A look back at 2013

Another year has flown by ever so quickly. This year, the focus was on Kate as we got used to having her around in our family. There’s nothing like a little baby to bring so much laughter and joy in the home, and everyone ever so frequently says “Look at what she’s doing!” And we’ll all be laughing at one of her antics. It could be her patting her big belly and smiling, or nodding her head to a pop song and bobbing along to the tune, or trying to get in and out of a box. Something simple like that. Can’t believe it was just months ago when she was still ‘botak’ and so small. This was her first ride out in her new car seat.

“My throne? Or my prison?”

She goes to the playground with #5 all the time, and sometimes he pushes her so hard that she has to hang on with all her might. Well, the good thing is, her gym teacher says that she has a really good grip. Well trained, well trained.

Full concentration to hang on

At times, he wants to turn her into a cool little dude.

Baseball player?

Sometimes, I don’t quite know what the both of them get up to early in the morning.

“I can’t see properly, gor gor”

Her aunt bought this costume for her daughter, who refused to wear it as it was too restrictive. So they put Kate in it. She’s too stunned to move or cry.

Mummy had a little lamb…

The girls love editing her photos… 

Little gangster
#3 was the one who taught her how to drink from a straw.

Water never tasted so good
But I guess her expression on this one sums it up. She seems to be saying “I’ve got only 1 big brother and even though he bullies me at times, I know he loves me very much.”
“Just 1 gor gor, do I have a choice?”

The other significant thing that happened in 2013 was the birth of this blog! It has come to feel like another baby of mine. It has become such a part of our lives as we share our stories and photos with family and friends on our journey of life. It is really gratifying when people tell me how the blog has helped them, whether it be some parenting advice, some ideas for the kids, or even that it gave them some laughs on a bad day. I want to thank all of your for your support and do continue to follow us on our adventures and invite your friends along too šŸ™‚

Sane tip: They grow up all too quickly. I have to keep reminding myself to enjoy every moment with them because when we look back, life is made up of the little things. And all the simple moments are the most precious ones.

Save tip: It doesn’t take the big and expensive things to build a loving family with happy memories. Looking forward to 2014, I will make a greater effort to scale down our lives and live simply and meaningfully. 

Here’s to a more fulfilling 2014
~   mummy wee – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore  ~