Kate’s antics: An ice-cream to make your day

I haven’t posted any of Kate’s antics in a really long time!

Have been busy with other ‘more important’ things that I’ve forgotten to watch out for the little things in life, let myself go, and laugh with abandon.

A simple thing like savouring a good ol’ fashioned ice-cream can bring so much joy.

It takes a little child to put things in perspective, doesn’t it?

Ooh, looks yummilicious
Let me give it a lick..
Woah! Super c-o-l-d!
Just kidding…

She’s at the age where she’s soaking up everything like a sponge, especially from her 5 older siblings and their friends who come over to our place frequently, and constantly surprises us with the things she says and does.

Cheek to cheek smiles

Many of the friends I have known through my children have kids the same age as my 3 older teens and we feel the yearning of the “Empty Hands”. They haven’t quite flown the nest, but want their space.

We no longer have to feed them, change their diapers nor carry them till our backs break.

But we miss their chubby arms around our necks and their cheeky faces looking up earnestly at us.

When they are little, we can’t wait for them to grow up so our job will be less tiresome. And when they grow up, we wish they were cute and little again.

The irony of it.


Hug your little ones more often.

Hold your tongue and listen to what they have to say.

For the day will be gone too soon.

And you would wish you had held them more, nagged at them less, and found time to laugh with them a lot more.

It is not too late.

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Kate said “I love you” to a stranger?!

One weekday afternoon, I took Kate and #5 to our neighbourhood playground.

As usual, she would go on her balance bike while I brisk walked next to her.

She tries to cycle as much as possible on the pavement, but for most stretches, it is hardly possible and she ends up having to cycle at the side of the road.

From afar, we saw a car turning in and she stopped.

I instructed her to come closer to me as we tried to find a space between the parked cars to nip in.

The car slowed right down, and the elderly man wound down his window.


I could see what was coming.

The man started telling me how dangerous it was to allow a little girl to ride on the road, and that she should be on the pavement, that sometimes drivers can’t stop in time, are not concentrating fully, or their reflexes might be slow.

I kept quiet and allowed him to go on.

Yes, I could have answered back with all my excuses.

That I’m sure he has never tried cycling on the pavements in our area, as he would have noticed that they are blocked by dustbins, flower pots or cracked pavements due to the tree roots.

When both sides of the lanes are clear, she is able to keep close to the pavement and if any car passes by, they have enough space on the other lane.

However, right where we were, cars were parked on one side of the road, which left only one clear lane.

Even though she looked like she was riding in the middle of the road, she was actually trying her best to keep to the side.

No, no, she doesn’t go to the playground in a frock

But I knew where this man was coming from.

He was concerned about the little girl on a bicycle.

After he was done with his little tirade, Kate waved to him and said “Ok uncle. Thank you uncle. Bye bye uncle. I love you, uncle.”

The elderly man broke into a smile, waved back and told her to take care.

#5 who had watched in silence exclaimed incredulously, “Who says I love you uncle to a stranger in a car!”

“I mean, who does that?!”

Kate passed him with a big smile on her face.

She could smell care and concern from the elderly stranger.

What struck me was how I felt after that.

If I had had any altercations with him whatsoever, it would have left everyone in a negative mood.

Instead, by biting my tongue, listening in humility, and acknowledging the concern the other party had, the exchange ended peacefully and none of us had to walk away with an unpleasant feeling in our hearts.

Kids have so much to teach us, don’t they?

Other lessons

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Kate’s antics: Unbridled enthusiasm

I haven’t been posting Kate’s antics for quite awhile because now that she’s past two and a half, her cute behaviours have diminished drastically, and been replaced by funny things she says which crack us up.

Her character is also starting to show and she is still a bundle of joy to have around the house (so far!)

My masterpieces!

This morning, she found 2 little buttons and laboriously stuck them onto a piece of paper (took many tries with the glue stick before they attached properly).

She scribbled something on it and presented it to me with such aplomb.

Look MUM!

I have a PRESENT for YOU!

And I drew your NAME!

WOWWWW… isn’t it nice, mum?

Well, the gift was nothing to rave about, but it sure lifted my spirits and put a big smile on my face.

Now I absolutely understand the meaning of ‘the gift of a smile’.

Anything we do for another with utmost sincerity in an attempt to make them happy is nothing short of a wonderful gift.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you are enjoying you long weekend with your primary school kids!

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Kate’s antics: Flying fox

Who says a 2-year old can’t go on the flying fox?


Behind every successful toddler is a team of enthusiastic siblings / cousins.



And off they go to give her the extra boost.

Hanging on tight

Running ahead to catch her.

West Coast Park playground

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Kate’s antics: Mummy can have her churros and eat it

What do mothers with young kids really want for Mother’s day? It’s such a dilemma for me.  I want to be with my family, yet I also want to enjoy a day off without any sound of bickering or whining. I have finally found the perfect solution. Spread it over the weekend!

On Saturday, we went for a leisurely lunch with my parents as we don’t like to squeeze with the crowds on Sunday and be limited to mother’s day menus.

I used to have to sit next to Kate to see her through the meal but now that she is more independent, her sisters can handle her.

So many jie jies to dote on her

On Sunday, I declared a day off and escaped to Sentosa Cove for a lovely lunch with some friends. Kate was such a dear. She kept herself occupied with the art counter set up for the occasion and painted me a heart. When she had enough of that, she came back to our table for her lunch. She fed herself and when she was done, asked if she could go back for some face painting. Sure, why not? Anything that keeps you quiet, my dear 😉

Learning to be ambidextrous?

Soon it was her nap time and she automatically came to look for me and said, “I want to sleep.” She drank her milk then promptly fell asleep in her stroller for 2 hours.

Quayside Isle

What bliss. Seeing your child sleeping soundly is always a delightful sight. And at a place as charming as Quayside Isle, along with good company? Nothing short of a perfect afternoon.

Sabio by the Sea
And the best part of our long lunch? Savouring the heavenly warm churros morsel by morsel, without having to deny (or share with) Kate such a sinful dessert 😉

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Kate’s antics: #2’s award ceremony

#2 managed to top her level in English and I took Kate along to the awards ceremony. The hubs was away and we decided that Kate would have the role as his stand-in anytime daddy was not around.

Guess who had a whale of a time there?

Being amused by jie jie’s friends

None of them have siblings so young and they were all squealing, “Sooo cute!”

“Up top!”

Having a snack while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

“Should I eat this or save it for later?”
It was the first time she met #2’s teacher but took to her immediately.
Bear hug
When the awards were being given out, she went and sat in the front row with the VIPs even though she has never met any of them before! 
Lil’ miss congeniality
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Kate’s antics: March holidays

It was the first time Kate experienced the March school holidays as her kindergarten follows the school term. Here’s a glimpse of what she had been up to.

I try to let her spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors in an attempt to negate the effects of hours spent in front of the TV.

Gardens by the Bay

Took her cycling with her cousin. I encouraged them to be creative and pointed out objects in nature which can be used to play with. The 2 of them were intently discussing how to cook with leaves and twigs.

Bukit Batok Nature Reserve

When I got too busy to take her outdoors?

Outsourced her to relatives.

Her all time fave – The Zoo

Times I was tied-up with the older ones?

Left the kiddos to the hubs. I can always count on him to up the ante – great outdoors with a view to boot.


When it got too hot?

There’s always plenty of water fun to cool off with.

Gardens by the Bay

No one to take her out?

DIY splashy fun at home!

Garden spa

But the best part of the school holidays?

Waking up in the mornings to see that everyone is at home.

Yummier with company
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Kate’s antics: Cookie monster

I don’t normally bake because somehow the cakes or cookies never turn out as expected. #4 was feeling very festive and suggested we bake some Chinese New Year cookies. I flipped through our cookbooks and found a very simple recipe for almond cookies. My favourite! One of my aunts used to make the best melt-in-your-mouth, fragrant almond cookies, and even though she has gotten old and stopped making them since I was a teen, I still remember them fondly. I envisioned smelling the aroma of freshly baked almond cookies and agreed to bake with #4. Kate wanted in on the action and helped us to mix the ingredients.

“Can this be eaten?”

The recipe was really, really simple, with the steps being “Mix ingredients xyz together, add in the oil, roll into balls and bake.” That’s it.

Somehow, instead of being melt-in-your-mouth cookies, ours turned out to be crunchy cookies that were hardly fragrant.

Why? Why???

Oh well. The consoling part was that the cookies actually looked decent. The older girls came back from school and commented, “Hey mum, you baked? Wow! Looks professional. Like the real thing. Are you sure you didn’t have any help from Auntie C?” But after they tasted it, they gave me a grin, patted me on the shoulder and said, “It’s ok, mum. Good try.”
Cookie thief

The younger kids didn’t know how almond cookies are supposed to be and said they were really yummy.

And Kate?

She was trying hard to decide if they were worth the calories.
“Hmm, let me think…”

We ended up with 6 racks of cookies because I was being ambitious and doubled the batch. The girls brought the cookies to school to share with their friends and luckily they all said it was super yummy. Great. Their classmates can have a free flow supply of crunchy almond cookies for recess this Chinese New Year.

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