And life goes on…

I’ve been resting in bed but once I start to walk, the pain returns. Perhaps the wound hasn’t healed completely due to the complications last time. Here’s my life in my incapacitated state…

We ate out for Christmas Day dinner with relatives and friends.

I had to be carried up…
And down.

Without me to keep an eye on everyone, Kate managed to wander out into the rain and had a great time all by herself. #3 carried her in and gave her a nice warm bath.

“This is great fun!”

#5 was tasked to look after her but somehow she bumped her face and cried. Thank goodness it was under her eye. Auntie C pacified her with an apple.

Your apple tastes so good

Boxing Day dinner was prepared by #3’s tutor as a Christmas gift to us and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Shepard’s pie

Auntie C whipped up a salad, and she literally threw in whatever she could find in the fridge. Apples, raisins, cranberry and passion fruit. It tasted really good… Guess you can’t go far wrong with a salad.

Anything-goes salad

#2 baked chocolate chip and marshmallow muffins for dessert. Ooh.. Decadently delicious!

Christmasy muffins

We had a very lovely simple dinner at home and it was indeed the company that counts. The girls are old enough to join in our conversations and we had good laughs throughout the night.

School is going to start in a week and I’m really annoyed with my inability to move around. Managed to get the earliest appointment to see the doctor in a week. Don’t know how they are going to solve the problem if it’s a re-opened wound inside. Really not looking forward to more stitches.

Sane tip: There’s nothing like being in the company of like-minded people. I have known C for 25 years, and #3’s tutor for a couple of years now. Although they met for the first time, it seemed like we have all known each other for ages. New friends or old friends, I do so cherish all my dear friends and I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for being there for me always and to allow me to be there for you. Sounds so sentimental, hor.. But the thing is, we usually don’t get a chance to tell them how much we appreciate them, be it friends or family. Let us remember to always pause and take a moment to tell another person how much they mean to us or how much we appreciate them. I’m sure it will brighten another person’s day.

Save tip: Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, as I was planning to head into town and hit the shops for the Boxing Day mega sales… And who was the one who wanted a family ban on shopping.. Alas, the heart is willing but the flesh is weak šŸ˜‰

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