkway parade used to have this viking swing when we were kids! The good ol’ days..

Molly’s Cool Swing

They have 2 playgrounds, one for older kids and one for toddlers. They also have a mini theatre where movies are screened for free.


The toddler playground..

Don’t ask me why she wanted to go down head first!

For the adults, teens, and brave tweens, the lower floor has enough thrilling rides to keep them entertained for hours.

Dizzy Izzy

#1 asked me to accompany her on the rides but there’s no way I’m going on any of them!

Spinning Orbit

In the end, she went on this roller-coaster by herself as none of her younger siblings dared to join her. 

Supersonic Odyssey

I heard lots of screams coming from this one.

DNA Mixer

After about 2 hours, the kids were still playing happily so I passed Kate to my mum and headed downstairs to FOS. We used to joke that it’s an acronym for ‘Full-of-Singaporeans’ as we were likely to bump into a fellow Singaporean.

Factory Outlet Store

The prices are really cheap, but it is not always possible to find the correct sizes for the kids. However, this time I managed to find lots of bodysuits for Kate. What a steal at RM30 for 3 pieces!

Love the captions

It is interesting how this is a Muslim country and this mall is not one of the newer malls, yet their Christmas deco can rival Takashimaya’s in scale. 

Nice big Christmas tree

The kids played until it was time to head across the street for their grandma’s dinner party. It was a surprise party with about 70 guests and everyone managed to keep the surprise! This is our favourite Chinese restaurant in KL.

Restoran Oversea

At Times Square, we tried to get Kate to have a nap but she couldn’t as it was too noisy. First time in her life that she did not have a nap in the day. Before the first dish was even served, she drank her milk and promptly fell asleep. As we did not have any more boot space to bring along a stroller, she slept on 2 chairs.

Seriously K.O

They have quite a lot of good dishes like the big head prawn, salted fish with slice pork, special bean curd and their steam fish. But the most popular dish is the char siew which has to be pre-ordered.

Oh so succulent

Longevity bun

It was a long day filled with lots of fun and excitement for the kids. We walked back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep before driving up to Penang the next day.

Sane tip: Even though this theme park is old, we have come every other year and the kids can spend a full day here. I find it enjoyable as it is not under the hot sun and we don’t have to wait long for each ride.

Save tip: For a theme park, this is really value for money. It cost us about S$15 each for a whole day of fun!

Operating Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12noon – 10pm
Sat, Sun, Sch hols/Public hols: 11am – 10pm

Admission rate:
Adult (13 & above): RM48
Child (3-12): RM38
Family rides (only 4 rides at upper level): RM25
Family (2A & 2C): RM138
Senior Citizen (55 & above): RM15

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