A Loom-my gift

If you haven’t already heard (then you must surely have been hibernating), the current craze for kids is this rainbow loom thing where you use exorbitantly priced rubber bands to make all sorts of things with the aid of a plastic loom. I hear adults have also gotten into the fray and make wonderful things with the coloured bands like handbags too!

The only one amongst my kids who is really hooked on this is #4. So for her birthday present, #2 decided to custom make her a little caddy to hold her bands.

Simple materials: satay sticks and glue

She noticed that #4 needed some hooks to hang the finished wristbands and some compartments to store the various other designs she made.

Reinforce the base, she tells me

She fashioned it entirely out of satay sticks and toiled for days to complete the gift on time. Her thumb became the casualty from all that cutting and it even went numb for a couple of days.

Complete with hooks to hang the finished bands

Needless to say we were all impressed with her finished product. It even has miniature drawers and spins on it’s base! So proud of #2, she’s turning into a nifty lil’ crafter.

Spins on its base

#4 has been making me those bracelets but she noticed that I have not been wearing them. She googled for more ideas, made me a pencil-dangle and put it onto my pen. She added a little Daffy duck as she knows how such funny looking things never fail to make me laugh!

Pencil dangle

Sane tip: One good thing that came out of this craze is that it kept them busy during the school holidays. One busy looming, one busy cutting sticks.

Save tip: With 1 kid around who can create anything out of sticks, we don’t need to pay through our nose… but then again, I still can’t get over these over-priced rubber bands. Thankfully she received a whole stash for her birthday.

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4 Replies to “A Loom-my gift”

  1. #2 is absolutely creative! i'm impressed with the fact it can spin on its base!
    *ks mummy question*: how did you get her there? lolx….

  2. Haha Grace, your ks question made me laugh!

    Truth is, the kid must enjoy working with her hands to begin with. I have 6 but only 1 is creative in this way. When they are interested, they will naturally read (or nowadays it's google) about it and gain ideas. To guide her along, when she was younger, I would provide her with ample material (mostly from Popular) which she could play around with. At one time, she was busy making hamster and turtle 'amusement playgrounds'!

  3. Engineer? You reckon? Come to think of it, yeah pretty impressive to have designed it, cut holes at the right place, and it was all proportionate and the drawers slid in and out perfectly. She can be a product designer too!

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