A SURPRISE note from my 7 year old

What a brilliant start to my day!

I woke up to find a note which Kate wrote at 6am before going up the school bus.

Dear Mum,

I know for at least 20 years you have been stressed.

But now that I’m alive, I’m here to help you.

So if you excuse me.

I have to leave.

Love Katie

WOW wow WOW.

So much in this tiny square of a message!

At the young age of 7, she has such great empathy. To be able to understand that it is tough to raise so many kids, and to want to do something about it to make things easier for me.

Well, I’m not sure how exactly she is planning to help, but that is besides the point.

Her willingness to want to help in whatever way she can, warms my heart.

Such brimming confidence, and feeling empowered that she CAN do something about it. You go girl!

Now that I’m alive, I’m here to help you.

That cracked me up.


This girl would certainly be living life with a purpose.

And she ended with 

So if you excuse me. I have to leave.

I was just imagining my tiny little girl, throwing her heavy backpack over her shoulders, boarding the bus with her mates, getting through her school day, and coming home to work on saving the day.

More than anything a mum could ask for.

I am indeed blessed.

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Michelle is an Occupational Therapist by day and mum of 6 by night. Besides the already very demanding job of managing 5 teenagers and one 6-turning-16 tween, she is also Founder of The Little Executive, a nurturing centre to develop children in their 4Qs to survive today’s volatile world. She also makes time to volunteer with children and the elderly in her community.