A lovely old playground

Instead of hitting the usual neighbourhood playgrounds for our daily dose of fresh air and exercise, we went over to a friend’s condo to play. It was one of those older condos which I really love. Nowadays, most playgrounds are fitted with the new play systems. Apparently, they are safer for children. When I was at the hospital with #2 a couple of years back, the doctors told us that the majority of fractures in children are due to playing at the ‘monkey bars’. So those offending bars have been gradually removed from all playgrounds. However, I find that the new playgrounds are all too similar and lack the ‘open-endedness’ of the playgrounds of old which we were all familiar with. 

In this condo, there was a pond with huge fishes and giant terrapins and #3 was teaching Kate how to throw some bread in to feed the fish. But she kept refusing to let go of the bread!

The birds did not seem to be afraid of people and I could go really close to take this shot without frightening it away.

As this was a rather old condo, there was still a low monkey bar and Kate managed to hold on for 2 seconds by herself! (No, I did not let her hang there by herself. #3 had her hands underneath to catch her when she released her grip). In fact, I ever took #5 to a baby gym when he was around Kate’s age, and they had a monkey bar there and parents were taught to get their babies to ‘swing’ by releasing one hand at a time and grabbing the bar in front. Apparently, this is supposed to stimulate a part of the brain. 

There was a tunnel which resembled a train. I like these open-ended structures where the children can stretch their imagination and let it be whatever they want it to be. Kate found it really amusing to be in a tunnel.

She will always have a go at rock climbing! This structure is meant for the older kids so she didn’t get far. But hey, it’s the effort that counts šŸ™‚

They even have these old-fashioned swings which I haven’t seen in a long time. #5 held on tightly to her. I was surprised how fast this swing could go. Or was it that I am growing old.. Anyway, it sure brought back memories. We had a swing like that a good decade ago.

A friend found this treasure of a picture when she cleared out her house for her move back to Singapore. #2 was around the same age as Kate now!

#1 must have been about 3.. She’s almost 15 now. How time flies!

Sane tip: It’s good to take the kids outdoors everyday for some fresh air, even if it’s during the exam period.

Save tip: You don’t have to go far. Even a short stroll around your neighbourhood will be good enough.

~  mummywee – parenting 6 kids in Singapore without going mad or broke  ~

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  1. my husb is all for bringing the kids outdoors. i'm just glad parks these days are so much nicer than our time! and most still provide free carpark. šŸ™‚

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