Awards ceremony

#3 went for the awards ceremony yesterday. Such a proud moment for us parents. There were quite a few grandparents around, and they were more excited than the students and parents! 

Awards presented by our MP

In total, she received a whooping $500 cash! $150 for Good progress award and $350 for Character award. She couldn’t quite believe it. The other kids went “Wah!!!” I think it might spur the others to do well this year!

2 cheques for her awards

Sane tip: It’s so nice to know that the MOE is working hand-in-hand with parents to encourage and motivate our students to do well, not only academically but in the character and leadership arena as well. Although I guess it’s tough for the teachers to be completely fair and objective in choosing the candidates. 

Save tip: Lots of cash to go into her piggy bank, that’s for sure!

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