Antoinette (Salted Egg Yolk Croissant)

The last time I’ve been to Antoinette was a long time ago, but they are in the limelight again with their newly launched salted egg yolk croissant, following trends in Hongkong and K.L.

Whenever someone mentions anything to do with salted egg, my ears are pricked. The kids and I love most salted egg dishes, but I have my doubts about it in a croissant.

Some friends heard that it gets sold out within the hour, and being typical Singaporeans (haha) they decided our next brunch venue would have to be here.

At 5 minutes to 11am, a small crowd started forming outside the cafe, all ready to try their new creation.

Dainty display of sweets

We decided to order 2 croissants to share amongst the 4 of us and add some main meals as it was almost lunch time.

They served us the croissant straightaway as it was fresh out of the oven.

Yes, they make good croissants. Yes, the salted egg yoke filling had good texture and was not too sweet, but it was a good thing we shared. The combination is interesting but not something I would crave for again.

Salted Yolk Lava Croissant $7.50

We are all crab lovers, and tried the Crab Pomodoro – homemade pasta with white wine tomato sauce, fine herbs, chilli, crab meat and clam broth. This was pretty satisfying although the pasta could have been more al dente.

Crab Pomodoro $26

Their savoury crepes sounded yummy and we went for the Nordic – smoked salmon, red onions, capers and dill cream cheese. Nice.

Nordic $19
As expected of their French classic desserts, the cakes looked exquisite and delectable.
Selection of petite cakes
Antoinette at Penhas Road

Since I was already there, I couldn’t leave without buying some croissants for the kids, could I?

When they returned from school, they were pleasantly surprised by a dessert treat, and after discovering what the bag held, their response was “Huh? Salted egg yolk croissant?”

Takeaway $6.50 each

Their verdict? “Not bad. By the way, the bag is very nice. Can we have it?”

Antoinette (Lavender)
30 Penhas Road
Singapore 208188
Tel: 62933121

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