#3 turns 12!

#3 celebrated her 12th birthday not with a big party, but with her 2 closest friends. They have been friends since Primary 1 and remained close even though they are in different classes. They came over the day before her birthday and the 3 of them spent the day shopping for matching phone covers, eating, taking photos, watching a movie and playing with Kate. I could hear them laughing and giggling the entire day. I took them out for dinner and also invited both the girls’ mums. Although the 3 of us mums come from different walks of life, we have stayed connected because of the strong friendship of our daughters as we watched them grow up through the years. We have guided them through their quarrels, friendship and ‘un-friendship’, saw them shed tears, apologise and make-up with one another, and helped them navigate the challenges which will lay the foundation for a true and lasting friendship.

Her 2 best friends

Her friends stayed over and the next day, we had a little celebration with the cousins on the hub’s side of the family. Her aunt baked her a cheesecake, and according to the kids, their aunt bakes the best cakes!

With her little cousins

In the evening, we had dinner with my side of the family, and we also celebrated my dad’s 74th birthday.

With the grandparents

She is indeed fortunate to be surrounded by so many people who love her dearly. I remember when she was just 4, my mum commented, “We have to teach her well, if not I can see her eloping with a biker boyfriend at 18.” She was a precocious child with a very strong character. Quite a lethal combination. Friends used to caution me that she was very rebellious, stubborn and headstrong. I’m so glad that she has turned out to be thoughtful and sensible.

With her grandaunt

My wish for her is that in the next 12 years, she will grow in love and compassion and that she will continue to forge close and lasting friendships that will see her through the turbulence of the teenage years. And that she will always be a light to her family, friends and those around her.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my dear child šŸ™‚

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