Annual Christmas Party

Every December, there are a few Christmas traditions which the kids look forward to, which signal to them the start of the Christmas festivities. One of their absolute favourites is a Christmas party that a dear friend so generously invites us to every year. It’s a rather unique party whereby besides a guest appearance by Santa, there are many game stations for the kids to play. The fun part is that they are each given a card, and when they score points for the games, they will get some stamps on the card. They collect as many stamps as they can to redeem for gifts at the end of the party.

#5 trying to knock the cans down

#4 is hard at work trying to earn as much stamps as possible to complete her Christmas ‘shopping’.

Very popular minion game

Not only do they redeem gifts for themselves, but they also take this opportunity to redeem gifts for each other’s Christmas presents, and for gifts for their little cousins as well.

Discussing which toys are the most worth it

There are a lot of other activities going on at the same time, and one thing they never fail to join in is the colouring competition.

Giving their best shot

Their efforts paid off and #5 was the winner for his category! They were so proud of him and #2 gave him a great big hug!

The elf lady looking on in amusement

This is the first time in her life that Kate has seen a Santa Claus! She’s quite puzzled as to his appearance.

“It sounds like a man, but looks more like my soft toy!”

When they got home, they were eager to wrap up all the gifts they managed to redeem and checked off their list of presents to buy.

Almost done with their Christmas shopping…

Sane tip: While the kids were busy having fun and ‘working’ hard for their stamps, the adults sat down to enjoy the buffet spread. Don’t we just love Christmas! I’m also glad that my kids still enjoy such traditional games which are not electronic and find so much fun in these simple childhood pleasures. A lot of the other kids their same age did not want to play those games any more as they found it too childish or lame. I guess a lot of them have also been robbed of their childhood as their parents put too much emphasis on academic success and they have lost their carefree attitude and have grown up too fast. What a pity.

Save tip: The kids are ever so appreciative of kind ‘Auntie E’ who gives them the opportunity to go for this incredible party every year. Thank you once again, Auntie E!

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