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Welcome to Ros Schoolhouse, a cosy enrichment centre located in Pasir Ris. Here, they offer a whole-brain enrichment programme for children aged 2 – 7 years old. I was sponsored the parent accompanied class with Kate and was astonished by the sheer number of activities packed into the 1 hour session.

Ros Schoolhouse (Pasir Ris)

Ros Schoolhouse is specially designed to provide young children with an opportunity to fulfil their utmost potential through early introduction exposure to essential skills and concepts using a holistic approach.

This was the first time Kate has attended such a program, and I discovered that the instructional approach of the whole-brain program is derived from the neurolinguistic awareness of the functions of the brain’s left and right hemispheres. This creates an integrated brain – a “whole” brain where the functions of one hemisphere are immediately available to the other. The foundation is especially important when children start formal schooling in primary school. This is a strong “pull-factor” in the education-focused and competitive Asian education landscape. 

The Programme structure for the Enrich 1 – Enrich 3 classes include Phonics, Quantitative Mathematics, Science and discovery, IQ play, Music and movement, Art & Craft, Memory play (right brain stimulation) and Thematic General Knowledge Input (through flashcards and games).

Eric Carle story
Several different modalities are used to engage the children, including flashcards, props, worksheets and even a spot of TV! What I liked was that the classes are kept small with a maximum of 6 in a class. They also believe in engaging parents in learning new ways to interact with their child.
Use of flashcards for long term memory

They play memory games whereby the children are flashed 4 images on a sheet of paper. It is then hidden and they have to place the correct card in the correct spot. Well, Kate got it all wrong, and I was surprised to see that the other kids managed to do it quite easily. The other mums reassured me that their kids started out like that too and got better with practice.

Memory fun
For phonics, they are taught the sounds of the letters and learn to trace the letters using worksheets. The teacher, whom the children endearingly call “Auntie Sonia” is very encouraging and the kids seem to love her!

The children are taught reading using sight words and in this activity, they were given 2 very similar looking words, “for” and “of” and had to place the correct word “for” onto the hot air balloon. Kate managed to do it, but then I realised it was by sheer luck!
For quantitative mathematics, every child was given a set of large beads and they had to string the beads according to shape and colour. This aids in developing their fine motor skills too. Kate enjoyed this activity very much.

They are exposed to more Math concepts using worksheets, like counting the number of birds and shading the corresponding number of circles. Kate has to be guided to complete it properly.
There are some Mandarin components included in this class, and here, Auntie Sonia is reading them a story using flash cards.
For Art and Craft in our final week, the kids were given material to make a lovely Mother’s Day craft. Always nice to receive a gift from our kids, even though we had to supervise most of it 😉

Homework is given every week to reinforce the learning, and the older kids were amused that Kate had ‘real’ homework to do! She is learning words beginning with ‘i’.

Exclusive Promotion for mummywee readers!

1 X Free Trial class (worth $38 – $42) plus a Free set of Memory Train Cards (worth $30) for the initial term upon immediate sign up after the trial class.

Simply mention Mummy Wee when booking your free trial class.

Promotions available until 31 December 2015.

Fees: $38 – $42 per lesson,
(Enrich 1 – Enrich 3 and Toddler Programme) 12 weeks per term
(Enrich 4) 24 weeks per term
Material Fee (craft) / Workbook: $27 / term
Memory Train Cards / Tags: $30
Sibling discounts are available.

Ros Schoolhouse

Ros Schoolhouse @ Pasir Ris West Plaza
Blk 735 Pasir Ris Street 72
Tel: 6581 8176 / 9787 3538


Ros Schoolhouse @ Yew Tee CC
20 Choa Chu Kang Street 52
Tel: 9365 7568


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored advertorial. All opinions are my own.

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