Breakfast Buffet At Sandbank (ECP)

Mention the word ‘buffet’ and my kids’ eyes are sure to light up!

When Sandbank invited us for the media launch of their International Breakfast Buffet, I was doubtful that the teenagers would want to join us so early in the morning on a weekend as that is the only time they get to sleep in, but I had a resounding, “Yes!”

Buffet table

The last time we were invited here, everyone had such a swell time. This time, with the introduction of the buffet, the kids couldn’t ask for a better place to have breakfast!

#5 was in such high spirits, helping himself to the fried chicken wings, roti prata, mini hash browns, sausages, ham and bacon! What a treat for him.

The spread was extensive enough, with usual breakfast items like nasi lemak, porridge with condiments, chicken pau, an assortment of breads, baked beans, cold cuts, chicken curry, pancakes and cereal which the kids had fun dispensing by themselves.

For drinks, there was apple juice, orange juice, cold milk, tea and coffee.
Sandbank Breakfast Buffet

For the egg station, we normally go for the omelette or sunny side up. Here, they even have egg benedict!

The kids remarked that this place comes the closest to feeling like we are on vacation at a resort, where we go down to the hotel lobby for buffet breakfast, and spend the whole day by the beach. Such a wonderful place for the family to bond and unwind from the stresses of the week.

Breakfast with a sea view
As it was a media event, the kids were kept entertained with balloon twisting and glitter tattoo by Weekends Pte Ltd.

After they had their fill of yummy food, the younger kids couldn’t resist the inviting pool and quickly changed into their swimmers. The simple toys we had brought along kept them happy for quite awhile!
Kate and her pal
After seeing them well-fed and playing merrily, I could sit down and enjoy another round of food in peace. When the kids are happy, mummy is happy.
Eggs Benedict

Sandbank’s Breakfast Buffet is available every Saturday, Sunday and on Public Holidays from 8.30am to 12noon. Adults: $19, Kids (from 4-12): $9.50. Do note that each seating is for 2 hours and reservations are recommended.

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Good luck!

Disclaimer: We were invited to the media launch of Sandbank’s Breakfast Buffet. All opinions are my own.

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Brewerkz at Sentosa Boardwalk

We were invited to the newly-opened Brewerkz restaurant at Sentosa Boardwalk for dinner and the kids were all excited. We have always loved their Riverside Point outlet for its laid-back atmosphere, but this location is unparalleled.

Flanked by the picturesque Resorts World on one side and Vivocity on the other, with cable cars overhead, it feels grand yet cosy. We got there before dusk and soaked in the beautiful view surrounding us. Alfresco dining can’t get much better than this!

Brewerkz at Sentosa Boardwalk

We started off with our favourite Nachos appetiser – tortilla chips served warm topped with a hearty mix of tomatoes, olives, jalapeños, salsa, and guacamole.

Nachos $22
Calamari $17

The gran must have her salad, and she was keen to try their speciality – Soba Noodle Salad with Salmon. She enjoyed it very much, and shared her grilled salmon with Kate.

Soba salad with Salmon $28

Pizza is standard fare when we dine out, and the girls loved this thin-crusted smoked salmon version.

Smoked Norwegian salmon pizza $24

Their gramps was in the mood for lamb, and we all snuck some from under the leaves. Nice and succulent. Thankfully the portion was quite big. You have a choice of sides with the mains, such as French fries, Beer-battered onion rings, White cheddar mashed potato or side salad. For a $2 upgrade, you can have the Sweet potato fries, Truffle fries or Orange Butter Broccoli.

Rack of Lamb $42
Cowboy burger $24

We ordered a Meat Lovers pizza as well, and the kids polished everything up! We had a slow and relaxed meal as we wanted to catch the light show at 9pm.

Meat Lovers pizza $23

#5 ordered his usual Fish & Chips kid’s meal, which comes with a drink and a scoop of ice-cream. They provide crayons and an activity sheet to keep the little ones occupied.

Fish & Chips $14

While the rest of us sat and chatted, Kate and #5 entertained themselves with the lights embedded in the wooden floorboards. They come on and off intermittently, and that was enough to keep them in stitches as Kate tried to stomp them with her foot.

There is ample space for the kids to run around while the adults enjoy their dessert and hand-crafted beer, which needs no introduction.

Sitting here watching the sky turn dark, time seems to stand still.

Brewerkz Sentosa Boardwalk

At 9pm the Crane Dance show at RWS commenced, and even though we could only see the back view, it was a treat. Kate had never seen it before, and was enthralled by the dazzling light and water display.

The show is on daily, however I did a quick check and discovered it will be closed between 16-26 November 2015. Here is the link to the Crane Dance schedule.

Captivating display

The finale was a burst of fireworks!

It lasted less than 10 minutes, but what a way to end our meal.


Sane tip: A good meal, entertainment and a chance to relax all rolled into one. Simply lovely.

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Directions: Park or alight at Vivocity. Head towards the Boardwalk which links to Sentosa. Brewerkz is somewhere in the middle, on the lower level. NOTE: If you have strollers or bicycles, you need to go by the left side to avoid having to carry your wheels down the flight of stairs. Let me try and explain as best as I can:

As you start walking on the boardwalk, imagine it being 3 lanes. The left ‘lane’ is by the road, the middle ‘lane’ is the travallator and the right ‘lane’ is by the water. GO by THE LEFT ‘LANE’. Keep walking until you come to an entrance to the right, and enter that. You would have reached the lower level. You will see The Wine Company, followed by Brewerkz.

Brewerkz Sentosa Boardwalk

Sentosa Gateway
#01-05 Sentosa Boardwalk
Singapore 098072
Tel: 62210702

Operating Hours:
Mon – Thur: 5pm – 11pm
Friday: 5pm – 1am
Saturday: 12pm – 1am
Sunday: 12pm – 11pm
Eve of Public Holiday: Opens till 1am
Public Holiday: Opens from 12pm

We also love their Riverside point outlet which is near Clarke Quay.

Disclaimer: Our meal and the giveaway are sponsored by Brewerkz. All opinions are my own.

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Mummy Wee turns 2!

In a blink of an eye, 2 years have past.

Things are definitely getting more exciting around here, all thanks to blogging. I was invited to write a chapter in a parenting book Keep Calm and Mother On, appeared on Channel 5’s The 5 Show hosted by Yasminne Cheng and Chua Enlai, shared about blogging as a possible career with students, started my interview series 101 Paths to Success, been invited to lots of fun media launches, been sponsored wonderful products and even getting paid to write advertorials! What a dream. The kids are stoked and are fully supportive of my choice of ‘job’.

I love this ‘job’ too, and one of the most enjoyable aspect of this blogging journey is getting to know like-minded and inspiring individuals who are all doing their part to contribute back to society in one way or another.

For us, a time of celebration also signals a time to give. We have been blessed with much, and I always remind the kids to give back. So this round, they have each happily contributed an item towards our {Family Giveaway}. The items are all brand new with the exception of Kate’s DVD, but not to worry, it is still in mint condition 🙂

Our gifts to you

#1’s gift: CLOTH POUCH

She bought this beautiful old-school pouch from a fair but has never gotten round to using it and has graciously decided to give it up. It measures 20cm (across) by 15cm and is great for either mummy or baby!


#2’s gift: PICK-UP STICKS

She opened her drawer of things I haven’t touched since I placed it there and decided this Pick-Up Sticks should find a new owner. Brings us back to the good ol’ days, doesn’t it? Great family bonding fun.



She was into the smiggle craze and requested for their items for her birthday and christmas presents. She still has a whole collection of untouched items to pass down to Kate. This measures (22cm x 10cm x 5cm) and is convenient as you can see the contents inside.

Pencil case

#4’s gift: PURPLE WALLET

She received this as a prize from her teacher last year for her awesome ‘stars’! She already has a wallet and had no qualms about giving it up. I’m glad she’s not a hoarder!



I bought this cute luggage tag for #5 but he doesn’t want it. Guess another little child might like it 🙂

Luggage tag

Kate’s gift: SING TO LEARN DVD

Kate is done with this educational DVD and it is still in perfect condition. I did a review on Sing to Learn English previously. Great to get the kids singing and moving along! Songs include “London Bridge is Falling Down”, “Pat a Cake” and “Incy Wincy Spider”.


Mummy’s gift: KEEP CALM and MOTHER ON BOOK

Many of you had hoped to win this book the last round, so here’s another chance! Here’s a brief review of Keep Calm and Mother On, which is a compilation of stories from mothers with children aged 1-21. I contributed a chapter entitled “Navigating the Wild Wicked Web”.


The hub’s gift: PHONE CLIP

And last but not least, the hubs is contributing this handy mobile phone holder. Extremely useful for taking videos, watching videos, or taking photos using the timer without worrying about your hand shaking. The ‘neck’ can be bended to suit different heights/positions.

Phone clip

3 easy steps to join our {Family Giveaway!}

All you have to do is:

1) Hop over to Mummy Wee’s Facebook page

2) Leave a comment on the post Mummy Wee turns 2! stating which item you would like eg. Pouch

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Here are the items again:
#1: Pouch
#2: Toy
#3: Pencil case
#4: Wallet
#5: Luggage tag
#6: DVD
#7: Book
#8: Phone clip

{Giveaway} ends 7 August 2015. Winners will be notified on our Facebook page and via email.

As usual, Kate will randomly pick a name, and if the item is already taken, we will go on to pick another name until all the items are given out. Good luck!

Once again, we would like to sincerely thank each and everyone of you, old friends, new friends, online friends, and especially our community of mummy bloggers for being with us on this remarkable journey.

Peace and love, from our family to yours.

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Carcinogen-Free Baby and Household Products

It’s that time of the year we’ve been eagerly awaiting (especially the kids). Chinese New Year! Which also means, time for spring cleaning. It couldn’t have been a better time for us to receive a very practical parcel. The lovely people behind Ecobaby kindly sponsored us Attitude’s range of household products.

So what’s Attitude all about?

  • Free of all chemicals linked to cancer
  • Packed in recyclable plastic
  • Manufactured with 100% renewable energy
  • Free of animal testing
Need I say more? By the way, did you know that babies are 10 times more susceptible to carcinogenic chemicals than adults?
Baby and Home Cleaning products

Kate is at the age where she seems to be washing her hands a gazillion times a day. I am so much happier that she is now using Attitude’s Foaming Hand Soap which cleans the hands properly yet is gentle on the skin. My only bugbear of using organic products is that they usually smell funny, but this one has a pleasant mild smell, derived from natural ingredients.

Oh, notice the two little bottles in front? Those are Hand Sanitisers from Bacoff. It is 100% natural, alcohol free, and is safe for kids. It also contains aloe vera to moisturise the hands. It can be purchased from Sunkiss Babies website, which carries lots of other nice things too.


Ok, now for the fun part. I am delighted to be giving away ONE set of products from Attitude and Bacoff.

You will be receiving products worth more than $50!

  1. Foaming Hand Soap 295ml ($9.90)
  2. Bacoff Hand Sanitiser 50ml ($9.90)
  3. Baby Wipes 72 wipes ($11.90)
  4. Window & Mirror Cleaner 800ml ($7.50)
  5. Floor Surfaces Tiles & Wood Cleaner 1L ($7.50)
  6. Daily Shower Cleaner 800ml ($7.50)
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Disclaimer: The giveaway and product review have been sponsored by Ecobaby and Sunkiss Babies. All opinions are my own.

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Fun on the Run travel bag

Do your kids complain of having nothing to do during long car rides? Or are you looking for an alternative to handling them an iPad to keep them quiet? We were sponsored this very handy ‘Fun on the Run’ bag which works as a portable table cum organiser for use in the car. It easily clips on to the neck of the head rest of the front seat. Normally, my kids would be chatting, singing or quarrelling in the car, but it was funny how even the older kids clamoured to sit in the hot seat. Hmmm maybe I need to get 6 of these.

For older kids
The straps are adjustable so it should fit all cars. It can be used with booster seats as well. For car seats, as the child would be seated at a higher level, instead of strapping it around the neck of the headrest, you can just hang it around the headrest.

For babies

Besides being great for kids to do their activities on during car rides, it is also handy for school-going kids to do their homework while waiting to pick up other siblings. It is also helpful for mums with babies to prepare their formula or have baby’s toys organised all within easy reach.

Useful for mums too

I love how it zips up nicely into a slim shoulder bag. It can be purchased online on Qoo10 by searching Ministry of Tots. For further enquiries, do email them at

Easy to carry around

Sane tip: Recently there was an article in the papers saying that more drivers are being caught not strapping their kids in properly, and the most common reason being that the kids are reluctant to sit in the car seat. This would be useful to entice the kids to sit in their car seats.

This would also be perfect for our road trips to Malaysia to keep Kate occupied. Usually I would prepare a bag of toys for her and they end up rolling all around the car and we have to keep picking them up.

Save tip: From now till the end of January 2015, it is going at a promotional price of $23 (U.P. $25). Shipping fee $4.50.

Here’s the good news. To kick off the new year, I am pleased to announce that I have 5 sets to give away to my dear readers!

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Disclaimer: The giveaway and product review have been sponsored by Ministry of Tots. All opinions are my own.

Stickerkid: Cute name labels

Kate is starting school in January and we were delighted to receive the perfect early Christmas present from the good people at stickerkid. A whole bunch of name labels for her belongings. There were so many adorable icons to choose from, and different permutations of colours that it was pretty hard to decide.

What struck me immediately was the quality of the labels, which was no surprise, as they are Swiss made. Much better than the cheap ones we used to buy. I love that they stuck on really firmly, even on her bags and the straps.

Large stickers

The small labels are perfect for labelling their school books. I really liked that they were able to be removed cleanly, which is great as we pass down the books from one sibling to the next. I chose black as it goes with most colours.

Small stickers
The shoe stickers are very useful especially when they enter primary school as the kids have to remove their shoes during music and computer lessons, and it is hard to find your shoes in a whole pile of similar looking designs!
Shoe stickers

They have 2 different versions of iron-on labels for clothes. The bigger ones are permanent, and you can add an icon. I found these to be highly useful as some of my kids go to the same school and their uniforms are 1 size apart, and our poor helper has a hard time differentiating them. The smaller labels don’t come with icons, but these can be removed by applying heat with an iron.

Iron-on labels for clothes
I got carried away labelling Kate’s little snack boxes and I wanted to label everthing in sight. Now she’s all ready for school. Not sure who’s more excited!
Heart stickers $13.50

Sane tip: Name labels are a kid’s (or rather, a mum’s) best friend once they start school.

Save tip: Here’s a discount code to take 10% off all your stickerkid purchases from now till 14 December 2014. Discount applies to the value packs as well.

10% DISCOUNT CODE: Wee1324

Not only that, I also have an exclusive {GIVEAWAY}

ONE set of 14 Round Stickers for you to try their stickers for yourself. These are the right size and hold the right amount of information!
{GIVEAWAY} Round stickers

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Disclaimer: We have been sponsored the labels by stickerkid. All opinions are my own.

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GROHE: Our gift to you

One thing the kids won’t ever get sick of is receiving surprise parcels. This time, they were enthralled with such a classy yet fun and functional gift courtesy of GROHE, the world’s leading provider of sanitary fittings.

Photo credit: GROHE

The all new GROHE Rainshower Flower hand shower is sure to inject colour and fun into any bathroom. More importantly, the innovative petal-shaped bumper surrounding the shower head will be immensely useful to take the knocks from kids learning to shower independently. We’ve broken shower heads before, when the kids dropped them one too many times (when you have 6 kids plus water, it’s not that surprising). In addition, this Flower Collection will pamper the skin with the same soft raindrops as all other Rainshower variants with the GROHE DreamSpray technology.

The kids couldn’t wait to use it and remarked that Kate would be delighted to have such an adorable shower head to bathe with. I reminded them how lucky they are to be living in a beautiful new house, already fitted with GROHE accessories, thanks to the toil of their ah gong all these years. We were also grappling with some unfortunate news the past few days and I was trying to teach them that we don’t need to accumulate material things to be happy. I asked if they were willing to give up this beautiful shower head to another child to bring joy to him or her. They all agreed to give it up. #3 was really cute, she asked if we could keep the flower pot. Sure my dear, sure.

So on this day which we dedicate to all children, may we have the honour of giving this gift to one of you, and with this gesture, we offer up all our wishes and prayers for children everywhere, especially those most in need of our prayers.

“Lily Rainshower” $177

Be the first to be showered with this lovely flower as it is only available in stores at the end of the year, retailing at $177. It will definitely brighten up any child’s day and may even entice reluctant kids to get clean. The colour you will be receiving is the “Lily Rainshower” (pictured above) which has a white bumper and purple spray face.

All you have to do is to enter the {GIVEAWAY} below, Like Mummy Wee’s Facebook page, and leave us a comment on this Facebook post, either Why you would like to win it for your child or a friend’s child, or your child’s showering story! (For us, Kate loves showering or rather playing with water, and will shower several times if we allow her to, while #5 has to be reminded daily to shower, if not he will conveniently forget to do so!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • 1 winner will be chosen at random
  • Open to Singapore residents only
  • Ends 6 October 2014
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Here’s wishing all the dear little people out there a

Happy Children’s Day!

Disclaimer: GROHE sponsored us the Rainflower Shower head. All opinions are my own. Thank you, GROHE, not only for your generous sponsorship, but for your support in allowing me to go ahead with this GIVEAWAY, especially after you made the effort to accede to my request of colour choice.

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Learn Well Store: Good educational games

After having many kids and going through all sorts of toys, I am now more discerning about the toys I allow them to play with. With the first few kids, I didn’t know very much. Toys were toys, right? Just something to keep them occupied. But as any parent (especially those with many kids) will find out, very quickly the house becomes over-run with toys. So I started to limit the amount of toys we bought and kept. Simultaneously, I started learning that there were good toys and lousy toys. Basically, the more the toy can do, the less benefit it has for your child. I’m sure you would have observed with some chagrin how junior would rather play with the box the toy came in than the actual mechanised toy. So out went all those silly battery operated toys which my parents loved to buy for them, along with those cheap brightly coloured china-made toys where the lead content was suspect. In it’s place, I started acquiring good, durable, open-ended play things such as blocks, puzzles and pretend play toys.

So when I discovered Learn Well Store which sells wooden educational toys, I was very interested. This online store is the retail platform of Learn Well International, the leading provider of educational materials for the early childhood industry in Singapore for more than 20 years. They are now bringing their quality products not only to schools but to individuals like us! They have a wide variety of toys and the thing I like best is that most of their toys are open-ended. This allows for many ways of playing which promotes different skill sets, and can be used by the child for several years. Needless to say, I was stoked when they agreed to sponsor us some of their toys and it was difficult to choose as I wanted them all. Finally I settled on Bears & Patterns and 4 Colours Per Square.

Bears & Patterns is appealing to little children and Kate immediately picked up the cute little pieces and started lining them up. The bears come in 4 colours and 3 sizes (small, medium, large). This set is so versatile that the kids can benefit from it for a long time as they move on to more complex ways of playing. It can be played independently or up to 6 kids together.

“Hmm.. doesn’t look quite right”

1) Sorting & Grouping

This is the most basic level of thinking skills which 2-3 year olds can acquire by placing the bears in groups according to Size and Colour.

2) Replication & Patterning

Using the pattern cards provided, children can copy the pattern on the cards. Not only will they learn the higher order thinking skills of forming patterns but as they progress to more difficult skill cards (they are numbered), they can learn to predict what comes next in the sequence.

3) Pair game

Each player has his own pattern grid facing them so that their opponent is unable to see it. Through a series of questions and taking turns (e.g. “Do you have a small green bear?”), they have to guess the pattern that the other has. This improves memory, verbal, visual as well as social skills.

4) Group game

Players each have a pattern grid facing them such that no one else can see it. An opaque bag is used to contain the bears. Players take turns drawing out a bear and describing it to the other players. If another player identifies that the bear is needed to complete their own pattern grid, they must be the first to claim it. The winner is the first person who manages to complete his pattern grid.

The game promotes the use of Oral and Tactile skills so the possibilities are endless with this versatile toy.

4 Colours Per Square $160

The other game we received is 4 Colours Per Square. This game looks deceptively fun, but it actually provides them the opportunity to sort, plan, count, measure, compare, match, put together and take apart, aspects which make up the essential foundation of number sense and quantity preservation. It also encourages them to think out of the box to get the pieces to fit into the square. A myriad of games can be played with this one set.

1) Independent play

The most basic way of playing is for the child to fill up the square with the different coloured parts. A variation would be to ask the child to fill one square with the coloured parts and then asked to fill another square in a different way. This promotes higher order thinking skills such as spatial awareness and creative thinking.

2) Unit measurement

This Math concept is taught in lower primary and you can expose your child to this concept by asking them to fill up the square using unit measurements (e.g. Fill them up using only 1 square unit pieces, thus how many units do you need to fill in the whole square. Next, fill them up using only 2 square unit pieces). To make it more challenging for older kids, ask them to fill in the squares using 4 different colours and 4 different sizes and discuss the different ways this task can be done.

Kate is oblivious to the rules of the game

3) Group game

Using the spinner, the children take turns to spin the arrow and fill in their square as they pick up the coloured pieces which has been randomly chosen by the spinner. The challenging and fun part starts when their square is almost filled up but they are not getting the right pieces thanks to the luck of the draw!

This versatile game is only bound by your own creativity. You can even introduce fractions through this set, or use it as a memory game by placing the pieces faced down and guessing the colours. 

{GIVEAWAY} Choice of ONE game

Sane tip: I really like multi-faceted toys as they grow with the child while maintaining age appropriateness. It saves space too, instead of buying multiple sets of toys. Another plus is that these games are also good for the elderly to maintain their mental agility, so the whole family can play and bond together!

Save tip: {GIVEAWAY} Here’s a chance for ONE lucky reader to win either Bears & Patterns OR 4 Colours Per Square (valued at $160), generously sponsored by Learn Well Store.

All you have to do is:

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Ends 30 September 2014
  • Winner will be announced on Mummy Wee’s Facebook page on 3 October 2014
  • Winner will be contacted by Learn Well Store for delivery

Disclaimer: Learn Well Store sponsored us the 2 sets and the giveaway. All opinions are my own.

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