What we get up to during the holidays

School holiday crazy has reached new heights. With 6 kids spanning the ages of 3 to 17, the past 2 weeks went by at breakneck speed as I juggled their schedules while preparing for the opening of my enrichment centre in July.

For the first week, I left the house at 7.30am every morning to send #2 to school and crashed into bed past midnight. Several times, I had to drop a kid and pick another up without having time to go in and check what’s happening with the rest. This is definitely more exhausting than the school week.

School holiday schedule
As #2 and #4 are having their O levels and PSLE exams this year, they returned to school for the first week for supplementary classes to cover what was not taught during the term.

Besides that, they are inundated with homework to prepare for the upcoming exams. I’ve engaged a tutor to come over to our place and they arrange their slots with her themselves. #2 also has study sessions with her classmates and I support her by being the chauffeur if the location is inconvenient.

Robotics class

I have to send #5 for some holiday programs to keep him from watching too much TV at home and from annoying Kate no end.

It was much easier logistically when they were younger and I could bundle all 5 along for the same events. Now, with each child having 1 or 2 activities per day, I’m running around like a mad woman.

This was how Tuesday went for me:

7.30 am: Left the house to send #2 to school. Reached home, quickly made breakfast for #1 and dropped her off for a full day of school. She’s having a busy week with one assignment due every 2 days.

9.30 am: Made it on time for a work meeting.

12pm: Rushed home to pick #5 and took Kate along.

12.30: Picked #4 from school and took #5 for class. Kate whined to follow gor gor and kept saying that she was a big girl and wanted to go for ‘class’. Unfortunately she was not allowed in.

Did the shades herself

As we walked off in search of lunch for a starving #4, with a grumpy Kate shuffling along, we chanced upon an art school. I popped in to ask if they had ad hoc lessons for her age and lo and behold, they did! #4 and I couldn’t be more delighted as we said our goodbyes.

Chicken sandwich

Having bought ourselves an hour of special mummy-daughter time, we ducked into the nearest cafe. After a charming lunch, we turned around to pick Kate from class and #4 was so amused that the young teacher was able to handle her for a whole hour and even managed to teach her to colour in gradient tones. Kate was so proud to show us her artwork.

3pm: #4 had arranged to go over to her cousin’s house for a cookie baking session and I dropped her off before sending Kate home for her afternoon nap. It was time to head back and pick #5 from his class.

5pm: #3 called and said she was done with volunteering at the Home. They are required to complete 15 CIP hours this round. Mummy taxi despatched again. Luckily, the hubs called right at that moment and he went over and picked them up.

6pm: Their grandpa walked through the door and we all had dinner at home together.

8pm: Everyone was in a holiday mood and the teens suggested we go for waffles. Came back, settled Kate to bed and did some work before calling it a night.

Diggersite @ ECP
For #5, I try to get him to go out and do some physical activities to expand his energy. Lots of swimming, trampoline park and play dates with his friends.

Before I left to spend the day catching up with my old friend and her boys, I had to ensure Kate was well occupied when she awoke. I looked around to see who was home and tasked #3 to take Kate out for tea after her nap. They went to the neighbourhood cafe for a slice of cake and tete a tete.

We took the boys to try their hand at being construction workers and it was harder than it looked! Finally they managed to manoeuvre the diggers properly and could plonk the sand in the bucket and pick up the wooden logs. Only grouse of the parents was the pricey $5 per 5 minute tokens.
Les Miserables

With the older girls, the activities we bond over have changed from kiddy fun to things like watching musicals and going for fancy meals. I was so excited that Les Miserables is back after a 20-year break and I knew the girls would love it as much as I did. To prepare them, I asked them to read the book, which was the same copy I read when I was a teenager. As expected, only #2 finished the book and she had to explain the storyline to the others.

Needless to say, they enjoyed the musical thoroughly and it was well worth the money. I taught them to play the scores when they were younger and finally they had the chance to hear the songs sung live.

Influencer event

Saturday was a back-to-back day for me. Was woken up by Kate at 7am and we cycled to the playground after breakfast. Went back to shower and had a meeting in church at 9.30am. Excused myself from the last bit and rushed home to pick Kate up as we were invited for an influencer lunch with Mr Seah Kian Peng, CEO of NTUC.

The hubs was left with the other kids and they took the opportunity to go for their favourite sashimi lunch without Kate around.

Lunch done, we made a quick exit and went off to meet some old schoolmates for a lunch-extended-to-tea session.

Kate was exhausted and had a nap in the car. After her forty winks, she was all ready to go swimming with her little cousin and #5. The rest of the family waited for us to get back to have dinner.

We rested on Sunday, and I had a nice long nap with Kate. All refreshed and recharged for the week.

My very own wheels

Come Monday, we were off again with a full week. Met up with a childhood friend and the nicest thing is to see our kids playing together like we did when we were little. We decided not to try the newly opened places to avoid the crowds.

Instead, we went to Kaboodle at East Coast Park as Kate and #5 enjoyed themselves the last time and we had the whole place to ourselves the entire few hours.

As we parted with the other kids, #5 asked if they could go to Lilliput, the mini golf centre which their grandparents used to take them to. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays.

#5 asked for my phone to google other mini golf places. I was quite certain that there wasn’t any other in Singapore and handled my phone to him.

He found out that Amazonia had a 9-hole mini golf, which glows in the dark! And they just had to go there! The 2 of them were jumping up and down with excitement and after much pleading, I relented. It was the holidays after all. Besides, I was busy the next day and the both of them were going to spend the day at home.

Amazonia at Great World

I love going out on weekdays. The indoor playground was relatively quiet and being a weekday, entry was for unlimited hours.

While they made new friends and played happily, I ordered lunch and did my work. Another handy skill I’ve picked up. Being able to pull out my work and delve right into it anytime, anywhere.

We had to leave at 4.30 to pick their cousin up for swimming lessons and Kate fell asleep in the car.

New found friend

When we reached home, she insisted on following us to the pool. While their cousin had lessons, #5 swam by himself and Kate made a new friend. Good for her, as I continued with my work while keeping an eye on her.

Sam @ 8Q

On Wednesday, we met up with an old friend and took the kids to Sam (Singapore Art Museum) @ 8Q. It is housed in a separate building from SAM and is situated on Queen Street.

Added bonus is the free entry for Singaporeans. We spent about 1.5 hours there, although the kids didn’t quite get the environmental message. At least we tried to expose them to different forms of creativity.

Dental surgery

The school holidays are also the time when we get the extras done. #2 was getting her braces fixed but the x-ray showed that she had an embedded tooth which needed to be removed first.

We went to Orange Orthodontics at Lucky Plaza medical centre and had it done by Dr Seah, an Oral & Maxillofacial surgeon as it was a delicate surgery due to the location of the tooth. The good thing was that she did not need to do it under general anaesthetic, but could get away with IV sedation. All went well and she is staying home to recuperate.

That was a whole morning gone, and I squeezed every minute out of the 1 hour when she was sedated to zip out and get my partner to sign some documents for submission. I literally ran back to the clinic as I wanted to be there when she awoke.

As though my Thursday was not harrowing enough, while I was home and tending to #2, Kate burnt 2 fingers on the iron while looking for our helper. Thankfully I had worked in the burns department in the hospital and knew what to do.

The hardest thing was to convince my helper not to put all sorts of remedies on her, and to insist that the hubs not run her fingers under cold water but tap water. She was crying hysterically because of the pain and I gave her paracetamol and applied fresh aloe vera to the burn. When she woke up from her nap she was feeling much better.

Casting call

Even though the older ones are independent, they still need mummy to accompany them for certain things like auditions and private vocal lessons. I’m happy that the strings are slowly released and they are not overly independent at this stage.

That’s how our June break has been going so far.

2 weeks down, looking forward to a more relaxing 2 weeks!

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KidsSTOP @ Singapore Science Centre

The latest attraction for kids from 18 months – 8 years is KidsStop at the Science Centre. They have an impressive gamut of activities which promotes experiential learning with a lot of fun!

I waited for the initial excitement to die down before taking the kids so that it wouldn’t be so packed. We went after school on a Friday and it was perfect as the place was not crowded at all. Kate and #5 had a whale of a time there as there is just so much to explore.

Kate patiently waiting her turn to fly the plane

Uh-oh. The two pilots ran off, along with the outfits. Oh well, we can make-believe just as well without the uniforms.

“You are my co-pilot. Must listen to my instructions ok?” “OK, gor gor!”
#5 finds our anatomy very amusing
Blasting off into space together. So long!
Everyone wants to touch the chick

We learnt how to tell the gender of the chicks. The females have a brown marking while the males are yellowish white in colour.

“Worm!” (She doesn’t know about millipedes yet)

#5 gave me a run down on hermit crabs – on how they ‘borrow’ shells, and about mud skippers. I didn’t know he knew so much about science!

Karoke Queen wannabe 
First you build the Lego
Then you use it for Stop Motion Animation
Be prepared for them being sandy!
After more than 2 hours of playing, Kate was ready to call it a day.
“Playing is such back-breaking work!”
Sane tip: Don’t forget to bring socks as some of the areas require socks to enter. They do very thorough health checks on the kids at the entrance so getting in takes a little while. You can purchase tickets either from the main Science Centre entrance or at KidsSTOP itself.

Save tip: I absolutely love this hands-on science museum! Definitely getting the membership the next time round. It’s $30 for a year and you need to bring along a passport photo and a copy of the child’s birthcert. Benefits of membership: 1 free admission for the child and accompanying adult. Subsequently, 30% discount off entry fees. Full benefits here.

KidsSTOP @ Singapore Science Centre
21 Jurong Town Hall
Singapore 609433

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Hello Kitty Town – Johor

We took the 4 younger kids across the causeway to Nusajaya (Johor) to spend an afternoon at The Little Red Cube and they had so much fun. It took us about half an hour to get there by car as it was smooth crossing the causeway at 1pm on a weekday. This is the first Sanrio Hello Kitty Town outside of Japan, and the kids were excited to take Kate there as they had enjoyed the Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo a few years back. I was surprised that even #3 who is already 12 enjoyed herself. We spent 4 hours there until closing time and they weren’t done playing.

Lots of Hello Kitty merchandise on sale


The 1st floor houses Hello Kitty town where there is a mix of activities such as simple cookie decoration, dressing up for a photo, a live show, a little playground, and Black Wonder – an interactive dim arena where they have to solve a mystery.
Spinning cup

You need this activity card as some of the activities can only be carried out once and they will give you a stamp.

Keep this with you

I think this was called jewellery making, but it’s more like just getting a free Hello Kitty necklace because there’s really nothing much to make. Thankfully we did not have to queue for this. A friend’s daughter queued for half an hour thinking she could create some jewellery, and was disappointed when it was simply putting the chain into the pendent loop.

Kate’s clasp broke by the time she got home
Kate ate her cookie plain while waiting for them to decorate theirs

Kate was mesmerised by the 15 minutes show as she has never watched a live show up close before. The music is rather loud so you might want to sit further back if your kids are young.

Song and dance routine


The 2nd floor houses a little arcade, a playground, Angelina Ballerina Dance Studio, Barney stage for a live show and more which the kids didn’t have time to explore. The older kids spent about 45 minutes at the arcade itself as they were thrilled that the games were all free!
Kate the referee

The arcade games are suited for kids as they are all of a mini version. #5 did a victory dance every time he managed to shoot a hoop and Kate would cheer him on.

“Go, gor gor, go!”

The 2 older ones were still not done at the mini arcade so Kate and #5 went next door and played in the playground. Even though it was not very big, the 2 of them had lots of fun racing up and tumbling down the little slope repeatedly.

As quick as her little feet can carry her

There was a couple fast asleep on the bean bags and everyone who walked past peeped in and sort of jumped back in surprised. While the kids were busy running around, I was sitting there being entertained by this reality ‘just for laughs gag’.

They must be exhausted running after their kids


They spent the longest at the 3rd floor which had lots of rides. The Malaysia school holiday had just ended last week so the place was quite empty. There were no queues and the kids went on the rides to their heart’s content.
“I’ll be your co-pilot, gor gor”

Bumping buffer’s steamies ride

Bertie the bus

Thomas the steam engine winds around a 2-story indoor playground. It was a really decent indoor playground and they played there until closing time.

Knapford station

Sodor indoor playground

Adjoining the indoor playground is a proper lounge. Ah, I should have known. Next time I’ll bring my reading material and relax here while the kids take care of Kate.

Parent’s lounge

We will definitely be back as we don’t have to drive all the way up to KL where we take the kids every year to have similar fun at Berjaya Time Square. That one is great if you have a wide age range (like if we take all 6 kids), but if it’s just those below 12, this is more than sufficient to entertain them. It is also newer and cleaner, and the kids would love the different characters like Hello Kitty, Barney and Thomas. I guess the kids could play for half a day because there were 4 of them. If you only have 1 or 2 kids, invite another family along and I’m sure the kids would have a swell time.

There are a couple of eateries outside of the amusement area such as Sushi King, Taiwanese snacks, and Starbucks. If any of the adults decide not to enter, the eateries extend to the back and is a nice place to wait as it overlooks the bay.

Eateries overlook this bay

Sane tip: Avoid the Malaysia school holidays as when it is crowded, you spend a great deal of time queuing up for a simple activity and it is quite frustrating. I heard that the Johor school week has recently been changed. The kids now attend school from Sundays to Thursdays. So it might be ok to go on a Sunday. However, if it is crowded, you could also go against the grain of the crowd and start on the 3rd or 2nd floor.

Another thing is to be prepared for a jam on the causeway. As the kids were famished, we decided to have dinner there before we headed home, and we were caught in a 2 hour jam home. I didn’t bring an extra milk feed for Kate as I didn’t expect the kids to play for so many hours as feedback from many friends was that it was not that fun. Thankfully, she didn’t kick up a fuss when we told her to just close her eyes and sleep first and we would give her milk when we reached home.

Save tip: Definitely go for the 2 park pass. For another S$15 each, they get to play at the other 2 floors. Friends who only went to Hello Kitty Town itself said it was boring and not worth the visit. Bring your own snacks as the food there is very basic. Kids below 3 enter free.
Hello Kitty Town
Nusajaya Johor
The Little Red Cube
(10 minutes away from Legoland)

Operating Hours:
10am – 6pm daily

Entrance Fee:
Hello Kitty Town alone: RM75 (Adult/Child)
Hello Kitty Town + Little Big Club: RM110 (Adult/Child)
Kids under 3: FREE

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Playful Elves indoor playground

Now that Kate has turned one, we have to constantly take her out to places where she can crawl, toddle, and climb in a safe environment. Our home is much too dangerous for her (stairs, chairs, sofas) and someone has to constantly watch over her. When Playful Elves invited us over to their playground, I was more than happy to accept their kind invitation. I brought Kate’s cousin with us to be her playmate and #3 and #5 followed along to babysit them.

Hey, how come your convertible is way cooler than mine?

The kids immediately went for the little race track as they don’t get that in other indoor playgrounds. Fans of Buzz lightyear would love this cute lil’ aeroplane.

She seems to really like all things on wheels these days. She spent most of her time here, opening and closing doors, getting in and out of the cars, ‘pumping petrol’ into the tank…

And calling her kakis to come join her.

Can you hear me?? I said this place has a cool race track!

There was a small jumping castle but Kate didn’t like it one bit. Think it was too wobbly for her. R was happy with the slide though.

Kate prefers the real thing.

The older kids had tons of fun with this shooting machine. You put the foam balls in, aim, and fire at little unsuspecting kids… or adults.

#5’s mission was to gather the ammunition.

They played together at this little toy station.

The beginnings of parallel play.

Hey, hey! Don’t step in there..

And perhaps the end too.

You’re kidding me. Seriously.

Kate had enough and came to me. She had her dinner while the older ones continued to play.

They sell a variety of crepes, both sweet and savoury. Their crepes start from $4.10. They also sell some basic hot and cold beverages.


#3 trying to blow the styrofoam ball into the chute with a straw while R was concentrating hard to assist her. This was the first time we took R out and there was so much to entertain her that she never once asked for her parents.

This is also the room where they host the parties. Their birthday party packages seem quite popular, starting at $399 for 10 kids. As usual, the older ones also had fun while babysitting the younger ones. I would say that this playground is best suited for those between 1-7 years old, but hey, my 11-year-old had a great time too! 

Kate is just starting to walk and her steps are so tiny, so #3 had a better solution.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s on my back you go…

Playful Elves
154 West Coast Road
West Coast Plaza
Singapoare 127371
Tel: 61000353

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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Kate was so busy at the Hokey Pokey indoor playground

We took Kate to the indoor playground at Millennia Walk on her 1st birthday. She had so much fun there! We were there for one and a half hours until closing time, and she wasn’t done exploring everything. It is targeted at the 0-5 year olds and there is a huge variety of toys to entertain them. She started off playing in the ball pool with #4 and #5.

After awhile, they took her out and put her in the swing. She loves the swings at our playground but we can’t swing her properly as there are no seat belts. This swing is perfect for the tikes as the seat has a backing and she can hold on to the sides.

Higher, higher!

The coolest thing here? It’s gotta be the rollercoaster! We put Kate in the little car and gave her a push.

Wheeee! It gathered speed pretty fast and #4 was afraid she would fall off so she caught her midway. It would be perfect for those above 2 as they would be able to hold on tight by themselves.

#5 took his passengers for a wagon ride around the place.

They have a whole array of kitchen play toys. I love this cool red retro kitchen. Wish I had a life-sized one at home!

There’s a fully furnished doll’s house, but I think the dolls have gone for a holiday.

For the boys, they have a shelf full of vehicles which they can vroom around on the city play mat. This miniature red fire station can be opened for imaginative play, and there is even a little fireman’s pole in there.

There’s also a train track table top which was very popular with the little boys.

Lots of kids were huddled inside the castle. It has a red slide for a quick escape.

There’s even a rack of costumes for pretend play. There seemed to be more options for the girls than the boys. Anyway, most of the boys were too busy with the trucks and the slides.

Kate found this little piano and started tinkering away. Sure looks like a pro!

She picked up a little camera which looked like a phone to her. She’s now at the stage where she’s obsessed with phones. At home, if she fusses, #3 will take her to the speaker phone and call grandma. She loves to hear a voice on the other end.

She dialled some numbers and called her friends to tell them about this oh-so-cool place. I think she’s gonna bring her gang here the next time round.

Kate’s favourite? The ride-ons. She spent a good half hour trying all the ride-ons. 

She likes the Thomas one best. She started by pushing it around..

Then she got on it..

And then she started standing on it! I’m glad the floors are padded.

She moved on from the ride-ons to the scooters.

“Wadaya mean I’m too young to ride a scooter?”

“See? No sweat.”

“I’ve found my new mode of transport!”

Sane tip: I love this place. There is so much to entertain her that I can just sit and watch while she moves on from one toy to another. At home she gets bored after 10 minutes and I have to look for new things to entertain her. We’ll definitely be back!

Save tip: Weekdays it’s unlimited play. Weekends it’s $8 for an additional hour. Probably good to get the membership @ $50 per year if you intend to camp out here often with the kid. I just might get it the next time round.

Hokey Pokey
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millennia Walk #02-42
Singapore 039596
Tel: 68845385

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Amped: Singapore’s first Trampoline Park

What do you get when you cover an old gym with almost 50 trampolines? A super bouncy hour of fun! We took the kids to Singapore’s first trampoline park over at Tanjong Katong and they loved it!

ALL having a blast

My girls came to me after only about 10 minutes to say that they were thirsty and hot! They stood in front of a big fan and cooled off. Each entry comes with a free bottle of cold water and they downed almost half of it. Having their thirst quenched, they went back to bounce some more. The boys were busy stacking up the foam blocks and bouncing all around the foam pit.

The foam pit

The boys played for almost half an hour before they came back for a water break. There is a sitting area for the parents.

After about 45 minutes of bouncing, they were very hot and tired but we told them that they had only 15 minutes left so they went back to make the most of it. They raced one another up and down the whole stretch, bounced off the walls, and tried to jump as high as possible. There was a fair balance of children and teens. There were also a couple of adults bouncing. After the hour was up, they were ready to leave.

My Godson and his bro… all hot and sweaty!

The boys said the one in Canada was more fun as they had a disco ball, neon lights and great music. Well, perhaps they will open a couple more here with different themes in future as business is really good. You have to go online to book and pre-pay for a slot to ensure your kids don’t get disappointed. When we went online, there were many slots already fully booked a few days in advanced.

This place is open to all ages, but for kids below 3, an adult must accompany them on the trampolines. For kids aged 4-11, they need an adult on the premise. I feel that this place is most suitable for ages 5 and above. Some of the teenagers were jumping really high and trying to do flips so it might be a bit rowdy or dangerous for the tiny ones.

Sane tip: This place really tires the kids out, which is great! #5 was so exhausted he promptly fell asleep when we reached home.

Save tip: Mondays are only open to 11 years old and under and it’s the cheapest day to visit at $9 per hour. Weekends are priced at $15 per hour. Oh, and don’t forget the socks or you’ll have to purchase it there.

Amped Singapore
369 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 437126
Tel: 86694894

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Polliwogs, Snow City, Durian party

I like to take opportunity of ‘free’ no school days to take them out. Everywhere is less crowded and sometimes entry fees are cheaper.

My dear friend’s kids who are in the French school seldom get a chance to play with my kids as their holidays are not in sync. So today was a perfect chance to take them out together. We went to Polliwogs at Robertson Walk. This place is best for 1-8 year olds.

Not crowded as it was 10am on a Friday

Although the play area looks rather small compared to a lot of other indoor playgrounds the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. They took a break and we ordered some munchies to tide them over till lunch.

Nuggets, fish fingers, onion rings, fries

The snack platter is enough to feed 5 kids for a snack ($19.80).

They have a separate play area for 0-3 year olds. This place does get very crowded and noisy on the weekends.

Play area for 0-3 year olds

By 12.30 they had about enough of playing and we adjourned for lunch. We took a stroll down towards the river and had lunch at Shunjuu. The kids love eating the morsels of food from the grilled sticks.

Their faves: cheese with pork, rice cake, ox tongue

Next it was off to pick #2 from school and head over to what they were looking forward to: Snow city. We met another friend and her son there and they were all so excited. The last time I went there must have been a good 7 or 8 years back. Only #2 and #3 had a recollection of the place. We got suited up and entered the snow area. (Cameras are not allowed inside)

Why are my hands so huge..

#4 exclaimed, “Huh just like that? I thought it was a city?” (she imagined they were going to play snow, build snowmen, throw snow at each other). I assumed they knew what the place was like so I forgot to explain to them what exactly it was going to be. The name is also a little misleading. I think it should be called “Giant Ice Slide Playground” because basically, the main thing you do there is to walk to the top, wait your turn, and slide all the way down. And repeat.

At first they were a little apprehensive as the slide did look rather intimidating. They saw little kids as young as 3 having so much fun sliding down again and again that they decided they should give it a go. When he reached the top, #5 was terrified and wanted to back out. They all encouraged him and the staff said he could sit on his elder sister if he preferred. In the end, the 4 of them sat on their own rings, held hands and went down together. They said it was really fun and wasn’t as scary as it looked and they started trooping up the stairs for more rounds.

Admission fees was for a 2 hour play and includes the loan of the jacket. Jeans are allowed, however I saw quite a few kids coming out with their jeans wet. So if you are not going straight home, either bring a change of clothes or rent their waterproof pants. They do allow woollen gloves if you have your own, but my kids came out with their gloves soaking wet and their fingers very cold. So it’s a good idea to rent their proper gloves. The temperature is a cold -12degrees and their ears and faces were all red.

After 2 hours of the slide, they were happy, exhausted, and ready to leave. We got some snacks like fishballs, popcorn chicken and hot milo from the café. They have proper food like spaghetti bolognese and fish and chips etc but the seats are rather limited.

We got home and we all missed our dear little Kate. She still wasn’t fully recovered and didn’t have much of an appetite. Daddy went to market and bought her a nice, fresh fish for her dinner.

Where did you all go the whole day

I had a warm shower, sat with the kids for their dinner, then it was off for a ‘Durian party’ with some mummy friends.

Saving the best for last – mao shan wang

Followed by juicy mangosteen

What a yummy and relaxing end to a long day of fun.

Sane tip: Kids do influence each other. My kids are not very daring, but my friend’s son is fearless. If he wasn’t around, I would probably have to spend alot more effort in persuading them to try the slide the first time. If you have a timid child, it would not be a good idea to go along with another timid friend, especially for the 1st time.

Save tip: The passion card has a good family deal for Snow City – $49 for 2 adults and 2 children.

11 Unity Street #02-18
Robertson Walk S(237995)
Tel: 67370982

30 Robertson Quay
#01-15 Riverside View S(238215)
Tel: 68873577

Snow City
21 Jurong Town Hall Road
S (609433)
Tel: 65602306

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Kate had amazing fun at Kidz Amaze

Today the kids celebrated National Day in school, and were released at 10.30am. #3 took opportunity of the early dismissal and had it all planned with her 2 best buddies. I was to take them for pepper lunch, followed by dessert at sogurt, then adjourn to Kidz Amaze indoor playground at Jurong Safra. They get unlimited play till 7pm for $8.25 (that’s the current promotion for weekday, non-school holiday price). I dropped them off at Kidz Amaze and left to settle the other kids.

After Kate had her afternoon nap, I took her, #4 and #5 to Kidz Amaze to join the rest. The main play area is actually not suited for babies under 2 years as there are a lot of older kids there and they tend to be a bit rowdy (admission is for children until age 18).

Main play area

However, the older ones were so excited to take her on all the slides and since it was not so crowded I agreed to let her go in. She has so far only been on slides at the playground. This was the first time she went on a big slide. She seemed to enjoy it.


Next, they took her to the King of Slides! This 3-storey slide is the highest indoor spiral slide in Asia! It does look intimidating, especially for a 9 month old baby. The kids told me it’s not very fast, but sometimes it makes them a little bit dizzy. I looked at the structure and since it goes round and round, not straight down, I was quite certain she could handle it. And she absolutely loved it! I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the youngest baby to have tried this slide.

I went down the highest indoor spiral slide in Asia!

She spent the rest of the time climbing all around the huge play zone. Her siblings had to surround her as there were a lot of other kids scrambling and running about and they might just knock her over or step on her little fingers.

With 5 of them looking after her, I could take a breather and I went over to sit at the café to write this post. If your child doesn’t have any older siblings, why not rope in older cousins or neighbours when you take her out to such fun places? The older kids will be more than happy to babysit and you can have a break!

There is a separate little play area meant for the 0-5 year olds. Although it is a tad small, the good thing is that it’s right by the café so you can keep a close watch on your toddler.

She was there for probably just over an hour but she sure was exhausted. I guess now that she’s tackled this giant indoor playground, my options on places to take her have suddenly widened. I have so far only taken her to Gymboree and SingKids at United square. I can now try the rest of the other indoor playgrounds that have sprouted up in recent years.

Sane tip: I like such indoor playgrounds as the kids can entertain themselves while I chill at the cafe.

Save tip: I always take opportunity of such school ‘free days’ to take them to places which are cheaper on non-peak times. We always inform one another on special promotions going on. Do email me if you know of any and we will spread the word 🙂

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