Saddle Club Country Fair

We spent Sunday afternoon with the grandparents at Bukit Timah Saddle Club’s Annual Country Fair. They have interesting events lined up such as show jumping competition, horse fancy dress competition and pony games. We went to this event many years ago and now it is a much bigger affair. #1 stayed at home to study for her exams which are in a couple of weeks time. #2 was thrown off a horse once and she would rather stay away from horses!

How are you, dear horse?

For the babies, this was their first encounter up close with a horse. They were staring intently at this beautiful horse. Kate even wanted to touch it.

Kate’s cousin joined us

There was this horse alone in a ring. It bent down, lay on the sand, and started wriggling around vigorously. Then it stood up again and shook off the sand. I think it was trying to get rid of an itch.

They offered pony rides at $10 per ride. This was very popular with all the kids and there was a long queue.

We were all rather hot by then and in need of a place to rest. They had stalls selling snacks and drinks. You could even purchase the outdoor furniture we were sitting on!

These girls were getting ready for the pony race. Pity we didn’t have time to stay and watch the race as we had to head home for a party.

Sane tip: If your kids have never seen real horses, you can come by and have brunch or tea at either the Rider’s café or Marmalade pantry and the kids can wander around the stables. It is a lovely laid back place to spend a weekend morning or evening.

Save tip: If you bring your own snacks and drinks, it’s a very entertaining family day out, all for free! 

~ mummywee – parenting 6 kids without going mad or broke  ~

Bukit Batok Nature Park – playgroup outing

Today one baby and one mummy are down with a slight cold so we decided to take our playgroup session outdoors so that we could all get some fresh air. This is the first time we are taking the babies to Bukit Batok Nature Park.

Hmm.. why do they look so grumpy?

It is a nice place to push the babies as the terrain is flat. When we entered the park from the carpark, we took a left turn. Soon we spotted a squirrel darting across the road to the other side.

A squirrel

We also spotted some birds which we have never seen before. They are white-breasted and have a beautiful white crown on their heads.

Spot the birds

It was a 5 minute stroll before we reached the playground. This playground is covered in sand. The kids had a few slides down the long slide then they played on this thing which goes round and round.

Mom I can’t hang on much longer

Older kids will appreciate this climbing structure.


Our toddlers were not able to play on this as the holes between the ropes are too widely spaced.

After a little while the kids had enough of the sandy playground so we plonked them back into their strollers. We walked another 5 minutes deeper into the park and were greeted by this beautiful scenery.

Little Guilin

That was enough for a morning’s outing and we headed back. Time for their naps!

Aly is totally exhausted!

Sane tip: This nature park is actually quite pleasant if you go on a weekday evening. I think we should explore more of our local parks.

Save tip: It’s free!

~ mummy wee – a blog on parenting 6 kids in Singapore ~

SSO Classics in the Park

Singapore Symphony Orchestra concert in Botanic Gardens

Yesterday, Kate’s playgroup mate’s mummy asked us all if we wanted to head down to Botanic Gardens as she was playing in the orchestra. I love such outdoor events and took the youngest 4 along. The concert commences at 6pm but parking gets full very quickly. We decided to go earlier to show Kate the swans and to feed the fishes. It was also a good chance for the kids to have ample space to ride their wheelies.

What a lovely white swan

We found our playgroup friends and settled down to have our picnic dinner while listening to the beautiful music.

I’m having a good time

The concert lasted about an hour which was perfect timing to pack up and leave before it got dark. We’ll definitely be back the next time!

Kate’s playgroup mates…

“Hey look over there.” “I said don’t touch me!”

Sane tip: What better way to spend a relaxing Sunday evening. Lush greenery, beautiful music… 

Save tip: This is a free concert open to public. The next concert is likely to be held next year. Will keep you posted 🙂