Kate’s antics: Marina Bay Sands

One person who never fails to cheer me up… Tis cheeky lil’ toddler who is full of monkey expressions.

1st person sunbathing on the rooftop pool with her life jacket on.

“Better get up before I get too tan”
“Eh, where’s everybody??”
“Lucky you all didn’t leave without me”
We had the luxury of a staycation at the MBS suite courtesy of a good friend. It was so big that they could play hide and seek.
Walk-in wardrobe
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Jurong East Swimming Complex

Jurong East Swimming Complex is probably the most comprehensive public pool in Singapore. They have a play structure for the little ones, a wave pool, a lazy river, big slides, a jacuzzi, and a competitive pool. 

Kate having fun jumping in and out of the water
She’s pampered by her siblings who would prop her up to touch everything she points to.
She loves sprays of water

Lazy river (in the foreground) and the wave pool (background). Every once in a while, there is a huge spray over the wave pool. Be prepared to get drenched!

For the older kids there are 3 water slides. 2 of the slides require the use of the float.

The older kids went off to try the slides while Kate played happily by herself.

“Ain’t it fun?”

We arrived at 4.30pm on a weekday during the school holidays and they ran out of floats to rent. It costs $2 for 2 hours of rental, plus you need to place a $3 deposit which will be refunded.

The only food available inside is Pastamania. What happened to the good ol’ days where they sold fish balls on sticks and fried bee hoon? I needed a cup of hot milo and it costs about $4! Will remember to bring a whole flask of it the next time.

The decor at the background is just a facade

I walked one big round to look for the entrance to Pastamania, and it is just a windowed counter at the far right end.

After about 2 hours, Kate had enough and she sat and had her snacks while waiting for the older ones to enjoy themselves without having to take care of her.

Contented with her fill of play
Sane tip: Do note that it’s closed on Monday, to avoid disappointment. The last school holiday, the kids were all prepped to go and alas, it was a Monday and the gates were closed. We ended up in Jurong West Swimming Complex instead. Be prepared for a huge crowd during the school holidays and weekends.

Save tip: It can’t get any cheaper than this for a ton of water fun! Pack your own picnic and you can easily spend half a day there.

Jurong East Swimming Complex
21 Jurong East Street 31
Singapore 609517

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The kids had such a special treat yesterday. We went for the LEGOLAND Malaysia Water Park media preview. It is in fact the largest LEGOLAND Water Park in the World, and the only one in Asia. It is targeting kids between the ages of 2-12. I took the 4 middle kids along (they are currently aged between 7-13) and they all had a blast! 

The first thing that greeted us was the Lazy river. It was bright and cheerful with giant Lego blocks floating all around. The kids immediately grabbed their floats and hopped on. As they floated along, they picked up the soft blocks and customized their raft.


Kids under 107cm have to be accompanied by an adult. There are both single and double rafts. It is a really long lazy river so you can just lie back and relax. You enter and exit the river from the same place. The building in the background is the LEGOLAND Hotel which is scheduled to be open early next year.

It was lunch time so I told the girls to hit the slides as there were hardly any queues. This was their favourite slide among all as it was thrilling and they could all slide down together. You have to bring a blue mat up and then slide down on your tummy. This slide looks scarier than it really is. #5 was initially afraid to try it but after the girls persuaded him to join them, he loved it and kept on going.

Slide racer: min height of 107cm
This slide is suitable for the younger kids as it is quite gentle.
Twin Chasers: min height 102cm
Red Rush
There are a few slides where you can slide down together on a tube. There are the 2-seater tubes and also the round tubes which can fit 3 or 4 people.
Splash and Swirl: it spins you around, don’t get dizzy!

They found this red and yellow striped slide to be the scariest ride in the whole park. But it was still manageable for #2 and #3, although #5 didn’t dare to ride it.

Brick Blaster

There are shoe racks at every ride where people placed their slippers, spectacles, t-shirts etc while they went up the ride. Very useful.

The kids took a break to have lunch at 2.30pm and by then the lunch queues were much shorter. Heard from a lady that they queued for more than an hour to get their food during the lunch hour! There are only 2 F&B outlets. The Beach ‘n’ Brick Grill serves a mix of Asian and Western main meals. It is right next to the Wave Pool.

Their sets are priced at RM25 and you have a choice of Nasi Lemak rice (which is not very lemak) with roasted chicken, Roasted chicken leg with fries, Hot dog with fries, Salmon fingers with fries or Burger (chicken or beef) with fries. The sets comes with a cup of cut fruits and a soda (choice of Fanta, sprite, coke, iced-lemon tea, or mineral water). They also have kids meals like sausages or nuggets with fries.

The kids relaxed in the wave pool while I queued for lunch. They found the waves much too mild. It is more suitable for the younger kids. We could take Kate here the next time!

We managed to get a table but during the peak lunch hour, there were not enough tables. The food was decent, enough to fill their hungry tummies! They were more keen on quickly finishing up their lunch to return to the slides.

Nasi Lemak with roasted chicken, Salmon fingers with fries, Fruit cup

There are ample seating around the park, but it was hot, hot hot! Wish we had a cabana to ourselves. They are for rent at RM300 per day which comes with towels, some drinks (in a fridge), and a safe. But the best of all, a ceiling fan! I even saw some people having a snooze inside.

The popular ones were right where the action was, by the wave pool. You can rent them from the Guest services counter at the entrance. Max: 4 pax

For the toddlers, they have a shallow pool with slides and larger-than-life DUPLO animals. There’s a bit of shade over the shallow pool, which was very thoughtful.

They also have interactive stations where kids can build structures and shoot jets of water at it to make them spin.

The kids were going to start on the play structure but it started to drizzle and there was lightning so they suspended all play areas. This interactive play structure allows the kids to aim water cannons at one another. And of course, perched right on top is the perennial favourite of the giant water bucket. This bucket is really huge as it pours 350 gallons of water each time!

Joaker Soaker

We decided to grab a snack to wait out the rain. After all that climbing to get to the top of the slides, they were hungry again, so we ordered some sides from the Brick Bay Café. They have Cheesy potato wedges (RM5), Curly fries (RM5), Fried chicken wings (RM15), and hot and cold drinks. They also have sandwich combos for RM25.

#4 and #5 entertained themselves by building lego structures as it continued to drizzle. The lifeguard was very friendly. He was even helping #4 to hold up her structure as she fixed it, as her base was not stable.

There are lockers for rental at RM20 (small) and RM40 (large) for the whole day. We couldn’t find the shower facilities as there were no clear signs, and after asking the staff, we realised that you have to enter the locker room near the entrance of the park before you can see the shower area.

What an awesome day they had! LEGOLAND Water Park will be open to public from tomorrow, 21 October 2013.

Adult:                  RM105
Child/Senior:        RM85
Toddler: (0-2yrs): RM10

For Combo Admission of Theme park and Water park, and Annual Pass ticket information, click here.

Parking is at RM7 for the whole day.
There is also a coach service from Singapore Flyer which arrives in LEGOLAND in less than an hour. It costs $20 for a return journey. The great thing about taking the coach is that they have a separate lane and you don’t have to be caught in the causeway jam!

Sane tip: Go against the grain. Lunch time is the best time for them to play the slides as the queue is the shortest. Besides, lunch time is the worst time to queue for food.

Save tip: Tickets purchased online at least a week in advanced entitles you to 20%.

Thank you, the kind people behind LEGOLAND for our awesome day out!

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Jurong West Swimming Complex

It’s the start of a one week school holiday (again). This time, it’s a 4-day break for PSLE marking with one public holiday, which means I have 9 days of having the 4 younger kids at home with me! We’re going to start our week off with a trip to the swimming pool. We actually intended to go to the Jurong East Swimming Complex as #4 went there last week with her school and she enjoyed herself very much. However, when we reached there, we were so disappointed to find that it was closed! They close for cleaning on Mondays. So do note that. The next nearest alternative was Jurong West Swimming Complex (do note that they close on Tuesdays for cleaning).

Although smaller than Jurong East Swimming Complex, it was not too bad for a public pool. They have a central play structure for the younger kids, a long slide for the older kids, and a shallow pool for the babies. Kate did not dare to play at the play structure as there was a lot of water falling from everywhere. So her siblings decided to take her to play in the Lazy River. You can rent one of those yellow round float for the kids to sit in and relax while they get pushed along the river. Personal floats are not allowed in the river. Each float costs $2 for a 2 hour rental period. You also have to put a deposit of $3 per float. I rented 2 for the 5 of them to share.

The floats are rented from this Guest Services counter at the entrance

#3 brought along a friend with her. She came over to study with #3 as this week is supposed to be a study week for the children as the exams are next week (they are in P5). I told them to take a break from studying to go have some fun at the swimming complex without the crowds.

They can all handle Kate beautifully

They went a couple of rounds around the Lazy river. There are parts in the river where some water falls on you while you drift along. Kate was unprepared for that and she didn’t like it. She had enough and wanted to get out.

They tried taking her to the very shallow baby pool to play with the water but she kept shaking her head and refused to go in. She had had enough of the water!

The shallow pool is just by the side of the play structure

Since she didn’t want to play anymore, they returned her to me and went off to enjoy on their own. The weather was perfect, slightly overcast so it was not hot.

I gave her a snack and she’s all good now!

Her usual cheery self, with a lot to say…

Sane tip: Do rent the float. It’s pretty relaxing to just float along… All your problems can wait… Oh, and keep the entry card for your exit. I threw them into one of the many bags we had and we had to dig everywhere to find them.

Save tip: Less than $10 for an afternoon of fun for everybody is sure a good deal!

Jurong West Swimming Complex
20 Jurong West Street 93
Singapore 648965

Operating Hours:
8am – 9.30pm
(closed every Tuesday)

Adults: Weekdays $1.50 Weekends $2.00
Child/Senior: Weekdays $0.80 Weekends $1.00

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