2 Reunion dinners in a night

Every year, we do both sides of our family’s reunion dinner on the same night. We go over to my mum’s place for an early dinner at 5pm and head back home to join the hub’s side of the family thereafter.

#2 and #4 went over after lunch to help my mum with the preparations for steamboat. They did a great job slicing the salmon and abalone really thinly, and even had a go at chopping the chicken.

They also helped to wash the car porch and back yard and set the table for dinner.

Reunion dinner at my mum’s place this year was a cosy affair with only our immediate family members.

Reunion at my mum’s

Meanwhile, the other 2 girls were at home, being on hand to be summoned by their other grandpa to run to the provision store to pick up missed out items as he cooked up a storm.

Reunion on the hubs side of the family is a more rowdy affair, including relatives who drove down from KL to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

Lo Hei

The highlight of our annual celebrations is not only the tossing of Yu Sheng, but also having our family photo taken. Everyone took their places as the hubs set the camera up.

Wee Family scene

With so much going on, Kate did not want to go to bed. After her shower, she begged to go down again to see what was happening. “Please mummy, just a little while..”

Even though it was almost 11pm, I relented.

Thank you mummy!”

She scuttled down and had another round of fun.

Kate with her grandaunt

And with that, we close one chapter while we usher in a brand new lunar new year.

Wishing all my readers peace, success and good health in this Year of the Monkey!

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