3M Scotch Expressions Tapes

We were invited to the launch of Scotch’s line of Expressions tape. The girls love washi tape and were eager to check out their new range of decorative tape. They were definitely not disappointed. Scotch Expressions tapes has more than 55 colours and patterns to “put the fun in functional with these bright and colourful adhesive tapes”!

Washi tape

They showed us multiple ways to jazz up everyday objects using tape. How cool is that. I love colour as it brightens up my day, and this is a great inexpensive way to personalise everyday objects.

Add a pop of colour into household objects

Each family was given a plain ikea chair to decorate and take home, and they demonstrated how to use the tape to cover the chair in beautiful designs. As the team started to pull more and more tape to decorate almost the entire chair, my girls were incredulous. They whispered to me, “Mum, that’s gorgeous but which mum would allow their child to waste tape like that?” Er, I think I have ingrained in them too well not to be wasteful of scotch tape when we wrap presents.

Using her tape sparingly

The organiser then went on to say that we could take as much tape as we liked from the stand and we could even bring them home. The girls couldn’t believe their ears. All that tape for FREE? One of them (I shan’t mention who) got carried away and took a whole armful of tape. I was appalled, and so were her siblings, and I told her to put half of it back. When I asked her why on earth did she do something like that, she replied: “The man said we can. And you would never buy us that much tape.” Needless to say, what followed was a lecture on expecting her to know better than to take him literally and to consider the needs of others too.

Kate was attracted to the colours and wanted in on the action

The range of washi tape are available in single packs as well as 3-packs of complementary colours for easy coordination for a themed look. While the girls were busy decorating their chair, Kate kept herself busy with the lovely tea that was provided.

“This white fluff looks interesting”

“Eww, it feels so gooey and eeky.” Don’t think she’s ever eaten or touched cream before.

“Please take it away, mum”

When we reached home, I was inspired to add a splash of colour to personalise my stuff. The first thing I decided to embellish was Kate’s toy boxes. 

Plain ol’ labels

I chose a bright and cheery pinkish red design and immediately the box looked so much better! And the great thing is, they can be removed cleanly. Even with several tries of sticking and removing to get it aligned, the tape still stuck well.

Personalised toy box in an instant

I wanted to make the boxes easily identifiable, both for Kate and myself, so I chose the pinkish colour for toys and the colourful design for craft and activities.

Great way to organise by colour

After I was done, I went to #4’s room and was surprised to find her personalising her space too. She was eager to show me the stuff she had jazzed up.

Solid coloured lamps from ikea

The other thing which I really like are their masking tape. I have heard of washi tape before, but I’ve never seen decorative masking tape, and I absolutely love it! Masking tape is so easy to use as it can be easily torn by hand and they come off clean. The only bugbear I had was the awful beige colour. Now, they come in such trendy designs. They offer 4 solid colours such as Lemon Lime, Mint Green, Pink and Orange, and 4 colourful designs.

Scotch Expressions Masking Tape $6.90 each

Scotch Expressions tapes can be used on a wide variety of surfaces and they can also be written on with a pen, pencil or marker. The tapes retail at $3.90- $9.90 (w/GST) and are available at POPULAR bookstores from mid March 2014.

Our Scotch goodie bag
Sane tip: It’s really good fun to jazz up objects around the house and to match them with our decor. It’s also a great way to personalise the kid’s school lunch boxes and water bottles for easy identification. A roll can go a long way so it’s cheaper than buying new items. Visit My Activity Room website for creative ideas and projects for various occasions. It’s also a good alternative as presents for school-going kids, instead of buying them toys. 

Save tip: Scotch Make Amazing workshops are happening this weekend and next weekend with a dollar for dollar promo! For example, spend $15 and get a goodie bag worth $15 and a free Scotch Make Amazing creativity class. Classes are scheduled every hourly at POPULAR Northpoint (March 15-16) and POPULAR Bras Basah (March 21-23).

Disclaimer: We were invited to the launch of 3M Scotch Expressions Tapes. All opinions are my own.

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